1. Tividar

    Mining SLF

    Two variant Mining-focused fighters: each packs an Abrasion Blaster as the Primary weapon. For the utility slot, one carries a Sub-Surface Displacement Missile while the other carries a Seismic Charge Launcher. No special AI. Either you fly it yourself or you multi-crew. One issue that would...
  2. J

    No shared bounty for player in a friend's ship

    Hi guys, there is a problem in my opinion. Yesterday I tried to make sizes with some friends of mine (we were in a wing of 4). 2 were with me in the anaconda and the fourth in his ship. so 1 anaconda, 2 fighters and 1 corvette. Now, we made bounties in a res. I found it odd that my 2 friends in...
  3. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    Utility Fighter: Golem

    Right now we have three fighter chassis available for fighter bays; the Fed Condor, the Imperial Interceptor, and the Alliance Taipan. I would like to suggest a fourth chassis be added along with the following loadouts. Name: Golem Manufacturer: Lakon Role: Utility Loadouts: Badger 2x Mining...
  4. J

    Imagine if we could have mining fighters

    Mining fighters would be another very fun way to mine asteroids. There could be two types of mining fighters: A laser mining fighter with a prospector limpet controller and a mining laser. I dont laser mine myself, but it would be incredibly useful to scout out available asteroids for mining...
  5. GN_Abbude

    More options for ships with fighter bays installed

    greetings. I would like to suggest a new option for the use of the fighter bay in the elite dangerous, the function of storing and firing heavy tactical weaponry as some attack aircraft do. I really like ships like the Krait MK2, Gunship and Crusader but the fighter bays don't really suit my...
  6. PookaInSpaaace

    Mining "fighter"

    I'd love to see a fighter ( I call it a fighter because it gets launched from a fighter bay) with mining equipment. Deep core mining requires a ship that's agile enough to shift and circle around a rock and punch resource-clusters off it or place seismic charges. Ships with huge cargo potential...
  7. T

    Can't Deploy into Fighter... Help Please!

    Hello! I bought the fighter bay and hired a crew member, and a friend joined me in multi-crew, but it is not giving me the option to deploy myself into a fighter, it only gives me the option to deploy the AI as a fighter. Any reason why I can't pilot the fighter myself?
  8. imaner76

    Don't forget to pack the "essentials" before tomorrow.

  9. S

    ship launched mining vehicles

    I would like to see a 3rd ship launched vehicle option, perhaps launched from the fighter bay. I think the dynamic of a larger class ship supporting myself while negotiating the new features of mining would be a blast! Any one agree?
  10. Rexoplex

    Stop Killing SLF pilots on Ship Destruction

    I've seen this posted plenty of times now and ignored since SLFs were added, but now after losing an elite SLF pilot when I was killed by a team of 6 players at once who all had ships covered in double shot frags (basically unavoidable death, especially in an asteroid belt where you're mass...
  11. W

    My biggest problem with SLFs

    There are certainly issues with the SLFs. Not too many bugs persay. Locking up while docking for example. Pretty annoying for sure but one thing bugs me more than anything else: the npc pilot complaining/warning me that the hull is at 50% or is critical etc when in reality they blew up two or...

    New mining system makes "Mining Fighter" an even better idea

    The new mining mechanics in the beta, while highly profitable, especially with the new minerals that are only found inside asteroids, require a bunch of different skills. Piloting, aim, speed, time management, rough calculation... there's a bunch of it. However, there are two things that are...
  13. Shaamaan

    My fighter is bugged, and this seems to be permanent!

    I just filed a bug report here... Suffice to say, my fighter (the first of the two fighter slots I have in my fighter bay) refuses to follow any orders besides "hold" and "maintain formation" (he'll also return to the ship if ordered). Anything else and the NPC responds with a "negative". This...
  14. C

    SLF Pilots survival should create new Mission Board Recovery

    Problem: CMDRs who spend a lot of time training a SLF pilot suffer a terrible loss when their ship is destroyed. This is incredibly frustrating and is considered a great loss to CMDRs who spend a tremendous amount of time training and developing their SLF pilots all the way up to ELITE...
  15. Kiithnaras

    [Game Design] [Feature Request] Frigates - Player-Run Capital Ships

    I've come to the conclusion that what Elite is missing in the realm of Very Large Ships is Even Bigger Ships. Those top tiers of faction rank are empty and don't have much of a purpose at the moment, so why not kill a few birds with one stone? To be clear, these would not simply be...
  16. wentbackward

    Ship Launch Reconnaissance - SLR

    Now we have a number of ships with fighter bays, I feel this would add an interesting dimension to gameplay. Idea-ization only: Ship Launched Reconnaissance Craft - Small amount of cargo space, and a cargo hatch. Maybe 3 - 5t - Data Link Scanner - Small guns, perhaps same as on the SRV - Small...
  17. R

    Sidewinder / support ship in Fighter Bay

    The in-game description of the fighter bay reads: "can take up to sidewinder size". It's a great disappointment, then, that I can't place my sidey in the fighter bay. This would make for some seriously enhanced game-play for several reasons: 1. you could use your sidey / suppport ship to dock...
  18. F

    Quick-Guide to Guardian Fighters

    Here is my quick all in one Guide to Guardian-Fighters: Step 1: Take an Exploration Ship, put a Beam-Weapon on it. (Other Weapons might also work, personally I used my Ship-Launched-Fighter to charge) - I recommend you also put as many Point-Defense-Turrets on it as you can fit. Step 2: Fly to...
  19. Morbad

    NPC crew training

    With the introduction of the Krait and newfound popularity of SLFs, maintaining a stable of upper rank crew members seems more relevant than ever (especially for someone who expects to use, and eventually lose, them in conflict with other CMDRs). I've generally found it most efficient to allow...
  20. Taomyn

    Make the Krait Mk1 an SLF for the Mk2?

    Just a thought, but I think it could be cool to make the Krait Mk1 a ship launched fighter for Krait Mk2
  21. Serenity03


    Hey Frontier, Do you really expect evryone to believe the Taipan is a Faulcon deLacy ship? In my mind, here is what transpired the day the graphics designer designed the Taipan. Remember this is before the days of the Cheiftain. Designer: Hey boss, here is that design concept for the Lakon...
  22. K

    Can't find a station with AX-Fighters in pleiades

    Hey there, as mentioned above, I am looking for a station with anti thargoid ax-fighters available. I really don't wanna go back to Founders World just for that. Anyone knows a station around here? thanks
  23. Thorberg Shavestroke

    We need a flying planetary exploration vehicle

    What about a small flying planetary exploration vehicle as an option instead of a fighter, for ships that are capable of equipping a fighter bay? It should be able to fly no higher than a few kilometers, have limited speed, and increased cargo capacity over the SRV, but still be able to interact...
  24. Zenoe

    NPC Crew idea

    Do you have an NPC Crew member you're attached to? Do you prefer to fly in a non-SLF compatible ship? Ever wish your crewmember could be more useful outside of SLF? Then I have the solution for you! Upgrade your Crewmember to your Wingman! Upgrading your crew brings multiple benefits: 1.)...
  25. [VR] Captain_Obvious

    Air support for SRV

    Little Story: I was about to discover a guardian ruin. Before landing my conda I thought I could launch my fighter to have it arround just for a little help if I get attacked by a drone. Then I realized it is not possible to land, when a fighter is out. I realize that it is not intended to...
  26. Pausanias


    You buy a low grade fighter pilot, they stick around and build up rank as they already do, but what about having the ability to sell them for a profit when they are highly ranked? The football industry has been doing this for years.
  27. A

    New take on SRV and Fighter gameplay

    Hey, So I know you guys probably get insane amounts of suggestions every day, with that in mind I thought about something that might solve a problem that may or may not exist. You have a significant crowd of players that want more SRV type craft. A smaller amount wants more Fighter Craft...
  28. E

    Mothership status during Fighter Flight?

    I just wonder, is there or could be there a more convenient way to see how my Mothership is doing with my talented AI (who likes to smash it on rocks in RE sites) without the need to find it and lock on it? Something similar to Wing indicators would do... I just dont dare to leave it alone for...
  29. C64Fan

    Safe to leave AI by the helm?

    I am about to go on another expedition in my Anaconda - and this time I am thinking about taking a fighter bay with me, but how safe it is to leave the AI by the helm - say in an asteroid field? Can it handle the “Follow Me” command in narrow/more difficult places? I have never had a fighter...
  30. W

    Ship launched fighter concept

    Had a go at modelling something which could work as a ship launched fighter. One thing I think is really missing from ED is ships with a vertical orientation. I presume that's mainly because of the constraints on landing but I figured SLFs can be a little looser so long as the ship still fits...
  31. Cunabula

    Persistent NPC Pilots

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I wish there was a way to rehire the same NPC pilot if you lose your main ship. I'm currently trying to get better at combat but thought it would be fun with a ship launched fighter for a change, and to hire a Harmless rated pilot to come along for the...
  32. M

    A Hypnotic Twilight (Flight Assist Off)

    After a few months away from the game, I decide that the best way to knock off the rust is with some canyon flying, FAO, external camera action. This approach was only somewhat effective... but made for a relaxing flight either way. Apologies for the few random "signal loss" faded camera...
  33. Kroy

    Banished - new indie city sim game worth a look

    A city build sim. It's quite lite, but it's feature complete and very pleasant to chill out to with a beer and some of your favourite tunes. Start with very little, build up with houses, food, wood, stone, iron. Grow and expand your town while balancing the harsh winter conditions, control your...
  34. Captain Slick

    Community Event / Creation Docking with Space Station V

    hi, (I put this in fan creations because I 'created' the simulator) - if it belongs in another bucket, sorry). I remember hearing an episode of Lave Radio (which I love), where somebody wanted to dock with Coriolis station. Sorry to forget the name. There is an excellent space flight...
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