1. stardestroyer

    General Combat zones.. with fighters!

    Same mechanic seen in odyssey ground combat zones, but in space using fighters. You go to frontline solution, enlist for a space combat zone and a dropship bring you to a carrier (or maybe you board directly on a fighter capable ship) and you spawn in a space combat zone similar to the CQC. Do...
  2. 4


    since odyssey is rendering npcs... can you guys please render the npc crew member into the ships co pilot seats. because as it is right now, where is that npc flying the fighters from? doesn’t make any sense. i get that the npc is using tele presence... but come on guys... let’s put the npc in a...
  3. S

    Cannot deploy a fighter with multicrew commander in fighter con role

    I try to deploy a fighter and select another commander, but he's unselectable, what I do wrong? Is it another the Odyssey bag?
  4. Z

    Wings, working as intended?

    So after a long break I've recently returned to the game (taken after obtaining my Cutter/Corvette), I've played the game mostly solo and as such get bored quickly something I'd like to change going forward. Since my absence some new ships have been released including the Type-10. As someone who...
  5. DGBaley

    Fleet Carriers need to use more existing game play mechanics.

    I'm amazed at how few of the existing game play mechanics are used by the fleet carriers. Fleet carriers could make use of existing game play loops that are already familiar to players. I believe the following mechanics would significantly enhance the capabilities of the carriers and make them...
  6. CMDRTarkaDal

    Ship Launched Fighters - Suggestions

    Hello Frontier This long period of minor updates seems a good opportunity to tie up loose ends. I love the ship launched fighters. Everything about them, the sounds, the immersion, the system itself. Your developers went to a great deal to make SLFs an absolute joy and I commend them for that...
  7. F

    PvP FalterXV89 Presents: Chronic Wake Syndrome

    💀 What do you get when a group of "pirates" attacks the, lone 'Gneisenau?' (Thumbnail is Gneisenau, and not Shinobu. Same 'shipfu' as the ship's namesake.) - - - Biweave PVP Corvette used in the video: - - - Song(s) used in video: Destiny:The Taken King - Last...
  8. O

    Mining Fighters

    I know Elite may need a few more fixes to other things rather than more features, but I think mining could be improved by having SLF with mining loadouts. This way Large motherships like T9s, Cutters, and Anacondas can easier destroy and extract materials from asteroids without worrying about...
  9. S

    ship launched mining vehicles

    I would like to see a 3rd ship launched vehicle option, perhaps launched from the fighter bay. I think the dynamic of a larger class ship supporting myself while negotiating the new features of mining would be a blast! Any one agree?
  10. Arthur Z.

    Allow more Ship Launched Fighters when not in a wing

    Hi there! So, the idea actually comes from Fortnite single player campaign. Basically in the game, you have an ability to place up to 3x NPCs and give them guns and ammo to help you defend if you are playing solo. The game is up to 4 player coop and with each human player in the team, the...
  11. C

    SLF Pilots survival should create new Mission Board Recovery

    Problem: CMDRs who spend a lot of time training a SLF pilot suffer a terrible loss when their ship is destroyed. This is incredibly frustrating and is considered a great loss to CMDRs who spend a tremendous amount of time training and developing their SLF pilots all the way up to ELITE...
  12. S

    Ship Concept - Carrier

    I've loved the idea of being a large ship, with tools to support my wing with strike craft, and utilities, as well as support the strike craft. (I'm working on a healer/disabler support platformer with my Cutter now in fact.) Battlestar Galactica Online had player carriers, which was one of my...
  13. T

    Target individual thargons

    I've flown my Viper and other pilot's AX Taipans against the Thargon swarms a few times now. It's fun to chase them around and they look great in a close-up dogfight. I also found it an interesting challenge learning to keep a Taipan in one piece against them. The problem is it's just too...
  14. Yamiks

    [Video] Guardian ship launched fighter review

    Ship "review" HERE! So what do you guys think of these things?
  15. Kiithnaras

    [Game Design] [Feature Request] Frigates - Player-Run Capital Ships

    I've come to the conclusion that what Elite is missing in the realm of Very Large Ships is Even Bigger Ships. Those top tiers of faction rank are empty and don't have much of a purpose at the moment, so why not kill a few birds with one stone? To be clear, these would not simply be...
  16. P

    XG Project

    Idk about y’all, but I smell guardian hybrid ships. Don’t know the link to the galnet news website but I just read it in the galnet.
  17. V

    a new manufacturer of ships that focuses on silent running

    They could be named after Owls, the hunters of the night. Obviously, the ships would be focused on silent running, making them shieldless hull tanks that are cold. There could be a small, a medium and a large version. Discuss!
  18. Jubei Himura

    Jubs' Eilte Suggestions, Part 1: Arena

    PART 1: Arena Arena was, and can still be, a very fun aspect of ED. The fast paced fighter combat was something similar to what you would find in a Star Wars battle at the end of Return of the Jedi. Players loved the competitive aspect that many thought ED was lacking. However, it became...
  19. B

    What if CQC was incorporated into the main game instead of being a sideshow-mini game?

    Picture "Galactic Gladiator Tournaments" that were hosted by different systems across the galaxy where the fiercest combat pilots engage in battle, and any other commander could view the battles from the side lines. The battles would be in actual arenas at actual locations within the main game...
  20. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  21. A

    New take on SRV and Fighter gameplay

    Hey, So I know you guys probably get insane amounts of suggestions every day, with that in mind I thought about something that might solve a problem that may or may not exist. You have a significant crowd of players that want more SRV type craft. A smaller amount wants more Fighter Craft...
  22. T

    Surface Bombing Fighters

    Hey! I've been having a lot of fun bombarding a planet recently by strapping some size 2 Mine Launchers to the underside of a Viper MkIII (Gravity makes them fall down, and the blast radius means they work wonders for bombing settlements) and it made me wonder; Would it be possible to add a...
  23. E

    Mothership status during Fighter Flight?

    I just wonder, is there or could be there a more convenient way to see how my Mothership is doing with my talented AI (who likes to smash it on rocks in RE sites) without the need to find it and lock on it? Something similar to Wing indicators would do... I just dont dare to leave it alone for...
  24. EpicHam

    Ship-launch fighters landing on Small-Medium landing pads for large ships.

    At the moment large crafts cannot land on outposts or planetary bases without large pads. This create some problems when big ships want to turn in combat bonds for the local conflict. What if we let fighters land independently to turn in the combat bonds and then redock with the maincraft that's...
  25. A

    Multicrew needs something more

    First off, the idea of multicrew is great, fantastic, revolutionary even! However, there are so many limitations to it that multicrew often becomes a hindrance if you're doing anything other than just flying around blowing stuff up. Here are just a few of the ways that multicrew could be made a...
  26. B

    Friendly Fire, Automated Combat, and Police

    So I just lost 5mil to replace my Beluga today because the cops decided to turn on me over a 200CR assault bounty that I randomly gained (Don't ask why I was bounty hunting in a Beluga). I've had the exact same thing happen before in Keelback. Granted, of the hundreds of bounty vouchers I've...
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