1. B

    Raxxla Mystery Decoded

    The following lines may sound familiar to those who have pursued Raxxla: Raxxla is a journey that every commander must travel for themselves. Raxxla has been there since the beginning of the game. Raxxla is a physical location in the Milk Way Galaxy that holds a secret that is obscure and...
  2. G

    Hello Why Are Strike Missions still broken?

    I have a Federal Navy Strike Contract, and I have to patrol a shipping lane. One hour and I have seen one target out of 4. Exploration, I see how that can be fun for some people. But flying around in the same system between the same two planets "you have to find them the old fashioned way," OK...
  3. B

    Generation ship Epimetheus

    Check this one out, not even an hour into the new exploration system and I came across the Epimetheus. A new generation ship to add to the list. It is located right outside the bubble in the HR 2351 system, near the furthest bodies of the system which should be around 4400ls away from the entry...
  4. FurryFailure

    Material Traders are dictated by the System Economy - TIL

    Okay, so I know this information is already out there, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of it, so my intentions with this thread is to further help those looking for solid answers regarding Material Trader locations and how to better find them, so, well, here goes; Tonight I was out with my...
  5. K

    Need help finding a Medusa

    So I need a Medusa Tissue Sample and have been trying to get one for the last 12 hours or so. I figured my best bet would be would be to find non-human signals with a threat level of 7, but in those 12 hours I've only found 3 of them and they were all full of scouts. So does anyone know of a...
  6. Jimbodiah

    Guide / Tutorial FAQ: Where to find material x

    After reading countless threads and trying to unlock the engineers myself, I thought it might be a good idea to start a FAQ topic on where/how to find those impossible to find items you need to craft or unlock engineers. Maybe the mods can make this a sticky? I'll update the main post with new...
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