1. A

    Mislabeled skins

    I don't know if this has been discused about before, but I think this is something that could be fixed easy So, a lot of skins are mislabeled along the game, even in this new DLC Return to Jurassic Park, and here I am gonna list them: Tyranossaurus rex 1.- 1997 a T.rex should be 1997 since the...
  2. S

    Sorry, something went wrong - crash.

    Hi, when I press play the game doesn't even start. I get an error and message "Sorry, something went wrong." I've tried everything and it still doesnt work. I don't know how to fix it :'(
  3. M

    ~ Frontier, please improve your Lion ~ *** check out how this guy over Reddit (DRASTICALLY) fixed the cartoony look of the Lion ***

    Frontier, please take a look at this post over Planet Zoo's sub reddit (it has 151 upvotes ! ) : Source: ^ This guy from Reddit post litterally fixed the unrealistic Lion : You can clearly...
  4. J

    Question for Frontier

    I posted this on Reddit but didn’t get a reply, so thought I would post it here as well: There have been a few highly-requested changes, such as increasing the herbivores’ combat stats so they are closer to the carnivores, or changing allosaurus so it’s not the strongest non-hybrid carnivore...
  5. Bard Voronwe

    Please fix Powerplay urgently to counter 5C action.

    So... we had a focused feedback, we saw the community split in two groups (I don't wanna say which of them was larger, really: I do not care) about the open only matter, but after Zac Antonaci's announcement there's one thing is for sure: any change in Powerplay will not happen soon. I really...
  6. T

    The realistic approach to BGS.

    So the BGS.. The bane of many Cmdr's existence. {DISCAIMER}: This is an open only advocating post, for the reasons contained within. (I feel the need to point out these home truths as noone on the other postings will even reply to my comments.) BGS is both a PvE and PVP activity, in such that...
  7. E

    [B]Nobody asked for it but we keep getting it.[/B]

    why is it that we keep getting more guardian/thargoids that nobody for the exception of a select few actually like; the whole personal narrative that they keep saying is just a pretty word for GRIND. i think that frontier made a poll asking the players what they would like to see in the...
  8. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  9. hs0003

    Shock Cannon fix in 92 words (give it a skim)

    In short, it's 2 changes to the Plasma Shock Cannon: 1. Remove the full reload, leaving only the Auto Loader effect. 2. Change the amount of ammo not in the magazine to infinite. (or a high number) This change would allow the weapon to be used in more than a few fights, and the sustained dps...
  10. BarberousMeow

    Shipment of Ships from stations

    Currently you ship ships from A to B. You have to be in B and you choose to ship your shipfrom A to B. I want to be in A and ship it to B. Or be in C and ship it from A to B.... for example im in colonia and ship my ship from sol to lave if i wanted to, or im in SOL and i ship my ship from sol...
  11. AGR-13

    Correct wrong hand animations

    Dear Frontier I noticed a right hand animation for "yaw". The joystick animation for the right hand shows a right / left move during yaw. the problem is: I use VR and a pedal to yaw and my hand is not moving like this. This animation is very annoying and kills immersion for pedal owners...
  12. hs0003

    Simple fix to Shock Cannon in 2 steps

    Step 1. Give infinite Reserve Ammo. Step 2. Remove Reload, leaving only Auto Loader effect. What would this result in? Assuming one shot loads every 1.5 seconds, it would result in a sustained dps of 8.66 for the fixed variant, and 6.66 for the gimballed variant. Why is this balanced? Because...
  13. B

    The contract UI is slowly killing me - Anyone else feel the same?

    I have developed a real hatred for how the Elite Dangerous UI handles claiming the rewards for completed contracts. For the most part, the UI for Elite Dangerous is really well designed and intuitive. And because of this, I don't understand how frontier can miss this crucial design flaw. When...
  14. D

    MY list of desired fixes, redesigns, and new features not yet existing in Elite: Dangerous

    Dear Frontier Developments and fellows CMDRs. I submit to you my list. Requested fixes to current broken bits: Please fix CQC audio. With each of the last two major updates, the audio has broken more and more, with no sign of love from those who developed or broke it. Please fix "The...
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