1. CMDR MattKajtar

    ARX Purchasable Hub/Bridge Interiors for Fleet Carriers

    Well, I know. Maybe carriers won't have on-foot places, but maybe they do in the future. Anyway, this could be a nice thing to have, if we could get a default interior, then have the option to change it to have other styles. Connection to the carrier's windows and the bounding box for the hub...
  2. Baklavah

    Next generation of ships

    I know we're pretty much at the "end of the list", minus a couple of ships that never made it into ED, but I had a few ideas come to mind and I'm wondering if anyone else would care to see some neat things like these come into existence. Specifically for this thread, Player Owned "Cruisers"...
  3. Boomy

    Where are the fleet carriers on XB1? help

    Good evening all. I'm on my way to Beagle point and thought I'd do some surface mining along the way but landed a little to hard and my hull is now a little fragile. Is there anyway to find fleet carriers out here on the XB1 only? I use EDDB but I think it's only showing where the carriers are...
  4. nicedevill

    THE PRANCING PONY fleet carrier in PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system

    Greetings Commanders, THE PRANCING PONY, a fleet carrier located in the PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system (14 kLy away from Sol), is now open for everyone passing by. There are no plans to move it anywhere else in the foreseeable future, so every commander out there can rely on this mobile outpost at...
  5. nicedevill

    THE PRANCING PONY fleet carrier in PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system

    Greetings Commanders, THE PRANCING PONY, a fleet carrier located in the PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system (14 kLy away from Sol), is now open for everyone passing by. There are no plans to move it anywhere else in the foreseeable future, so every commander out there can rely on this mobile outpost at...
  6. Amanojaku

    Crew missing after FC update

    On ps4 Noticed my slf crew member was not in my Carrier crew lounge after purchasing. Tried going to a station to see if I had to pick her up there... Nothing. She's completely gone.
  7. V

    Fleet Carrier Prices

    Any guesses on what we could be expecting for these monsters? I’m not sure if their will be an ability to upgrade them after the fact of purchasing, but that would change the price point drastically imo. A Conda alone is 143 Million, which nowadays is not much. An A rated conda you could be...
  8. Qohen Leth

    The FLEET POSTER is out! You didn't think I could fit 13,600 ships in one image, did you?

    And yet! It fits! You just have to push harder hon. The image is 8K @72ppi, so not exactly print-ready but heh, you might try it, it just won't be large as a wall. Makes for a nice wallpaper though. Click on the image below for the full picture!
  9. Daniel Klimchuk

    Join the Zinra Association today!

    The Zinra Association is an independent organization consisting of united traders, passenger carriers, miners, explorers and bounty hunters. Our aim is to boost trade and transport routes, prosperity of minor factions and the safety of the vacuum of space. Be advised that we are currently...
  10. W

    A couple of ideas for future updates

    Hey Fdev and community, I was thinking about what the near future will bring for Elite and noticed that there were very little details about what to come. I have thought of a couple of things, either new or improvements that perhaps might make the game feel even more alive than it already is...
  11. V

    Fleet Carrriers - Can We Get An Update

    Hey, So can we get an update on Fleet Carrier development now that 3.3 is launched? Will we at least reopen the focused feedback?
  12. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Mining Fleet, is it possible?

    Is it possible and sensible to build a mining fleet with a carrier ship? I mean, like a T9 with full cargo rack and a collector limpet controller. All other little ships can do mining, collect ores and eject them periodically than carrier can collect them with limpets. When they return to...
  13. Olivia Vespera

    Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics Looking for Volunteers!

    Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is recruiting gatherers to help with prelaunch activity. We'll be gathering every single rare across the bubble and beyond. Distant Worlds 2 is the most anticipated expedition launching in Q4 3304/Q1 3305. It currently features over 2300 members who've signed...
  14. Temporelus

    Fleet Carriers and Squadrons, how to make them worth looking forward to.

    What prompts me to make this post today is the not completely vanished hope to make the following upcoming content good and potentially revolutionary. It is clear to all of us that we won’t get Fleet Carrier and Squadron mechanics tomorrow, and yet I have seen a lot of pessimism (understandably...
  15. W

    Orbital outpost raid mission type

    I believe the game could use some fresh mission types, and since the next few updates are planned to include such I would like to throw a suggestion here. Plus I would really love to see some more organized fleet battles, as combat zones tend to be quite chaotic never ending "blastfests" fought...
  16. J

    The Feros Initiative recruiting

    Founded in 3304, the Feros Initiative is a organization, created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists on a expedition to find a suitable system for the Feros corporation. With powerful benefactors lending their support, the organization is in its starter stage and is mainly recruiting...
  17. I

    mobile ammunition factory

    Would it be possible to make it so that the ammo synthesis can use blueprints for ammunition instead of requiring the gun to be equipped? i would love to be able to make a support vessel that would be able to mine the materials, make the ammunition, and then use limpets to distribute it to other...
  18. Perfect Dark

    Fleet Carrier ideas / hopes for Q4 2018

    The idea of being able to interact with Fleet Carriers in the upcoming Q4 update for 2018 is a truly exciting idea. I started this thread to hear everyone's input on how they would want this to work, including how the structuring of Squadrons would play into the fleet carrier concept. -Should...
  19. R

    Fleet carrier suggestions / ideas

    Firstly let me just say that this is by no means what I expect to see from the addition of fleet carriers but rather what I would like to see. Perhaps just some food for thought if nothing else. Ideas: 1: construction/purchasing of the fleet carriers themselves: I'd prefer there not...
  20. IPFreely

    Carrier Ideas

    Hoping the alleged Fleet Carrier will be available in an affordable "base version" for those players that have less than Billions of credits to throw away on a (so far) incomplete concept for a carrier to further the expansion of the Human Galactic Bubble, --- I would suggest the following...
  21. H

    Player Passengers / Taxi service / Send Ships ahead

    I have a few different points of interest where i keep different ships depending on what i'm doing... such as a bulk of my ships in Kamadhenu - my main base, my anaconda is in a place where i do passenger runs when i need the money, so i leave it there and I even had a couple ships over where i...
  22. Orbitalai

    Pricing of fleet carrier: catering to small as well as large squadrons.

    Since Frontier have mentioned Fleet Carriers and squadrons, lets give them some early feedback on pricing. I am assuming here, that they cannot be bought by individuals, but by squadrons, and that there will be some mechanics to pool credits in the squadron (taxes, donations etc etc..). To not...
  23. T

    Fleet carrier to capture ship (piracy/bounty hunting)

    Well I know I'm new on Elite but I already saw the infinite evolution possibilities offered to the game, and with the coming of the fleet carrier I got an idea. Why not making them useful for piracy or bounty hunting by capturing ships like in many scifi movies, I know it will be hard to...
  24. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  25. R

    Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company!

    Welcome weary traveller, to Ra1derz' Mega-Shuttle Company! With the announcement of a new class of ship being made available to the public sector in the next year, I've stumbled across an interesting business proposition... I just need some assistance in funding it. If you're interested, I'd...
  26. andrak

    Handling Fleet Carriers in 2018 - Fleet Carrier Concept

    Instead of being critical of Frontier, I'm offering a detailed concept, with mock up images, on how I'd like FD to implement fleet carriers in 2018. As said in the video, this is my opinion, what I want to see and I'm not claiming I speak for everybody. Mods, I'd appreciate it very much if you...
  27. T

    Ships Fleet Carriers Speculation

    I am DYING of curiosity about the fleet carriers announced for Squadrons. Plese. All of you. Speculate with me on what you think will be included with fleet carriers. I think I am most curious about PVP with Fleet Carriers. What happens if another rival squadron finds your carrier? Will they...
  28. Biohazard Crow

    Answer the call, Join The Union.

    The Nexus Union is a friendly independent player group dedicated to helping and training other commander’s in the game, Aiding to learn the ins and outs of being a pilot in the Elite Dangerous Universe. We take new, and old pilots, under our wings and help them become a more formidable pilot...
  29. GuruNot

    General / Off-Topic Joysticks and Flight Sims

    Back in the days of Elite on the C64 and Amiga I used to also love the Microprose Games like F-19 Stealth Fighter, fantastic packaging, manuals, keyboard overlays etc. Although not a true flight sim, I could spend hours immersed in the campaigns. The funding of ED has rekindled my love of...
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