1. M

    Guests ALWAYS Hungry/Thirsty?

    Hi! Sorry if there's already a thread about this here, I couldn't find one. I've been playing Planet zoo since release and there's one thing I just can't seem to crack- Guests are always in the yellow for hunger and thirst. I made sure to put shops all over the place in my newest franchise zoo...
  2. V

    What do the supplements add to food and drinks?

    Given that there are no tooltips for the supplements we can add to the food and drinks for our guest, I keep wondering what they actually do. I'm assuming ice in drinks helps with cooling guests down, but without ingame tooltips I'm just not sure of this. I also have no clue as to how to help...
  3. P

    Food Quality and Vet Visits

    Hello! I have a couple of questions. 1. All my animals have been fully researched and all my habitats have their food quality set to grade 3, I've double and triple checked, yet they frequently have an orange poor last meal quality in their welfare. Why is this? I'm paying for Grade 3 food...
  4. ACWN

    More food and drink location options

    Coaster has vending machines and rabbit hole restaurants. Machines be a LOT easier to drop down at random intervals than full sized shops, but having the option of having a rabbit hole restaurant block that you can decorate the outside and drop into place would be amazing. Heck, even just a...
  5. Jeminyne

    Keepers won't fill enrichment dishes or even regular dishes, just leave food on the ground. :-(

    My keepers are just dropping the food on thee ground, or even on obscure, seemingly impossible to reach platforms, instead of using easily accessible food dishes. The arrow in the middle of this screencap shows where the lemur's food has been placed. How did the keeper even reach up there?! They...
  6. Pixelated Sparkster

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Could we please have the carnivores have their food requirement icon change from the leaf icon to the steak icon?

    Hey, its nothing major, but I found it odd how all the dinosaurs have a leaf icon to represent their food need despite some of the dinosaurs are purely carnivorous. Could we have a meat icon for carnivores and the leaf icon for herbivores? That way if an omnivore gets introduced, we could use...
  7. Q

    Forage Box Enrichment Usable by Red Ruffed Lemurs

    I have an enclosure for both red ruffed lemurs and kattas. I placed down normal feeding platforms and the forage box for the kattas as that was what I had researched at that time. Now I noticed my keeper placing red ruffed lemur food (different from katta food) in the forage box, which is...
  8. D

    Animal food costs

    It is quite hard to make a steady income in the game. Basically there are two main expenses, staff, and animal food. I recon the amout of money going to animal food is not really in balance. Lower ther costs of food, it would make the game more accesible and it gives you more freedom to play...
  9. akessandre

    Peafowls Cleanliness habitat stuck at 50-60%

    Hello there, Is there a bug with the peafowls habitat? It looks like the cleanliness get stuck below 60% for the main reason that the keepers won't fill up the animal bowls. Keepers huts and other facilities around are powered up and running. Thanks
  10. Fisherman1

    Fisherman's Spooky Games and Snack Stands!

    Spooky Games and Snack Stands from Kaleidoscope Piers' Halloween Haunt event, Kaleidoscope FEARS! Games: Snack stands:
  11. Ghostly Food Buffet

    Adding more choices to stall menu items

    I have to be blunt here with only mentioning this minor suggestion, but I'd really love it if we could get an option to add more menu items to stalls. For instance, I like making themed food and drink shops, with halloweenish ones being my favorite. the trouble is, I only have 3-4 items on...
  12. A200DollarDonut


    Drunk'n'Donuts: Recruitment Thread Hey! Chances are you're in a hurry. To get from one place to another to continue whatever job you're doing. Do you want to grab a bite to eat or a quick drink and not have to worry about incredible distances or high costs? No problem! Come on down to...
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