1. Zekin

    🌳PONDEROSA🌳🏠 [Mordern Abode]

    PONDEROSA is a modern architecture style build. Its located somewhere in the woods, surrounded by "Ponderosa" trees🌳. I was inspired by nature's breathtaking beauty🍃. Re-shade was used to make it look realistic. It will be released on steam later this week after some tidying up. Enjoy!🙃 A video...
  2. J

    Parks Fairytale Forest

    I plan on starting a new park with a fairytale forest in it (inspired by the one in Efteling). Instead of starting a new game (like I usually do), I'm gonna start building by building and place the blueprints in my park later on. First one: the gingerbread house. Loosely based on the story...
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