1. S

    Hunter - Call of the Wild

    Any other virtual hunters out there? The landscapes of this game are gorgeous and hunting small game can be a PITA considering how skittish some of them are and sneaking takes forever, so it's not a run and gun game. Also, with the latest DLC we can now get attacked by packs of wolves in one...
  2. Viajero


    I just found out about Squad, it is a FPS placed in that elusive middle ground between ArmA and the more arcade CoD/BF series. From what I can see they have actually succeeded to get that compromise avoiding all the gung ho running and bunny hoping everywhere, ultra spawn arcade experience of...
  3. Vasea Azure

    Boundary - semi realistic shooter in space

    Zero G tactical shooter incoming: It looks pretty interesting and unique I must say!
  4. C

    FPS's - Why Am I So Rubbish

    I used to be King of the Hill back in the early day's of Rainbow Six (late 90's). But now in my mid 50's I'm completely rubbish. Put few hundred hours into PUBG and every time it's the same: Jump out of plane > Find gun > Die. Anyone else think age is directly proportional to being rubbish at...
  5. Vovva The Bluehaired

    Newcomer / Intro FPS counter hotkey combination change

    Is there any way to change hotkey combination "CTRL+F" for FPS counter. Because of my control scheme I usually press this two buttons at the same time and counter pops up interrupting actions binded for both of the keys. I would prefer to change it for "ALT+F" but there is no line for this...
  6. T

    An Overly-Ambitious Idea

    With all of the things I don't particularly like about this game, I have to say it's still the best space game out there, with potential to become probably the best game of all time. It just needs more. It's a great, "realistic" portrayal of being a space entrepreneur, but as I sit in my...
  7. Cosmo

    Zac Antonaci Hints that Space Legs is Coming in 2019

    Zac Antonaci hinted that space legs DLC is coming in 2019: "this does mark some exciting next steps and a continued commitment to the long term vision for the game and our community. " When Wolvie asked about what comes next Zac responded: "I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey."...
  8. ebbrell

    Allow new nVIDIA DLSS in Q4

    as part of Q4 the which is going to include some new gorgeous looking stuff, can you allow or enable elements of the RTX technology from nVIDIA i dont mean the full ray traciing part as this may reduce the FPS too much. but can you enable the DLSS "Deep Learning Super Sampling" function pls...
  9. W

    FPS Co-Op, Turrets, Fences & Camps

    For 'Space Legs' should it ever happen...This is how I'd like it to be... Scenario: Ship discovers alien base or accepts mission... You and Co-Op wing mates land on outskirts of underground/overground base. Get out of your ship seat. Walk to Internal cockpit door into Medium sized or Large...
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