1. P

    Performance halved after the release of Odyssey, and not improved after the patches

    For me, ED FPS is halved after the release of Odyssey, while i don't have that DLC. (and won't have it if the game performance stays like this...) Before the big release i had FPS limited to 60 in space, my lowest FPS at the most crowded places arount the stations, rings was around 30fps, but...
  2. CMDR Atomsk

    Missed Opportunity with no EVA system (or possibly some suggestions if it *is* in the works?)

    Greetings, CMDRs! The goal of this post is to try to help members of the community try to refine our arguments for a neat feature that I think is technologically well within the realm of possibility and could help give a much-needed boost to Odyssey's gameplay. These are simply some reasons...
  3. Hudownik

    Odyssey strange FPS dips

    With this topic I will inform Frontier Devs where I encounter with "strange" FPS dips. What is "strange" about this dips? For the most parts in settlements i have around 35 - 45 fps. Sometime 50 - >60. BUT i encounter with FPS dips to 5 - 25 fps in open field. It goes like this: I have...
  4. cmdr_Giboulot

    ED:Odyssey Update 7 Performance Issue and proofs

    Hello there, I did some record compairing my old and new CPU, a Ryzen 3600 and a Ryzen 5600X. I got a pretty impressive performance jumpt from 25-40fps to 50-60fps, showing a strong CPU bottleneck. But today Update 7 got live and I tested it... It's got freeze and frame rendering issues...
  5. SSMYT

    I give up, every update gets worse the DLC do not lie to you

    I don't complain about complaining or anything like that, but I'm tired of seeing how there are people saying that it is going well, no, it is not going well, from U3 it started to go bad, u4 worse, u5 unplayable, it was better when it came out than Now, I have an i7-4790 at 4Ghz all the cores...
  6. NETbreed

    Performance worse since Update 5? Try disabling VSync

    Posted this to the update thread but it's helped at least one other CMDR so I thought I'd drop it here for better visibility. I've just been messing around with some in-game graphics settings to see if I could induce the terrible framerates others have reported. I'm lucky with my setup; I get a...
  7. MrVaad

    Some performance tweaks/fixes

    [18/03/2021] : Version 0.9 : GitHub Link Changes : - Fixed options to disable reflections shaders in update 11 - The "outdoor reflections" shader now seems to control reflections in indoor shop windows (SHIFT+F4 key in the mod) - The "Indoor reflections"...
  8. buzzx

    FPS stats for settings in VR

    Just some stats I thought might be interesting to some. Ive tested the effect of various settings changes on a i7 9700k + RTX 2080. These results are from the home screen sitting in the hangar. Note that I had to wait at least 30-60 seconds after each change until the FPS settled on a stable...
  9. lysan

    Game Discussions Looking for a good FPS? look no further!

    Source: https://youtu.be/a3fLU-m8ttM Key features include: 300 km2 Cam Lao Nam terrain 4 factions 50+ weapons 50+ vehicles & static weapons Multiplayer co-op campaign (up to 14 players) 9 multiplayer scenarios 5 singleplayer scenarios New sounds & sound effects New music New unique gameplay...
  10. SergMx

    DLSS Nvidia in ED ?

    Will there be ?
  11. Alex Korr V

    Making Odyssey FPS mechanics more realistic - add inertia to the movement

    This one is very short & simple: giving awesome realistic newtonian mechanics that everyone enjoys in space, you'd expect no less from on foot gameplay as well. Possibility to strafe left-right as turn like crazy as if inertia didn't exist breaks immersion and contributes to very common and...
  12. Darkcyde

    Add on foot missions that don't require FPS combat

    Why is it that all on foot missions require FPS combat? Even threat zero missions end up with a squad of five commandos who shoot at first sight. I thought the reactivate/repair missions would be ok, but no, get the place up and running and a squad arrives to gun you down. It's like the...
  13. SixVI

    Hi, for issues on graphics. this might help a little bit for NVIDIA Users

    Go to NVIDIA Control Panerl > Manage 3D settings > Add app Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Executable scroll down to global Vertical Sync and turn it off. Run Odyssey Turn on vertical Sync Let me know if there's a change on fps. increase a little bit for me. (")7
  14. Shockbot

    Massive PvP First Person fights on planet surfaces

    Anyone up to organize a event :cool: maybe a faction war for a system or something else. I want tactical fights on open terrain ! Some Ideas & things to make before an event like this could occur: A good Planet to fight on ( a few candidates with Atmo and near blue skies) with a Settlement...
  15. SSMYT

    Semi Fix on stability and FPS on Odyssey

    1º Go to -> C:\Users\[Your user]\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Graphics 2º Open Settings.xml 3º look for the code below <HighResScreenCapAntiAlias>0</HighResScreenCapAntiAlias> <HighResScreenCapScale>0</HighResScreenCapScale> 4º overwrite or change the value...
  16. O

    Poor FPS and textures failing to load

    I can't achieve a playable FPS even on the lowest settings and textures are failing to load in properly so everything looks like a PS2 game. I'm within the system requirements, the performance shouldn't be this bad. Is there any news on when this will be fixed?
  17. C

    I have an RTX 3070 mobile but ED:Horizons will only ever run at 32-40fps no matter what gfx settings I apply.

    Hey CMDRs, Bought a shiny new laptop in preparation for Odyssey but i'm barely able to push 40fps no matter where I am in game or what i'm doing. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. I'm running "extended display" between a 144hz 2560x1440 monitor and my...
  18. CMDR Kridnos

    Comparing particular view-model animations in Odyssey to other games

    Feedback video: Source: https://youtu.be/FFByDQZEJqk Reddit post: https://redd.it/mqvlu6 Hello, This video focuses on particular view-model animations in the Odyssey alpha that I believe could use some improvement, and also compares those animations to the same animations from other FPS...
  19. B

    Any improvement on FPS issues in the last few months?

    Hey all, I have to admit, I rage quit playing PZ back in June of last year due to continuous FPS drop and lag. It felt like playing a stop motion game with constant path glitches, animals auto boxing, guest rides utterly failing to work, etc. The game was unplayable, despite being on low...
  20. R

    Essential update needed. Unplayable on Series X

    Why does this game not have a 30FPS cap on Series X? It has an unlocked frame rate which makes it a juddery mess. Come on Frontier, add a 30FPS option!
  21. Random Player

    Game FPS

    Hello Has anyone else noticed a problem with FPS on the PC? My ED, with everything maxed except SS set to 1.0 running at 3440x1440 (100MHz), gets a steady 100+ fps. Today, with nothing changed, it's getting like 30fps with drops into the teens. Running horribly! Just me? Could be something on...
  22. OnePercent

    Shores of Hazeron - 4X MMO with PVP/PVE Dimensions

    Found a cool indie game made by a solo dev, completely free, has fully designable buildngs, ships+interiors you can walk inside of, character designer etc and lets you travel on foot on planets, build cities and take off in your starships you construct from planetary resources. Then you can...
  23. Kzak

    Game Discussions Avowed - a new Skyrim, from Obsidian?

    One to keep an eye out for, I'd say! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN17k6P4XVw
  24. Helmut Grokenberger

    VR Performance degrading over time?

    Hi, I'm playing Elite in VR on a Rift S, and, although my system is beefy enough (Ryzen 7 1800X with a 2080 SUPER), my PC is struggling at times. I've by now found a good compromise between looks and performance, but lately I've noticed performance dropping the longer I play. Not so noticable...
  25. WhiteHaulerMan

    Game Discussions Alien: Hope for the Future

    Link in Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/IIapagokc Anyone else excited?
  26. F

    What about the "normal players"?

    Hello Team-Frontier, hello players, I was really hyped about his game. I play this game since the beta. After i realised Frontier uses the same engine as Planco i was shocked!! This means bad performance. This means no possibillity to create a big park/zoo. And now.. i played a lot. Now i have...
  27. D

    vr problem

    Yesterday I updated my graphics card and the oculus rift s, after that I opened Beat Saber and the frames were at 10- 50 and the avg 32, and for some reason I can't open the oculus menu before the update's I didn't have any issues GTX 1080 Version 441.66 i7-4790k 16 GB RAM Sorry if there is...
  28. Jorge Marston

    Stuttering, FPS drops, etc

    I've already send a Support ticket to Frontier but I figured I might ask here for some help/advice. Recently my game has started to stutter and suffer from significant FPS drops, particularly in conflict zones and RES. Not only that, but in supercruise the game starts to randomly stutter...
  29. C

    CPU Usage at 100% bug!

    I really enjoy this game, I've poured nearly 60 hours into this game since it came out, but the CPU usage bug is so bad! These are my specs I'm running the game on: CPU: Intel-i7 6700 Non-K (Usually runs at 3.8 Ghz-4.10 Ghz) GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070 Armor OC 8GB Ram: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4...
  30. S

    Graphics Card Question

    So I know a little bit about computers, but not much (which you think I would after gaming for so long but, regardless). Right now I have a Radeon HD 7970M. I have done a 'Can I run it' and I'm aware I don't meet the minimum requirements under the graphics card alone. But under the attributes...
  31. S

    self-adjustable fps

    I would be happy about self-adjustable frames per second (fps lock).
  32. S

    Hunter - Call of the Wild

    Any other virtual hunters out there? The landscapes of this game are gorgeous and hunting small game can be a PITA considering how skittish some of them are and sneaking takes forever, so it's not a run and gun game. Also, with the latest DLC we can now get attacked by packs of wolves in one...
  33. Viajero


    I just found out about Squad, it is a FPS placed in that elusive middle ground between ArmA and the more arcade CoD/BF series. From what I can see they have actually succeeded to get that compromise avoiding all the gung ho running and bunny hoping everywhere, ultra spawn arcade experience of...
  34. Vasea Azure

    Boundary - semi realistic shooter in space

    Zero G tactical shooter incoming: It looks pretty interesting and unique I must say!
  35. C

    FPS's - Why Am I So Rubbish

    I used to be King of the Hill back in the early day's of Rainbow Six (late 90's). But now in my mid 50's I'm completely rubbish. Put few hundred hours into PUBG and every time it's the same: Jump out of plane > Find gun > Die. Anyone else think age is directly proportional to being rubbish at...
  36. Vovva The Bluehaired

    Newcomer / Intro FPS counter hotkey combination change

    Is there any way to change hotkey combination "CTRL+F" for FPS counter. Because of my control scheme I usually press this two buttons at the same time and counter pops up interrupting actions binded for both of the keys. I would prefer to change it for "ALT+F" but there is no line for this...
  37. T

    An Overly-Ambitious Idea

    With all of the things I don't particularly like about this game, I have to say it's still the best space game out there, with potential to become probably the best game of all time. It just needs more. It's a great, "realistic" portrayal of being a space entrepreneur, but as I sit in my...
  38. Cosmo

    Zac Antonaci Hints that Space Legs is Coming in 2019

    Zac Antonaci hinted that space legs DLC is coming in 2019: "this does mark some exciting next steps and a continued commitment to the long term vision for the game and our community. " When Wolvie asked about what comes next Zac responded: "I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey."...
  39. ebbrell

    Allow new nVIDIA DLSS in Q4

    as part of Q4 the which is going to include some new gorgeous looking stuff, can you allow or enable elements of the RTX technology from nVIDIA i dont mean the full ray traciing part as this may reduce the FPS too much. but can you enable the DLSS "Deep Learning Super Sampling" function pls...
  40. W

    FPS Co-Op, Turrets, Fences & Camps

    For 'Space Legs' should it ever happen...This is how I'd like it to be... Scenario: Ship discovers alien base or accepts mission... You and Co-Op wing mates land on outskirts of underground/overground base. Get out of your ship seat. Walk to Internal cockpit door into Medium sized or Large...
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