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  1. MTBFritz

    The Division 1 is free to claim on Ubisoft until sept 8th

    A solid looter shooter that started out crap and (IMO) became a good game offering PvE and PvP activities and a solid progression system. I spent hundreds of hours establishing dominance versus NPCs and had a blast doing so. Optimization is grindy and the loot is RNG but the cover mechanics are...
  2. GuruNot

    GTA V free on EGS ....

    .... assuming you can get to the site ;)
  3. AndyJ

    Crusader Kings II is now Free on Steam + Grab the Expansion pack "The Old Gods"

    Heads up that Crusader Kings II is "free to play" on Steam right now: Source: Not sure if it's Free-to-play forever, or just for this weekend to coincide with their PDXCON event - so...
  4. G

    Freespace 2 going free on GOG for a limited time

    Oldie but a goodie loads of graphic (and other) mods available to make it look pretty decent TBH. Head over to if anyone is interested.
  5. lysan

    Free Game Ages of Wonder on Steam for a short period!

    Go get it!!
  6. AndyJ

    FREE - Age of Wonders III - Steam key giveaway at Humble Bundle [23hrs]

    --- OFFER HAS ENDED --- Humble Bundle is currently giving away the turn-based fantasy strategy game "Age of Wonders III" for free via Steam keys for Windows, Mac and Linux. Offered while supplies last or until 10am Pacific time, May 11th 2019. (A little under 23hrs at time of posting) You'll...
  7. Globusdiablo

    Free Assassins Creed: Unity (for PC)

    In respect for Notre Dame, Ubisoft is giving away Assassins Creed: Unity for a limited period. Playable via Uplay:
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