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    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Dinosaur Animation Adjustments

    Currently I feel one major set of problems that plagues the dinosaurs of Jurassic World Evolution are their animations as a whole. Here’s how I think the dinosaur animations need to be fixed across the entire board. All of the dinosaurs, except the Indoraptor, must have very little movement to...
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    Shooting Ride Targets as Triggers

    I was surprised to see that this has not been done already. Why can't i use my targets as triggers, so that when one is shot, i can trigger a light, animatronic or other triggerable items. Would be neat if this would work. I miss it Oh and while you're at it, please let me disable the countdown...
  3. ANNOUNCEMENT Carowinds Copperhead Strike and Classic Rides Collection Coming Soon!

    Hello coaster friends! Spring is in the air and that means that around the world, theme parks are re-opening for the year ahead. We can't wait to get back to our favourites and we know many of you can't either. We are delighted to announce we have partnered up with Carowinds in North Carolina...
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