1. J

    Looking for ppl to play with

    I have played ED on and off since release, but am getting back into it full time to get a carrier and to get ready for beyond. I am apart of a squadron (just joined yesterday), but they are inactive and I am leaving it. I am 28yrs old and chill. Just looking for someone to play with or a group...
  2. Leadyo

    Walk in the park by yourself / Visit other parks with multiple players

    What I would really like to see is the following. I know there is a possibility that you can do First Person on a visitor, but what if you can actually walk in the park by yourself with your own Planet Coaster character? I would also like to be able to buy things from shops or sit on benches...
  3. CMDR Red House

    Casual Wing Mates

    Hello I am looking for a few (at least 1) people to form a Wing. I've been playing ED for several years, but always in solo mode. I've never been in a Wing. I would consider myself a casual player, so you should be also so I don't disappoint your expectations. I currently have two ships, a...
  4. Alexander_Sepulveda

    [FEDERATION] [INDEPENDENT] [LFG] ROLEPLAY - Federation Military Fleet with Baddies!

    DETER. DEFEND. DEFEAT. That is the Motto of the 87th FEDERATION AUXILARY NAVAL FLEET. TL;DR WE ARE A STORY BASED - ROLEPLAY GROUP! We are a squadron of Federation pilots who accept Imperial and Alliance pilots along with pirates. We are a formal military unit of Auxiliary Federal Navy pilots...
  5. Orbitalai

    Requesting friendship could be accompanied with a message

    Requesting friendship could be accompanied with a message. Its soo annoying get get friendship requests out of the blue, and I have no clue why the person wants to be friends or where he has met/heard of me from.
  6. E

    Newcomer / Intro Searching for Buddys to play with or something

    Hello, im relatively new to this game and i tried it for many times to start with the game, .... have fun, make something, etc. But everytime i give it a try i have problems with the game mechanics. I will list some things which i find really strange: 1) The mission descriptions are...
  7. F

    Animal Market between friends

    Maybe you could be add a market, who we can buy/sell/transfer Animals to other Zoos (own) and to Zoos to our friends. That will make animal transfer between friends much easier
  8. L

    Co-op Mode in Planet coaster

    Hello, dear Planet Coaster team & community, I and a friend both have bought Planet coaster and are talking to each other over TeamSpeak how we are Building the Parks. And now we just came to an idea: A cooperative mode for Planet coaster. It would be fun and pretty interesting to see how a...
  9. J

    Friends Market

    WISH: Make pages in the animal market; Public, Friends. When you place an animal on the market; the first 5-10 minutes, only visible to friends; so that your friends can buy it first, if they need it; after those 5-10 minutes it becomes public. This option is only recognizable with a checkmark...
  10. John Kozak

    Feature: "Friend searches for wing"/"Friend searches for crew"

    Current state Right now, ways to get a crew are: "Open" search Sending direct invite Coordination via other channels (chat, Discord, voice, etc.) There is no way to find wingmates except for other channels (and direct invite) Problem statement I have a squadron and a large set of ingame...
  11. M

    Death IRL, or, does dead commanders get flown into a star?

    Hi. Quite new(ish) to the game, but really love the whole package. There was a good eyeopener in the news in Norway lately, about this disabled guy who did all the things he could not do IRL in game (WoW). Then he died! His family knew he was a gamer, but had no idea about how many friends he...
  12. R

    Anyone playing PvP from about 24:00 GMT on?

    Hello CMDRS, How is everyone. I am looking for comrades and enemies alike. I play these hours often but either dont instance with players or am in a bad spot. Will Travel. Will Fight. Will learn. Am part of a group who is chaotic good, so i dont gank or grief, but if you need an ally to fight...
  13. ebbrell

    friends to show as a green on ship sensors

    when you are friendly or allied with a faction. the factions members appear as green on your ships sensors. hostile appear as red etc. wing member appear as blue which is great. can we have friends appears either in green or another colour, any CMDR in your area which is on your friends...
  14. B

    Let's Be Friends! (a little humour)

    Came across this while looking back at a game released for the PlayStation in 1999 called Wipeout 3. For those unfamiliar with the game, it's futuristic-based anti gravity racer. AG Systems International is an in-game racing team and this is their marketing logo— You can also see it in the...
  15. Blight Born

    Multi-Crew Fun Success

    Just thought I'd share that my buddy and I are having a fun time in Multi-Crew. I've been on PC for awhile, currently working on rank for a Corvette, but for the time being my Annie is giving me loads of fun. He just switched from Xbox to PC, but he decided not to transfer accounts, as he has...
  16. C

    Looking for a Fun and Active Group

    Hi all, PC player. Looking for an active group to join, been playing for a while alone and have a fair feel for the game but am still new to it. Prefer a group from Aus/NZ region as I am in New Zealand, but any group with a good player base over here would be OK. Looking forward to chatting.
  17. T

    Profile page with customization etc on internet

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to make players profil page (phone compatible format) where you can see many information without launching the game, and also us Holo-Me and the ship esthetic custmization, create guilds. Like for Wow. and other player can see some information about you (not critical...
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