frontier workshop

  1. S

    Transfer park from PC to Console?

    Hello, is it possible to transfer a park that I made on PC to the Xbox Edition of Planet Coaster? Maybe by uploading it to the Frontier Workshop on PC and then downloading it on the console? 😅
  2. OldaRobot

    Xbox Series X - Recreated Console with rides!

    Here's a fun one, a theme park inside of the Xbox Series X. No I don't mean because you play the game on the console, I mean because I built the console inside of the game! Here's the first Teaser video, will have more videos and screenshots in the future showing the details of both the case...
  3. BlackBearFTW

    Planet Coast Console Edition: Frontier Cloud

    Last livestream we got a look at the frontier workshop..... which kind of left me disappointed. There are a bunch of things that wont come to console or are not currently announced: No cross platform play or cross platform sharing (so no pc parks/blueprints on console) No ThemeMaker ToolKit...
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