1. B

    i don't like the Frontier Store... at all.

    Don't get me wrong, the items are neat and range from pricy (ship kits) to incredible cheap (everything else) but the Payment Methods are not up to date. I'm from Germany and I don't have a Credit Card or Paypal Account. I like paying directly online, wait a few minutes and get my digital...
  2. M

    More chrome paints!

    More... chrome... everything in the future is chrome!!
  3. krueger.freddy

    Bought DLC on Steam. can it show up as bought in Frontier Store too?

    Hi, during the last autoum sale on steam I did buy the vintage and Studio DLC though steam.. Is it possible that the Frontierstore reconiizes that somehow? I almost bought it double :-)
  4. Highlander71

    Tips for starting with PiMax4K wanted

    I've bought a PiMax4K for use with Elite:Dangerous Horizons and I would like some tips before I dive into the installation and setup. My current VR setup uses an Oculus DK2, but I wanted to try and get away from the screen door effect the DK2 suffers from. My current setup is Windows10 with a...
  5. G

    Exchange rate for brazilian customers

    Hello and good evening! I'm a brazilian Elite player, since launch. I have bought the base game, Horizons and some cosmetic stuff along these last years. Recently, Frontier released A LOT more cosmetic stuff for us to buy (Ship Kits, Weapon and Engine colors, to name a few) but, as much as...
  6. Pliedies

    Can't buy me love ?

    Hi Cmdrs Two issues I'm having , frontier store (via Xbox interface) shows 500 points, put 400 points of merch in basket, when I click to purchase using frontier points , nothing happens. On a different issue, my ram tahh(Can't be bothered to look up spelling) mission disappeared after 2 days...
  7. Acen ONYX "bugs" & feedback review ... cuz I was advised that where I started the thread, is not where it should belong..? O_o The FIRST post's worth of issues & suggestions has been addressed, but there are...
  8. Acen ONYX

    *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at!

    ... for the Lakon Spaceways Type-9: At, if you try the search term "stripe", the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show a "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) General appearance description: Shades of Grey "body", and...
  9. Acen ONYX

    Ships *NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at! Under global search term "military" (or "stripe"!!), the Type-9 is the ONLY SHIP to show "Military Stripe Pack" (so far??) Generally, shades of Grey "body", and longitudinal coloured highlight striping available in these colours...
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