1. RG-870

    Feature request: Seperate mouse control settings (or additional options) for FSD and Normal Flight (or FA on and FA off modes)

    I've been playing ED with mouse + keyboard since the Beta and don't wanna invest into a HOTAS system any time soon. Unfortunately, there is a huge drawback for mouse players. If you use the mouse without the 'relative' (=auto centering) settings, you have a comfortable control scheme in both...
  2. Baklavah

    FSD Boosts should be a time-related buff

    I find it pretty ridiculous that you have to consume lots of resources for a single jump. It should be a 5 minute buff to jump range. As it stands, FSD boosts feel unrewarding. Wanna make a big jump? Here's a slap in the face. Have fun! -_-;
  3. don carnage1

    Can the double-engineered FSD be re-engineered?

    UPDATE: THE ANSWER IS “NO.” Do NOT attempt this or you will ruin your module! Since no one seemed to know the answer, and no one appeared willing to try and find out, I decided to take one for the team and test it myself. Unfortunately, the 2-second reboot time is NOT hardcoded as a base...
  4. E

    Newcomer / Intro Iam backer but been out of the game for almost two years... (back because of the odyssey effect)

    Question: I dont remember if the engineer upgrade task on a FSD drive is addtive. If I first do the grade 1 and then I do a grade 2, is the changes from grade 2 added on grade 1 effects? Or is the grade 1 removed and grade 2 added to FSD clean slate? Tried to google it but cant find any...
  5. Chrystoph

    [FSD] Add Star Class to Jump display

    Simple request, add the star class under the system name, just above the horizontal line. Having the Star Class in the Info data is suboptimal because it clears after a moment. If you think this is a reasonable request, like it to show support.
  6. LeKeno

    Guide / Tutorial [For new players] free meta alloys to unlock Felicity (FSD Engineer at Farseer Inc, Deciat); Feedback welcomed!

    Hi, I have a stock of Meta-Alloys in my Fleet Carrier for new players looking to get started with engineering their ships with Felicity. Felicity is the most useful engineer to unlock first because it will allow you to upgrade the range of your Frame Shift Drive, allowing you to jump further...
  7. Old Duck

    A New Type Of FSD

    Hey Frontier, here's something to chew on for New Era. How about a new type of FSD (perhaps a Guardian FSD if you must) that allows players to give up supercruise for the ability to jump to specific planets and points-of-interest. This would be completely optional, so not to take away everyone...
  8. D

    Need to jump 36 ly using Cobra Mk III

    I was hunting bounties in Jalabon when I accidentally shot the wrong ship (earning a bounty on me), eventually took aggro and was shot down. I was able to rebuy in the station I was carted off to (The Sepuchre), but can't make the trip back to Jalabon since every time I try to plot a route, it's...
  9. C

    Why are player interdictions so impossible to evade?

    I don't know if there's a mechanic that I'm not aware of, I'm a fairly new player. But I just got interdicted and instantly killed by another Commander. During the interdiction, I stayed in the circle almost the entire time, but despite that the red progress bar went up far faster than I could...
  10. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    Beginners question about a "strange" Neutron boost experience

    Hello, First post here, please be gentle! ;) I've been exploring with my DBX for a while now, currently in the Sagittarius-Carina arm, but so far I've always avoided Neutron boosts. So today I thought I'd try it, just to overcome my fears of entering that jet... Maybe I did something wrong...
  11. CMDR Ewa


    Hi people I want an HYPERCRUISE, please.... When we travel across the galaxy reaching far destinations, we have to jump, and jump and jump and rejump to stars again and again an then again [zZzZz] . I really love to explore the galaxy and i love to apprehend its vertiginous vastness before...
  12. Werewolf13

    Those GUYS HAD to be Geniuses...

    ... to be able to figure this kind'a stuff out. Now, I've been aware of Technology Brokers since the day of their creation when they all magically appeared (can you say witchspace and parallel universe in one breath). I even visited one on day 1 of their creation; a human tech one. After...
  13. Luna Valenwood

    Neutron experiments by a space mad explorer

    This post is essentially a culmination of some experiments I have been doing. At first it started out as a question on the fleetcomm squad chat. What happens when you neutron jump at 1%? Somewhere along the way it balooned into many experiments with people asking various things for me to test...
  14. SaintedLegion

    Request: allow FSS Scanner use whilst charging FSD

    For me, the most frustrating part of the new exploration mechanics is that you can't use the FSS Scanner whilst charging your FSD for a hyperspace jump. This means that looking out for interesting bodies whilst on a long-distance honk-scoop-jump journey takes much longer than using the old...
  15. Timpraetor

    Engineers How do we get Elvira Martuuk to level 5 on FSD engineering?

    I've now upgraded the FSD on 8 ships to level 4 with Elvira Martuuk on Khun (not with pinned blueprints). How do we get her to pop the level five options? Is there a combination of things that we can do/provide her to get off of the level 4 plateau?
  16. W

    Newcomer / Intro Too close to a star, entering Supercruise is interrupted by overheating

    Hi! I was dumb enough to exit from supercruise to check a signal near a star. It was interesting but now my system is at 54% heat, can't engage supercruise to go away so my hair is waving at brutal 220. And the 54% heat is permanent. Every unsuccessful tries to engage supercruise cause damage...
  17. Crimson Echo

    Misjumps in ED?

    Has anyone manged to miss jump in Elite Dangerous other than Hyperdictions? I understand the new fsd tech is supposedly more reliable than older drives, but I am wondering if misjumps can happen at all.
  18. S

    Fast Charge FSD Engi 100% Broken (bug)

    Yeah anyone else notice how all this upgrade does is increase your heat, and boost the optimal mass a little bit? There is absolutely no change to the speed of the charge lol
  19. EWanderer

    "Bootleg" Corvas Versions

    So Corvas. There are a bunch of voices for them and although I didn't feel like picking up one for money yet. This might change if we get a nice addition to the pack: An Alternative Version, that emphasises "Friendshipdrive" for FSD. It should be come free with any bougth Voice pack and you get...
  20. Kiithnaras

    [Game Design] [Feature Request] Frigates - Player-Run Capital Ships

    I've come to the conclusion that what Elite is missing in the realm of Very Large Ships is Even Bigger Ships. Those top tiers of faction rank are empty and don't have much of a purpose at the moment, so why not kill a few birds with one stone? To be clear, these would not simply be...
  21. Daish

    An end to long Haul FSDs

    I think it's time frontier provide the players a way to travel to any planet we wish using the FSD, still keeping the range as is. With the new partial cargo mission system it does make the grind of flying from port to planet and so on longer, partly because of going back to collect the...
  22. M

    AI Bounty hunters. - Aren Geesus?

    I'm not sure this observation is in the right place, but here goes! I accept a lot of contracts that end up with bounty hunters/assassins being sent to eliminate me! I don't very often oblige them with combat, being very often outgunned, so I outfly them in the "mini-game". This has the...
  23. Taluss

    Guardian Orbs. Do they Exist anymore?

    I thay done multiple thousand light year trips across multiple new sites. I have spent hours driving around and hours flying around (yes you can detect the guardian items flying low and slow in a fighter) and found any number of caskets, urns and relics but no orbs. I read in these forums that...
  24. V

    Setting Range from star on exit of Hyperspace -RANGE LIMITER-

    Hello commanders, if this suggestion has been brought up once before then appologies FSD Jump traveling has been up for debate alot but i have a suggestion that while make Jumping still tedious, but also be on schedule even if its a few seconds off. I give you the "Range Limiter". simply put...
  25. Old Duck

    How To Cure Griefing (and other great ideas)

    There seems to be some debate on how much of the new C&P system is a response to player "griefing", but I think there may be a better way to "cure" this problem that's logical, easy to implement, PvP-friendly, and brings meaning to system security state. Disable FSD Interdictors in HiSec...

    Anomalous FSD behavior in certain star system?

    Hey there, while jumping around in the core, I've found a star system that has some very interesting FSD behavior when jumped to, and I'm wondering if this is a known occurrence. This system consists of two stars with similar spectrum, but they both have EXACTLY the same solar mass, at 1,5...
  27. N

    Guardian Frameshift Drive

    So we're gradually getting the ability to outfit our ships with Guardian tech (powerplant, distributor, weapons) - but there are some gaps in what's available. Someone did suggest that prismatic shields might be derived from Guardian tech, and I like that idea. But what about the frameshift...
  28. Anubite

    Accidental Advance in Reverse Engineering Thargoid Warp Drives

    In researching Thargoid jumpdrive technology, the first breakthrough was discovered by accident. I was a crewman aboard the ship that saw it happen. The first tests seemed fruitless. Something about them had piqued the interest of a pair of interceptors, who dropped down to see clearly...
  29. C

    SOLVED: How do I quick repair the FSD?

    There's a repair option in the modules screen on the right panel. The repair button has always been red and uninteractable. If there's some specific materials needed, if so, what are they? If not, how is the repair button used? Thank you in advance.
  30. T

    FSD 100% hyperspace jump failure rate at 78% Integrity

    Title says it all. I supercharged at a WD, my FSD is down to 78 after a few charges because it takes ten percent per charge whenever I try, which is bull in and of itself. I can understand a couple points, but not 10 per charge. Anyway, as the title suggests, I am receiving a 100% hyperspace...
  31. T

    Best WD classes for Boosting

    Alright, I'm still new to Boosting, but I was curious if the class of white dwarf, has an effect of the length of the cone and the turbulence on entry? I feel like it might, because every time I've been to a standard DA class, the cone is relatively short distance out from the exclusion zone...
  32. ebbrell

    FSD Booster as sub slot module

    Can we introduce module sub slots to power plant, FSD and shield generators? the recently added FSD booster takes up an entire module slot, can we have this changed. Can the FSD have sub-slots maybe allow 2 maximum, allowing us to insert the FSD booster into the main FSD module. Make it work...
  33. F

    A new way to travel

    I have a suggestion when it comes to faster than light travel. I hear a lot of bashing around current jump ranges from players when playing in a wing and I would like to make a suggestion for something that I believe would be an amazing addition to the game. My suggestion would be centred...
  34. Cocalarix

    Next update is 3.1 + Guardian FSD Booster Refunds

    Regarding the bugged Guardian FSD Booster, FDev is giving refunds for those who unlocked it. The in-game notification also confirms that the next update will be 3.1: It's also worth mentioning that FDev might be moving to their new HQ this month, so that might play a role in why they can't...
  35. Mordhar

    Change FSD boosters from internal to utility

    While FSD boosters are temporary removed from game for revision/fix I suggest some (relatively easy to implement) changes. Because when these modules will be released in their final version it will be too late to change anything. Make them utility modules instead of optional-internal. Change...
  36. CMDRTarkaDal

    Guardian Frame Shift/Black Hole Technology

    Here's a little idea for the wizards at Frontier. Guardian FSD technology for CMDRs. What would it do? Perhaps it could jump further, at a cost of heat and power, or perhaps travel far more efficiently with less fuel, allowing for longer journeys before scooping fuel. Or perhaps it could be...
  37. CMDR ARGHouse

    Re-outfit stations with Emergency FSD drives

    So with the current Thargoid incursion into the bubble and whatever other armageddon FDev has planned for the future I have a proposal: Outfit stations with an Emergency FSD drive. I am aware that stations such as Orbis and Ocelus are deployed via an FSD at the back, then the FSD is replaced...
  38. M

    Frame Shift Drive: New vs Old Engineers

    Greetings CMDRs! So I’m 30,000 LY from home right now, a little over a quarter of the way into circumnavigating the Milky Way counter-clockwise. Point being, I’m too far to try out the new engineering since 3.0 dropped. I apologize if another forum addresses this but I couldn’t find anything...
  39. Gromit_


    I think that all FSD ranges should be doubled, reason is in most ships when armed jump range drops to 20ly, and if exploring in an ASP would be able to get 80ly. I spent 2 of my nights jumping to travel the 5000ly for engineer unlock, I work in the daytime, I would explore more if it wasn't so...
  40. J

    FSD: How Much Can I Upgrade It?

    I’m looking to get the most out of my FSD. What is the best way to do this? Is upgrading the FSD itself the only way?
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