fss deniers

  1. NeilF

    Any rumblings from FD about allowing the FSS to be used while moving?

    Even more so now with the Supercruise Assistant being added to the game, is there any rumblings from FD that you'll be able to "explore" a system (using the FSS) while making good/wise use of your valuable time supercruising to a destination in a system? eg: You arrive in a new system, use the...
  2. CMDR Karrde Sun

    Could Frontier please demonstrate how to use the FSS enjoyably?

    Here's a challenge. Find someone inside frontier, familiar with the fss, that goes home and plays elite in anticipation of using the fss to go exploring or find signal sources. Get them to come on stream, and use it over an extended period, sharing insights about what they're enjoying about the...
  3. CMDR Kantos Kan

    What about the new discovery system?

    I tried searching for an answer to this question but didn't find anything related, so here it is: I've been out on the Distant World 2 expedition. Didn't check much the forums lately. My question is about the discovery system since the new update with the DSS and the FSS. I used to have the...
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