1. Old Duck

    Well it works, but I don't like it...

    I tried the trick of unlocking framerate to speed up POI scans in the FSS, and it does speed it up. It's still a bit slow, but nowhere near as bad as when FPS is locked to monitor refresh. However, I really, strongly dislike the screen tearing and stuttering artifacts this creates. I'll take a...
  2. Goooost

    Integration of Orrery mode into FSS and color-coding.

    I honestly think that there should be a toggle for Orrery view inside the FSS. Currently Orrery is cool, but at the same time it's kind of useless, but in FSS it would make a TON of sense. When I cant find that one missing signal I might spend 10 or 15 minutes crawling through the skybox for it...
  3. D

    My personal problems with Elite Dangerous

    I played “Elite” for over 600 hours and I recognized some small "problems" or not completely covered things. They are small but still annoying. That is why I did make a list of these things. Together with some CMDRs: (I don’t hate the game or Frontier , I really like the game, but I just wanted...
  4. D

    My personal problems with Elite Dangerous

    I played “Elite” for over 600 hours and I recognized some small "problems" or not completely covered things. They are small but still annoying. That is why I did make a list of these things. Together with some CMDRs: (I don’t hate the game or Frontier , I really like the game, but I just wanted...
  5. arf1049

    I’m on the spectrum guys... full spectrum.

    So I haven’t played since... I dunno basically before they removed the ADS, a long time. I saw they made it part of the ship and I was pretty excited because it opened up space for more stuff... that’s where it started going very wrong. I have been on a tourist spot/exploration trip in my...
  6. Old Duck

    Remember HUD Mode On Exit From FSS

    Simple - If I activate the FSS while in Combat Mode, then I should still be in Combat Mode when I exit the FSS. These days I'm using the FSS for missions and mats while flying a combat ship, so I have zero need for Analysis Mode. Not only that, but Analysis Mode is a liability when I'm...
  7. Dr. Smith

    Confusion with Discovery and Full System Scanning

    When I frame-shift into a system, and do the Discovery Scanner, sometimes it displays "System Scan Complete". In this case, if I were to throttle down and activate the Full System Scan, it shows 100% complete, as expected. If the Discovery Scanner does NOT indicate "System Scan Complete", I...
  8. marx

    To Frontier: what are multicrew exploration rewards supposed to be?

    Ever since it was implemented in the first beta of Chapter Four, multi-crew exploration never rewarded the crew's effort with anything. No credits, no rank progression. (Also no tags, but that is probably for the best.) To make sure, neither after the session, nor when the host sells the data...
  9. S

    Issues with FSS

    Does anyone else have this issue when attempting to scan planets in FSS? it seems to happen to me every four systems or so as I zoom in to scan planets. It has happened no less than 6 times in the last 2 days. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. T

    FSS and finding missions.

    Unless I'm missing something, very possible, you now have to use the FSS to locate the bodies for land based missions? I like this idea, but it is a bit of a ball ache. Are there any tips for finding the mission locations faster? I'm not used to the scanner yet and I'm sure I'll get quicker...
  11. FalconFly

    What happened to the FSS ?

    After this new Patch, my FSS is acting up badly. instead of maintaining the exact zoomed vector after zooming In & back out from an FSS scan, it "auto-centers' on next nearest Parent/Higher Gravity Well (?) zooming in gives 1-2sec of severely discolored FSS display Working a Gas Giant and its...
  12. C

    Make Throttle Up Remove you from FSS!

    I think this would be a great addition for explorers.
  13. SenseiMatty

    Issue Tracker: FSS bug in VR not showing planets and moons orbit lines

    I've created an entry in the new Issue Tracker Form for the missing orbit lines in VR in the FSS interface. Please go and vote if you have the same issue: Issue Tracker Report I've already made a post and bug report in the last few weeks so if you missed it, this is all about: FSS no VR (orbit...
  14. Camisade

    Secret FSS Frequency Decoding

    I'm a huge admirer of much of the FDev Elite Dangerous game design. In many ways, I think they don't get anywhere enough credit. I'm hoping the FSS is as thoughtfully designed as a few of the other UI's in the game. Has any of you brainiacs decoded the pattern of frequency spikes near the low...

    Remove grid overlay on planets when not using DSS

    While the grid overlay is super useful and makes sense while you are mapping with the discovery scanner, it makes very little sense afterwards to have the big blue overlay on afterwards. It might be nice in the niche case that you want to map a lot of bodies right next to eachother and don't...
  16. Cyclinguy

    Geological POI scanning in the FSS is too slow!

    Am I the only one who finds the time taken by the POI scanner to be way over the top when there are Geological POI present? Firstly, I do really like the FSS scanner. I must have used it hundreds of times since release, especially as I'm currently out in the black with the DW2 expedition. I...
  17. Gregg Rulz ok


    Why did the ADS have to go for the FSS to come here? Could we keep them both and avoid all this controversy? What balance or gameplay reason justifies this decision?
  18. B

    "Speak to me" heard Through FSS?

    https://soundcloud.com/user-438479622-967913457/speaktomegeo/s-oEFZH#t=0:04 Has anyone else heard this through the FSS when looking at geological locations on planets? We were just curious to see if this is a new thing or not. I did enhance the audio a bit so you can hear the voice clearly.
  19. R

    Simple FSS QOL Suggestion: Allow exit direct to System Map

    The "Open System Map" mode switch control does not seem to work while in FSS mode. One must exit FSS, then open System map to look around after resolving bodies. Simply enabling the mode switch out of FSS would be very helpful, please.
  20. C

    System Scanning

    I'm currently sitting in system NGC 3532 sector ZU-Y D 13 used the discovery sensor upon entering the system, all normal. Opened FSS and was told there were 8 bodies in said system, again normal. I proceeded to discover the bodies up through 6 with the star being the 7th, again all normal. It...

    Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed.. Adaptive zoom failed..

    One annoying issue i have with the FSS is how really sensitive the targets are, for both planet selection and tuning. Note, i'm not referring to the actual action of moving the dials over the signal, it's just that the actual "hitbox" for these are smaller than the signals themselves. I use a...
  22. Toasty

    FSS and distance to target

    2 requests. 1st one. perhaps this has been suggested before, if so my apologies. i'd like to see a distance to target measurement from within the FSS. So, when you zoom in on say a signal source that it displays somewhere within that screen how many LS from your current position it is (seeing...

    Improving the FSS: More nuanced signals!

    So, i have already read & made many posts about how the new FSS makes it much slower to get quick and honestly, quite important information, so that an explorer can judge if a system is truly notable and worth visiting. However, while a loud minority HAVE complained, there hasn't been that many...

    System Scanner needs "Terraformable" notification!

    When scanning a system and deciding on what things are most worth mapping, credits-wise there is one extremely important thing, and that's if the planet is terraformable. This is a special modifier that applies to planets that are/can be put in earth-like conditions, and massively increases its...
  25. Riverside

    A More Advanced Discovery Scanner

    With the introduction of the new Full System Survey Scanner (FSS) in 3.3 surveying a system has become much quicker because it can now be done at a distance. This is a great feature that allows the player to decide whether to visit a distant planet based on the full information of what's on that...
  26. Camisade

    An Engineer Mod for the FSS

    Okay, Frontier -- we've had the new FSS in production for about three weeks now. ...it's time to begin talking about optional improvements players might choose to make. :-) What you gave us is a one-size-fits-all tool. That was fine for a starting point. But encouraging pilots to refine...
  27. Riverside

    Don't show blue blobs for USSs in the FSS Scanner Screen

    I'm using the FSS to DSS unexplored bodies I'd never previously bothered to travel to, it's a nice side-earner while travelling around the bubble. The USSs always seem to have a small dotted circle around them no matter what frequency I'm tuned into so I propose the blue 'gravity well' blob be...
  28. Wargrum

    [FSS] Please make the FSS screen a cockpit hud panel

    Firstly let me say I like most of the functionality of the FSS scanner. My only real problem with it is that it takes me from a vibrant, immersive 3d environment and drops me into an isolated, flat, artificial feeling, 2d environment. Its a complete departure from how the rest of the game is...
  29. Z

    FSS frame rate issues one Xbox One X

    Is anyone else experiencing choppy framerates when using FSS on the One X? Playing on a 4K TV.
  30. Old Duck

    Idea - Allow an NPC to turn the FSS into an ADS

    I've vocally supported the new exploration tools, but I've also strongly advocated for giving us NPC crewmates in a (near) future update. Having just scanned a system with 80 planets, even I thought, "Wow, that was tedious!" So here's my idea: Why not allow an NPC crewmate, one who sits on the...
  31. SaintedLegion

    Request: allow FSS Scanner use whilst charging FSD

    For me, the most frustrating part of the new exploration mechanics is that you can't use the FSS Scanner whilst charging your FSD for a hyperspace jump. This means that looking out for interesting bodies whilst on a long-distance honk-scoop-jump journey takes much longer than using the old...
  32. Sgt.Glory

    FSS: An Idea.

    Since the announcement of the new exploration mechanics I've been lurking in the background watching a lot of seasoned explorers fizzing about it. Both good and bad. On Reddit, on the forums, on various Discord servers. A significant number of explorers with a particular interest in...
  33. Arch3rAc3

    Make the planetary Surface Locations scan during FSS more interactive, similar to the Wave Scanner.

    Hello. One thing that is bothering me quite a bit after exploring for some hours is the Locations Scan on the top right of the screen when you are scanning a planet in FSS. I just dislike the way that after a scan of an airless body with volcanism active the system can not only tell me exactly...
  34. Alicina

    Horizons Can you be attacked in FSS mode?

    Still choosing my HOTAS bindings. I'd like to know if my ship can be attacked while I'm in FSS mode. Do I have to setup a mode switch to combat that can be instantly activated?
  35. Lucius-Darcia

    The new FSS reminds me of....

    ....this dude! Someone else here thinking the same? :D
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