1. starman

    Video gaming in main stream media report

    "Grown men shouldn’t be wasting their lives playing video games" Any comments on this Article in DT?
  2. V

    Game idea: Planet Destination

    Think Cities: Skylines, but with a few differences. While you'd be able to create a city (and even a region of other cities), it also specializes in creating different places, such as amusement/theme parks, water parks, national parks, regular parks (like Central Park), fairgrounds, museums...
  3. yoav_r

    Let's play: design a scenery item for an animal

    How it works: 1. You say you want to participate, and choose a difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) 2. I give you an animal, which may or may not be in the game, and you design a concept for up to 3 items 3. If you can draw the concept in paint it would be great. The potential items: 1...
  4. yoav_r

    Let's play: Realistic Vs. Exotic

    Often the fanbase argues over realistic (common in zoos) choices vs. exotic choices in the roster, for animals which fill similar niches. Here is a list of realistic vs. exotic, bold the one's you'd choose (I include animals already in the game choose as if you could retroactively make...
  5. yoav_r

    Let's play: Design a mini-pack for a country

    I thought this could be a fun exercise while also helping research less discussed areas and fauna of the world. The game: You reply in this thread that you want to participate I give you a random country to design a pack for You reply with your designed pack The rules: You must design a pack...
  6. Han Zulu

    Game Discussions Osiris: New Dawn

    A while back, I heard about Osiris New Dawn and it looked like an interesting game. It's a sci-fi game where the story is that you've crash landed on an alien planet and you have to survive all the dangers. When I first looked at it, I thought that was it, not much more than an alien planet and...
  7. K

    Where is my game ???

    Hi, I bought the game Elite Dangerous on Instant-Gaming, I downloaded it (20 Gb), but I cannot play with it because when I launch it from Steam, an Elite Dangerous window opens and ask me to login or register. I create a new account on the Frontier Store website, and when I launch the game with...
  8. starman

    Game Discussions Elite Rare

    This is supposed to be rare so I thought I would share..
  9. starman

    Game Discussions Gamers insulted live om GMB

    The tv media seem to hold gamers in disregards Well in this Case COD player So 'Parents' don't or never have played 'Video games' eh?
  10. starman

    Your first console?

    What was your first console/computer?
  11. starman

    Calling all commanders the Elite olympics are here

    The National museum of computing Lets see if this event makes the national news! e Games Monday, 15th February 2021 - Chuckie Egg (highest score)...
  12. starman

    Frontier missed opportunity

    Frontier have really missed the chance to corner the Festival Tycoon market
  13. starman

    Space game retro tastic

    Does any one remember playing this or what is going on? Captain blood Atari ST
  14. starman

    Free Galactic civ iii

    Has anyone tried the free galactic civ iii on Epic? The dlc s are paid which pushes up the price.alot is it any good?
  15. starman

    Game Discussions Elite solo...

    Some wanted Elite solo
  16. starman

    Game Discussions the force is strong

    Take a break from your free Elite D and JWE Starwars Battleground 2 is free to play on Epic! The system crahsed due to popularity.
  17. starman

    Game crashing what to do

    I am experiencing periodic game crash Jurrasic Park so loosing progress. It sometimes happens while saving. What to do? Save regurly and accept it? Not sure if a fix is incoming. Im just starting out and dont want to loose enthusiasm because of this. The game is supposed to work on even a laptop...
  18. starman

    A glimpse of the future Epic shows Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5 REAL-TIME DEMO OFFERS A GLIMPSE AT NEXT-GENERATION ENGINE FEATURES; RELEASE SET FOR 2021 Nice tech demo will it translate into real games. We still want gameplay though..
  19. starman

    Game Discussions What was old is new again..

    Anyone played this game? Do you like prefer these style of graphics compared to pure 3d?
  20. starman

    Game Discussions Game discount

    Downloaded the free version of JWE from epic It actual runs on my laptop on low settings. If I buy all the dlc it will cost more than the current steam sale should I get the steam sale . And the other steam I used to like playing Transport tycoon and similar game but they take up soo much...
  21. starman

    Elite + 'park managment'=?

    Would you want to run your own space station?
  22. starman

    Frontier freemium games?

    I just downloaded the JE Epic free t try it out. Should there be a freemium option to encourage people to try out the games and upgrade latter? They have to compete against high quality fre games like the valve games and fortnite.Destiny 2 is 'free' they make money on skins and upgrades
  23. starman

    When Free is expensive

    DESTINY 2 is 'free' on steam for base game and the dlc is £50! Is it ok for this pricing structure Should elite offer a free base game with paid expansions?
  24. Jezzah

    Game Discussions Immortals Fenyx Rising

    Quick one: Mods if theres already a thread on this please merge. I'm no search fu expert but I cant see one. Anyways... Got this based on a few recommendations from round the bazaars and I'm glad I did. This is a great game. Perfect for those feeling a bit down about Cyberpunk. You play as a...
  25. starman

    Mixing IP

    Can we get a Jurrasic Coaster in Planet Coster?
  26. starman

    Dealng with very hard game design

    Any one tried Serious Sam4 unless you have you won appreciate the issue. Being stuck on levels due to creatures overload . Even with cheats you cant progress on lowest level what to do. Since the the game has an appeal. What to do?
  27. starman

    Can someone explain... Video game discovery

    I am hearing about this game just as it aroused that the multiplayer is closing done because not enough people heard about it.
  28. starman

    interesting game discoveries. This fits the genre of some of the games played by member of this forum Rebellion are a Uk based developer. They have branched out into other media such as film and own rights for 2000ad
  29. starman

    Can it run crisis?

    This isnt a joke anymore
  30. starman

    Race to the bottom

    While everyone likes to talk about their highest specked Pc to run the latest title. When it comes to laptops you don't have the luxury to just upgrade the graphics cards. So finding ways to improve performance from the fixed hardware brings its own satisfaction. I wanted a light weight laptop...
  31. starman

    Games that never were

    So the legends was true.. Interesting lessons..
  32. starman

    Elite classic port continues

    I assuming everyone heard about the Latest Elite port
  33. starman

    When game play was king You needed a lot of imagination back in the day
  34. starman

    Elite legacy

    Frontier are missing a trick Im not promoting just for info These 8bit games have become highly collectable especially if they came with extras
  35. starman

    Return of star wars game

    Star Wars The old republic is now free to play sort of. Will it attract new players or encourage veteran players to return?
  36. starman

    Homage or ip violation Has any one seen Star traders? Is this an homage?
  37. starman

    Too good to be true?

    Will it be a Watch or a dog?
  38. starman

    so cute

    This is the type of game that appeals to this group
  39. starman

    The Universe of space games

    Anyone tried prosperous universe?
  40. starman

    Space Legs Planetary landing circa 1983

    The unofficial Elite Space legs planetary landing dic 1983 DLC autor Chris roberts
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