1. starman

    Too good to be true?

    Will it be a Watch or a dog?
  2. starman

    so cute

    This is the type of game that appeals to this group
  3. starman

    The Universe of space games

    Anyone tried prosperous universe?
  4. starman

    Space Legs Planetary landing circa 1983

    The unofficial Elite Space legs planetary landing dic 1983 DLC autor Chris roberts
  5. S

    future DLC to include new mechanics

    I don't know what the future holds for Planet Zoos DLC, if it stays as it is or they will offer both small and larger ($$) DLC in the future, but I personally think it would be great to have a larger DLC that's a bit more expensive that offers a new mechanic for the game as well as some animals...
  6. Y

    I am worried about the game's lifespan

    With the new pack, we apoarently covered South America. If 4 animsl packs continue to be the trend, we would've the world "covered" in a short while, with only ~100 animals at the end of it. The focus on scenery pieces really makes it feel like a theme park game instead of a zoo. I am excited...
  7. deMangler

    Prosperous Universe Game (MMO)

    Recently discovered a new game. In Alpha. A kind of trading/running a corp in space game. They seem to be completely against PTW and there is a free to play Alpha access thingy. I am liking it so far. Nothing came up when I searched these forums so I thought I would provide... Linkage...
  8. StuartGT

    Half Life Alyx: new official VR title in the series

    Source: Source: Source:
  9. starman

    Arma 3 gets space legs ..

    Arma 3 a realistic sim based army simulator gets aliens it latest dlc..
  10. starman

    Gaming champion

    Fortnite champion. We need an Ed\ competition US teenager wins $3m as Fortnite world champion
  11. lysan

    ArmA 3 takes a sci-fi turn

    So Arma is a military sim, and in a military sim you do military stuff, like shooting stuff up and other fun stuff! but now... Arma 3 Contact begins with the discovery of an unknown object beneath the surface of the fictional Eastern European nation of Livonia, which precipitates the arrival of...
  12. starman

    Will this be good?

    Was wondering what those guys were doing wandering about town.
  13. starman

    Anyone played this?

    I believe this is a relevant genre to this fourm Ok so no then.
  14. starman

    The last game?

    What is it? Prize for guessing.
  15. G

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 going free

    Due to a lack of single player game, this months Humble Bundle headline game is of no use to me. Anyone wants a copy drop me a PM (You'll need a account to redeem) Cheers
  16. Goose4291

    Naval Action gets full release

    I know a few people who post here are old hands with regards to naval action (Elite/EvE with wooden ships) so thought I'd just post up that the game is finally being classed as out of development by the end of June, with a full wipe. Anyone thinking of returning to the Caribbean...
  17. G

    Absolver going free

    Have a key going spare from this months Humble Bundle for Absolver, a game I have zero interest in. If anyone wants it then drop me a PM and I'll send you a link for it.
  18. M

    Death IRL, or, does dead commanders get flown into a star?

    Hi. Quite new(ish) to the game, but really love the whole package. There was a good eyeopener in the news in Norway lately, about this disabled guy who did all the things he could not do IRL in game (WoW). Then he died! His family knew he was a gamer, but had no idea about how many friends he...
  19. Shinji Ikari


    Why did the ADS have to go for the FSS to come here? Could we keep them both and avoid all this controversy? What balance or gameplay reason justifies this decision?
  20. Pausanias


    I think it would be a good idea to have the Missions subdivided into categories. So, say you wanted DELIVERY missions you'd go to the Mission Menu and a submenu would be DELIVERIES, choosing that would then list just delivery missions to choose from, and so on with Massacre Missions, Sourcing...
  21. V

    End Game Players Need Some Material

    As much as I am enjoying the new exploration, mining changes, and the Krait Phantom its time end game players get some material. Either we need new advanced large ships (looking at the King and Admiral rank) or we need real player expansions into the galaxy. I mean the ability to build...
  22. E

    My personal Future Ideas for Elite Dangerous

    Greetings to all of you commanders and developers This text was originally written in GERMAN and translated into English with the help of Google Translate. Do not transfer it to me if there are some logic errors or spelling mistakes when translating. I have thought a lot about the game and...
  23. Incandescence

    C&P Refinement suggestion.

    Strap in guys, its a bit of a long post! As we all know the new C&P is...well honestly a bit of a mess. The previous system didn't stop grief, but also didnt do much in terms of adding to it, beside the occasional friendly fire, and needing to warp in and out of the system. Now we've got a...
  24. 27δ(duuude)

    PSA: Current C&P does not discourage PVP; It only prevents strike missions on controlling factions.

    PSA: Current C&P does not discourage PVP; It only prevents strike missions on controlling factions. Current C&P mechanics cause any strike missions with Authority vessels nearby to be treated as equal to or greater than player ships. Killing authority ships results in an increase of notoriety...
  25. E

    Some Ideas for Elite Dangerous

    Tutorials Hello FD Team and hello Community i am now playing this Game for a long Time and i need to say its a good Game with some weak points i ll tell now. One thing i need to say first my english is not the best cause i come from germany so dont look to directly thx. One of the problems are...
  26. E

    Enchance the xbox one version of elite dangerous

    So i play it a lot and i can tell you from the differences from pc and xbox one versions. The System/Galaxy map opening needs way to long 8-10 seconds everytime and on the Pc 2 seconds...So you know what to do fd team... Make the game a bit faster for the xbox thx. New content 3.2 maybe good but...
  27. R

    ranks for alliance

    There are three major players in the game. Is it not therefore biased against the alliance when they are the only major faction that does not gain ranks when completing missions. Ranks clould be based on clerical/administrator titles. This is important as, clearly the alliance is the...
  28. W

    Solo Play interactions with other players

    Hi! I have three questions relating this topic: 1. In Solo Play, do other ships represent real players or they are AIs? 2. Am I destroyable in Solo Play Mode if I slow down in space somewhere in a star system and quit from the game application? How does other players see and interact with my...
  29. T


    Right so here im gonna outline why asking for sace legs is ultimatley a pointless excersize. Space legs would require some technical hurdles that I can't see realistically solved anytime soon,inluding a new game engine bolted into the pre existing one, a whole new physics model and new control...
  30. T

    A Rant on Post patch instability.

    This is getting beyond the point of now. Wanted ships putting fat bounties on my head, NPC's that are so retarded you can trick them into suicide, a ist of BUGS so damn long it would fill a cathedral, terrible multiplayer connection and utterly inane content. The saving grace of this Beyond...
  31. Reneta Scian

    More Wing Mission Nerfs - AKA We work hard for our money

    The fact is, FDev has a history of failing to properly balance and incentivize both solo and especially multiplayer activities, and we have all seen this happen time and time again. Something pays too high to the wrong rank of player, and instead of redesign the mechanics of credit payouts to...
  32. D0lphin

    Quality of Life: When Themes and Mechanics Collide

    JWE has clearly had a lot of love poured into it to make it operate the way it does. The attention to detail is impressive in every respect. Jurassic Park was the reason I started drawing, and later started modeling in 3D. It's my favourite film, and in a roundabout way, it got me into the games...
  33. J

    Hear me out...

    When will we see thargoids pop in and out of instances like in Haz Rez while bounty hunting or mining? Picture it.....going about your business when all of a sudden the area is given a "unknown slip space signature" warning. Scouts start pouring in attacking anything within the vicinity NPC...
  34. Camisade

    Silly GalNet Article "Aegis Responds to Concern over Thargoid Incursions"

    So the GalNet Article today seemed to be yet another attempt to "further" the sadly underbaked Thargoid-invasion bolt-on narrative. If somehow you missed it, you can read it here. In the article, one anxious Councillor, Rasmus Tseng, does some dramatic hand wringing, finishing his quote with...
  35. V

    Thoughts on incorporating player based business’ in the game? Ie: space fedex

    So, I had an idea that I think would be awesome addition to the game as well as increase the immersion too. How would you feel about allowing players to have their own business in the game like space fedex. The concept would allow a player the option to either use in game service to transfer...
  36. Kleckerklotz

    Concept proposal - COLONIZATION - Community created outposts

    This idea has a complexity which could be part of a new DLC. It would require quite a lot of assets and balancing. But I feel confident it has a huge potential to create more identification and emersion for players with the world they act in. Here's the idea (note: every letter in quotation...
  37. Alphacenturion


    I've seen many posts hoping for what was known in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (JPOG) as Site-B. For those who don't know what this is its meant to be JPOG's version of the Site-B in the Jurassic park films. In other words you can create an island and watch your dinosaurs roam free and...
  38. I

    Linking XBOX One Profile to Frontier Account (Existing or New that is the question!)

    Hello CMDRs I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. I have for my sins just bought the game again! for the XBox One, I am now presented with an option with no real explanation as to what each option will give me. Before playing the game I have to link my XBox One Profile...
  39. Y

    You can add some interesting achievements to the game.

    For example: Achievement: Kissing the Earth The way to get it: 200 Hit the ground Achievement: a spaceship collector The way to get it: a total of 10 different ships.
  40. Serenity03

    Help!! game wont load

    I just installed ED on a second Xbox under my account. Game loads up to the login page, says it is updating content in-game and then kicks me back to the start page. Here is a video. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?
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