Exobiology: If I Was The Creative Director

    I'm going to try to keep this positive, which, honestly, is tough for me. It's long, so thank you for anyone that manages to read this and reply with more ideas or feedback! :) Now, I understand that there's many factors involved in making a game and a lot of behind the scenes work that we'll...
  2. S

    Supercruise Assist

    I'm pretty sure someone already brought this one up. but just to make another post. Please have all ship built in with it. this is very helpful or add more tier 1 optional module.
  3. Alex Korr V

    CMDRs as citizen police

    Posting an idea from another thread as a suggestion. If 'Report crimes against you' is enabled and ship attacked by a player, let all other players with no notoriety located in the same system (if any) receive a distress beacon location and distress message, including name of the hostile ship...
  4. D

    Locking tools to specific suits doesent make alot of sense

    Why is certain tools locked to specific suits? Howcome I cannot pickup/use a Arc Cutter in my flightsuit or dominator suit? This effectively locks me out of doing alot of the currently available gameplay content in Odyssey. You are able to aquire all suits and choose which loadout you prefer...
  5. Iridium Nova

    Battlefield Inventory Management

    People who want to play without a ship have a bit of a problem when it comes to how to change loadouts. I propose having the ability to deploy a supply drone. It flies in, sits in a location until it is recalled or destroyed, and lets players manage inventory and change loadouts. However...
  6. C

    Glad this is in Alpha

    I think this expansion has a lot of potential to add some great gameplay. Right now I don't much like having to wait 8 to 10 minutes to then just die somewhat quickly then do it again. It is not broken I am able to complete missions and take part in combat key thing is to get the laser rifle and...
  7. lonely muskdeer

    My ideas for more realistic and interesting gameplay!

    Would you like to see these features in game? - in some species breeding two albinos will cause dangerous defects in offspring - (rarely) mothers or baby animals will die while birth - animals that are new in zoo will be much more shy and will hide until they will feel comfortable in new home...
  8. Jeminyne

    Best ideas to improve management and gameplay

    This follows my same thought process from this thread here. Basically a continuation! Like before, I totally invite other people to add their own ideas. Tour guides. I see this brought up a lot as a new staff type, and it's a great idea. It could even make for very engaging gameplay, by...
  9. Jeminyne

    Best ideas to improve animal/guest behavior, realism, and player immersion

    I've been seeing a lot of great suggestions on these forums on how to improve these assets. I decided to make a "mega-thread" where people can suggest improvements that they think are the most feasible, and/or would be the best to prioritize for improving the immersion. Sometimes a little goes a...
  10. J

    UI and Gameplay thoughts

    First Id like to say this is my favorite game. It got me through some tough times in my life. With that said I'd like to post some thoughts I've had and seen others have as well. In the future here's hoping these get addressed at some point. I believe a lot of immersion can be enhanced by...
  11. H

    Measurements and Where to Find Them

    Does anyone know where the measurements are stored in the game files? I would like to change kilometres over to miles and such. Since there is no in-game option to do so, I am planning on seeing if I can just do it by editing the files directly.
  12. Raischenzo

    Jeeps don't dart and Heli doesn't medicate

    Im on PS4 and my game had crashed on me. It tried to tell me that my data was corrupted but it's said that before and when I hit cancel I still had all my saves and progress. This time when it said my Data was corrupted I once again ignored it and went into my sandbox. Only to find out that my...
  13. E

    Some feedback and suggestions after getting back in the game.

    I played the game extensively when it was first released, putting more than a hundred hours in it around November/the Christmas period. I loved the game back then, but it was flawed. Playing franchise, the pacing/game speed started becoming really troublesome, especially as the parks got bigger...
  14. cantseemeh

    'match enemy speed' button made to toggle on/off

    Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum so bear with me. Wouldn't it be helpful if the ability/key to match enemy speed when dogfighting was not by holding the button? Wouldn't it be better if we cud toggle it on or off?? I think having the option to choose between press n hold and...
  15. Daniel Klimchuk

    Escape Pod Ejection

    Greetings Commanders! Currently, if your ship is destroyed, you get ejected in an escape pod into outer space - but instantly get respawned at a station or detention centre. I think that it would be more realistic and immersive if you got ejected and had to stay in your pod until someone...
  16. R

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Prey escaping from Predators (simple RNG)

    So, here's an idea Add a very simple binary RNG or something to the hunt mechanic. If A = true = Prey dies if B = true = prey escapes I know this would mean going back and adding an animation to all animals, and adding in a whole new system to the game, but I deliberately tried to keep it as...
  17. E

    I think I've discovered (in my case at least) one of the causes of corrupted saves.

    I had another case of a corrupted save, or an infinite loading save, recently. This is the second time it has happened to me, and it's very frustrating to say the least. But I think I may have found a cause, or at least something that's related to a cause. In both cases when loading the last...
  18. S

    Serious issues that keep me from playing

    I found 2 major problems within the game, I wonder if its because I have a lower specs PC. I'm attaching a txt file with my pc specs description, hope it helps somehow. Problem 1: I should be able to reduce only the number of visual represented guests in game, whithout losing the actual...
  19. I

    DLC, Gameplay and Animals

    Heyho, i love playing the game but there are many gameplay-mechanics and animals that I miss badly! Animals: There are very less animals that need water. I don't mean fishes. But there should more animals tet like swimming a bit like otter, racoon, platypus, capybara, or some turtles that...
  20. Wolfundfox

    American Desert Themed DLC

    Hello, first off I would like to say congrats on the launch! This game has been so much of a hit in our household that I had to buy an extra HDMI cable to hook my computer up to the TV so we could all play on the big screen! Now I did not know if this post belonged in animal wishlist or...
  21. xesta

    Bug/Gameplay Issues List

    I've been compiling these as I go along like I did during the beta, so it's time to mass dump it here. I'll edit it as it goes and add/remove as necessary this feedback is entirely based off gameplay in franchise mode. I have not tried other modes much ISSUES: an inbreeding mechanic, but...
  22. E

    Wolves live in packs, not couples

    So this is something that has been really bugging me about the game. I've been having a lot of fun with it until I adopted my first wolves. A couple of them, because that was all I could afford at the time. I built them a huge exhibit in anticipation of the pack growing and everything was great...
  23. Y

    They fixed the gameplay pace/time issue!

    I've just seen this in the beta bug report list site: I haven't seen them addressing the issue directly even once, and now they apparently fixed this, and no one seems to be talking about it. I guess I make this thread as an appreciation...
  24. Y

    Customizeable time passage

    Time in the beta moved way too fast for me, and i'd really like the ability to choose how fast time passes ingame. For example, i'd really like for the ability to make it so 1 hour = 1 year, or any other configuration. This way I could get muc hmore attached to the animals, and the time...
  25. Balwick

    My wishlist (because why not, eh?)

    Gameplay Additions Enclosures; My number one hope here is a the ability to build Enclosures at some point. Enclosures would be defined from Habitats by their fully enclosed nature, and Exhibits by being built with the tools familiar to us from Habitat building and the Construction tab. The...
  26. G

    Possibility of Rewarding Missions (Indirectly) with ARX

    I was spending a couple of hours running Source and Delivery missions for BGS maintenance purposes, where as I logged out into the main menu to look at my updated ARX balance. Over those coupe of hours, I have earned a total of 2 ARX under the category "Exploration". The amount seemed low and in...
  27. perafilozof

    While we wait, let's play a pickup game in our Zoo

    To pass the time until beta, and to keep our gameplay mechanics knowledge sharp(I hope you read all the dev blogs), let's play a pickup game of Planet Zoo, forum style. Here is how it works: I will, as the OP start, by defining the starting Zoo conditions, backstory, characters, animals...
  28. C

    Game headlines - ancient modules

    Does anybody knows how the game naturally leads to any specific mission, for example, the guardian modules and etc? I mean, currently it's just a matter of googling it and you will find a fast path for everything to not waste time doing this or that, but playing for many hours on PC and now on...
  29. M

    General Gameplay Polish language

    Dear Frontier devs, u'll even add Polish language ? or it is in the plans anytime ? i would like to have answer from devs, not moderators.
  30. Q

    QoL request: Sandbox available on every Island.

    This is something that pops up more and more as a request over in the Discord and Reddit. It would be nice especially now, having all thoose terrain tools and the scenery items to be able to play in a Sandbox mode on Every Island in the Game. It would add alot of replayability aswell as Variety...
  31. Udju

    Prehistoric Plants to feed Herbivores

    Hey :) The following idea came to my mind: It would be nice to have prehistoric plants in JWE. We could also research on them, get fossiles and extract DNA and then grow the plants in special facilities. The plants can then be planted in the enclosures to feed the herbivores. Expeditions to...
  32. Xera_Perri

    Gameplay & Immersion: Changes / Improvements

    (Over the course of my playing, i’ve documented areas in which the game could be greatly improved upon without needing massive or game changing overhauls to existing systems in place. These are 13 different changes or implementations that could be made to drastically set Elite: Dangerous apart...
  33. J

    Trading between players

    I propose to add to the game the possibility of trade between players. Below is a description of how this might look. So, now in the game we have some "goods" that are impossible to buy. First of all, I mean all things for ship engineering. Mechanical scrap, hybrid capacitors, phase alloys...
  34. N

    Community Event / Creation In case you haven't heard, Elite Dangerous has a University now, and I'm the bumbling professor!!

    The Elite: Dangerous University, brought to you by @NovaKaneGaming. This project is expected to last until the end of the year, giving new and veteran pilots alike advice on ​advanced maneuvering, starship analysis, combat tactics, planetary assault and much, much more. 18 classes. 4...
  35. SurrenderOrHAHA

    When did FD giuve up on general game balancing

    Ok, first of all, I play ED very irregularly these days. I was very active here during the beta etc.. In game I have 5 weeks game time and during this time ive done the initial trade grinding then exploration, then various missions... etc.. Never played Wings because Its an effort to coordinate...
  36. T

    The realistic approach to BGS.

    So the BGS.. The bane of many Cmdr's existence. {DISCAIMER}: This is an open only advocating post, for the reasons contained within. (I feel the need to point out these home truths as noone on the other postings will even reply to my comments.) BGS is both a PvE and PVP activity, in such that...
  37. B

    Software licenses for things like docking computer, kill warrant scanner, advanced scanner.

    We would purchase them via a monthly credit payment or for a percentage of our profits. Maybe kind of like a difficulty setting on some racing games, where you can turn off traction assist to earn more credits, but this time, these difficulty settings are software that interfaces with our ships...
  38. BRUNN

    Frontier's target audience (for Elite)

    Based on the company's actions, I defined Frontier's target audience (for Elite): - Played the 1984 Elite, Elite II or Elite 3. - 40 years + - Want a difficult game to learn (lots of hidden information) - But easy to play (no challenges) - Retired (or almost) is a joke [noob] Who isn't the...
  39. Yamiks

    [video] 2000 hours of Elite Dangerous Do feel free to share your experiences in your 2000, 1000, 500 or maybe even first 100h!
  40. W

    Grinding isn't the player's fault

    I've noticed that when players talk about the game getting boring, they usually get accused for 'grinding' the game. I myself haven't made any threads or comments about Elite Dangerous getting boring, but I disagree that the player should be blamed for grinding the game. And to state my view...
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