1. PiLhEaD

    You know that lockdown has got to you when...

    ...find yourself parallel parking your 'liberated' SUV with a mounted .50 cal. in Far Cry 5. And then getting out to check. o_O No realy, I need help. Or more beer. Or (probably) both. So, to help salve my worries, do share, what 'odd' behaviours have you been manifesting? As an aside...
  2. starman

    The Frontier effect

    Has anyone experienced 'dreams' based on ELite or Jurassic or other frontier games? Used to play Ed then got JE and and dreams involved that the game was 'real' and so were the sims..
  3. PiLhEaD

    What are your best & worst game/film-film/game crossover?

    I'm tempted to say Silent Hill as I thought the film was pretty good, but will settle on Resident Evil. Milla Jovovich was great and the first two (maybe three) films were pretty good-to-okay, and RE 4 on the Wii was excellent. Worth noting a RE reboot film seems to be on the cards. The...
  4. starman

    Learning to building games My former university . I suggested this over dinner and it was dismissed but look now. This is pure gameplay before commercial considerations are factored in of course.
  5. Fisherman1

    Fisherman's Spooky Games and Snack Stands!

    Spooky Games and Snack Stands from Kaleidoscope Piers' Halloween Haunt event, Kaleidoscope FEARS! Games: Snack stands:
  6. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Everything is Free on Epic store!

    Ok, that's an epic clickbait title, the game, "Everything" is free on Epic, as well as Metro 2033 Redux. Epic Games Freebies! Enjoy!
  7. askavir

    Games on Sale

    Found a nice game with a heavy discount on any digital store (steam, gog, etc)? Post it here so all who are interested can know about it.
  8. m0rl0ck

    The problem is video games

    Source: Proud to be a human being living in the bottom half of north america.
  9. Zetta

    Study finds that 74% have been harrassed in online muliplayer games.

    According to a recent study by civil rights group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 74% of people who play online multiplayer games have experienced some form of harassment, with 65% experiencing “severe” harassment, which may include physical threats or stalking. And that’s only the start of...
  10. bdeheus78

    Roller Coasters "White Knuckle" - B&M Inverted Coaster

    Besides the "WOTWS" themepark I have created some coaster designs that not will be used in the themepark I'm currently showing in the Park showcase topic. Nevertheless I don't want to keep them only for myself. Here for example my 6th coaster design is a B&M Inverted Coaster named "White...
  11. Phantom Orion

    New VR Helmet, Idea in the works

    Delete, thoughts in progress. I saw comments, felt this would occur. I am currently working on such solutions and suggestions
  12. Brad Avidro

    Atmospheric planets

    I don't know what is planned for planets with atmosphere in the future, but from my point of view it gives Frontier the chance to bring in some more funds. Planets with atmosphere but not populated could be similar to the existing planets without atmosphere, especially where the atmosphere is...
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