1. norlin

    Move wanted gankers bounties to a more visible place?

    Right now, in the local news, we can see some gankers rewards. But I bet very few commanders ever seeing the whole section because there were nothing significant in ages. My suggestion is to move the top wanted list to the separate Missions section, something similar to CG section. Those 300...
  2. C

    Reward Gankers for Kills

    Like it or not ganking is a legitimate playstyle. Think reavers from Firefly. Or, in-universe, they are known as raiders. Those who kill with no defined purpose other than to cause death. My suggestion is fairly straightforward. Give gankers a reward system that encourages them to kill, but to...
  3. H

    PvP Triple challenge

  4. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    A simple solution to pvp in open

    Hello space faring lads and ladies! during a slow work day i managed to understand the deep psyche of the human kind, and figured out a perfect solution to the ongoing genocide that takes place in the universe. i had to apply anti ganker encryption though, to keep it effiecienet for longer, so...
  5. SergMx

    CG and PVP gank (3-vs-1master)

    Yesterday I started flying on missions in CG and ran into the wing of gankers;) Source:
  6. Old Duck

    Make supercruise like the oceans during WWII

    So here's my line of thinking this morning that lead me to the simple suggestion to follow. I'm running cargo for the CG in a T9. I think to myself, "Why do gankers need to destroy my ship, why not just ask me to drop my cargo like NPCs do and let me continue?" But then I continue this line of...
  7. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Multicrew PvP.

    Distant Ganks 2. Swizzy's Multicrew Edition Source:
  8. Z

    Powerplay open sucks

    I was ganked in open after months of play. Apparently some people believe that flying a heavily armed combat ship in a contested system while being pledged is enough of an excuse. I'm sick of being someone else "emergent content". I'm going to report them to Fdev.... real soon now. Have a great...
  9. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Greenpeace Gank [DG2]

    CMDR Swizzy o7o7 saves the day, by halting an eco terrorist from exploiting preserved planetary rings (as proclaimed by Overlord, Zarek Null.) Z0,Z0.
  10. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP 'Mid-Air' Rescue! (DG2)

    I encounter a distress wing invite from a Fleetcomm CMDR, to discover; to my horror, that he was helpless, in freefall. I decide to heroically save him, and ship him back to the comfort of the station. Z0.
  11. Swizzy o7o7

    New Codex Statistic for Exploration!

    Hi, there. My name is Swizzy o7o7, and I've killed over 100 people in DG2 already! Judging by an average exploration mission, from my current range at a rough 6,000 LY, which is an estimated total of around 100,000,000 credits lost per person, I can rightfully say I've harvested around 10...
  12. R

    Anyone playing PvP from about 24:00 GMT on?

    Hello CMDRS, How is everyone. I am looking for comrades and enemies alike. I play these hours often but either dont instance with players or am in a bad spot. Will Travel. Will Fight. Will learn. Am part of a group who is chaotic good, so i dont gank or grief, but if you need an ally to fight...
  13. Swizzy o7o7

    Material Grind Solution!!! Player's Drop Engineering Materials!

    With the recent 'Distant Ganks 2' expedition; a lot of CMDR's have been dying. >2,000 CMDR's dead, which is one for each of the "defense force conda's" that don't exist. I have the solution to the engineering material grind! Let us reap materials from player ships, just as we would for...
  14. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Distant Worlds 2 Article (Alpha Orbital News) Z0.
  15. Swizzy o7o7

    Modes Block CMDR's with 'SYSTEM' chat.

    If you're a ganker, make sure to block lawful CMDR's using the system chat. That way they won't be able to instance with you, and won't be able to even try oppose you in Open mode. You can keep on ganking with no 'threat', it's incredible! Fly safe-space, CMDR's, Z0.
  16. Riverside

    Reducing the Combat vs Non-Combat Optimal Build Gap

    One of the issues regularly seen is that of the ganked ship being destroyed in seconds, another is that PvP battles take too long. Both of these common complaints boil down to optimised combat builds being so tough that it's affecting how enjoyable combat can be. Now with the ganked ship that...
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