1. H

    Dinosaurs Genes Should Add Character

    So far we have color schemes in genes. However, i feel that genes should add characteristics like corvus gene should add feathers, lizard should add bright colored highlights, shark could make them more muted and require more water often. Etc... I would like the genes to reflect in the dinosaur...
  2. Spooli

    Dwarf T.Rex gene modification

    A lot of people have been asking for movie related stuff in the game and I think I've came up with an idea that allow players to incooperate one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic media without actually making direct reference to it (even though the T.Rex from JP3 wasn't exactly a unique character...
  3. N

    Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

    I posted this over on the JWE subreddit, and people said I should cross-post it here too. So, here we go. Whooooboy. Prepare for a long read. Devs at Frontier, this one's for you guys. As we all know, the community isn't particularly satisfied with the sizing of some of the dinosaurs in game...
  4. A

    Your Thoughts on Gene Traits & Genome Level

    What’s going on guys? I have been binge watch a ton of let’s plays and am pretty impressed so far. One question that comes to mind that I have not heard a lot of people talk about is the benefits of adjusting the Dino’s Gene Traits and getting a Dino’s Genome to 100%. I know that the Dino’s...
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