1. Jezzah

    Do you mirror yourself in games

    I thought a little about this earlier. If I'm playing a game where I have a choice in what I play and how it normally goes like this. Male - mirrored Looks - generally mirrored Gameplay - I'll virtually always choose a stealth based approach in anything I play. This doesn't mirror me at...
  2. X

    CRISIS! In a park full of Dino's... where's the action?

    I wanted to post this as I feel like this game has so so so much potential, but seeing the content of the latest patch I feel like the ongoing development of this game isn't heading in the right direction. I understand that fleshing out the number of dinosaurs and allowing the players to engage...
  3. Captain Fuzzyback

    [Lore] General Questions

    So I've been writing a short story during my free time about elite dangerous and I have many questions regarding the universe. Is it normal to run into a natural earth born person? How do commanders get their first Ship? What is life on a ship Like? Do they have food and water and latrines...
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