1. A

    General Gameplay create islands to your liking

    In this part I know that there are limitations for ps4 and xbox (I do not know what those limitations are), but it could be easier if we could create totally flat islands of land and that you would add an option to put or place mountains, raise the terrains more and etc ... I think it would be...
  2. P

    Destryoing a Genarator

    Hey, I just accepted a misson with the misson goal to destroy a genarator in a system. So I flew to this system and just noticed that the Ground station where I have to destroy this genarator not appears on the system map. I have checked that I am in the right system and if this station really...
  3. tommyfenyx

    Worlds generated - Outerra

    Features Gallery
  4. E

    Shield generator mod advice needed.

    So I'm on a mission to make and engineer the greatest python Ps4 has ever seen. It's gonna be a heavy multipurpose ship that is good at pretty much everything. I've got an amazing FSD, powerplant, distributor etc... But i have no idea what mod to use for the shield generator. i generally run on...
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