1. Jubei Himura

    You want to talk MINING?! Focused Feedback for Mining is up!!!

    Please go to Read the proposed changed and POST YOUR IDEAS THERE!!!!
  2. ChuckMG

    Possible solution in support of ObsidianAnt's video "Why Elite Needs a Gold Rush"

    ObsidianAnt made some good points in his video on the need for a "gold rush" mechanic in Elite. I know this (and just about any proposed change) is like touching the 3rd rail in the subway, but here goes: Rather than creating some new "weekend play...
  3. C64Fan

    Ships Great mining vessel.

    I have just build the “Golden Eye” mining vessel: Yes, my cmdr is so posh that even his miner has to be golden [hehe]. I build my T10 so that it can easily become a battleship by swapping some of the optional modules. The armament: 2 L Burst turrets on top - 1 Focused and 1 Overcharged, 2 L...
  4. Chris K177

    Controversial topic: Mission Payout Nerfs

    I understand that this is a difficult topic to breach in a constructive fashion and that by bringing up the subject I'm immediately opening a can of worms, but this is becoming a real issue for many players and will need to be properly addressed sooner or later. I respect that everyone has their...
  5. News Skimmer Massacre Mission - Temporary Removal

    Hello Commanders, As you are likely aware, an issue was recently discovered which allowed players to earn 200/300 million credits per hour by completing Skimmer Massacre Missions. We have removed this mission type while we investigate, and we will update this post as an edit once we have more...
  6. AGR-13

    Golden skins for Golden missions! Go 4 Gold!

    Hi devs & store team Regarding the suggestion of the legendary Frontier support I'm writing you here in the official forums about my issue. My inquiry is quite simple. I bougth a lot of skins because I'm one of these crazy people who love not only the game but also loves customizing it and...
  7. A

    Mining Suggestion: Have rare procedurally generated high value resources

    With the new QOL improvements for mining, and the play style Frontier want to promote with mining of a "Gold Rush" I think a good way of accomplishing that is by having mined procedurally generated resources that would be of extremely high value. We've seen before where certain systems have...
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