1. D

    Everyone's becoming a Pirate or Miner - Fdev something for the Lawful Combat Pilot?

    With the introduction of Squadrons, we now have a clan/guild system where many Squadrons have some form of ethos that their community follows. Some Squadrons are Exploration based, some Xeno Hunters, some Traders, some Miners, some are Pirates, and some are Lawful combat pilots (protectors), and...
  2. Xaintly

    Gold Rushes/Short-term Events

    There's a brief flurry of activity whenever players discover some way to make large amounts of money for little effort, then it dies down when the method gets nerfed. What if there was a built-in (but more controlled) version of this where you could make/save more money than normal? Events...
  3. Jubei Himura

    You want to talk MINING?! Focused Feedback for Mining is up!!!

    Please go to Read the proposed changed and POST YOUR IDEAS THERE!!!!
  4. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  5. ChuckMG

    Possible solution in support of ObsidianAnt's video "Why Elite Needs a Gold Rush"

    ObsidianAnt made some good points in his video on the need for a "gold rush" mechanic in Elite. I know this (and just about any proposed change) is like touching the 3rd rail in the subway, but here goes: Rather than creating some new "weekend play...
  6. I

    We ALL should protest against FDev while stop playing Elite dangerous!!!

    I have enough of this nerf meta from FDev.. really, I'm just tired about this. AND I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE, NOW!!! The only answer to all "unplanned" things can't be to just put out the nerf hammer. We need real solutions! Listen, ALL ways...
  7. Yamiks

    [Video] Money making META in 3.0 - Skimmer missions 200-300 mil/h (The Voly-boom run) Ladies and gentlemen, I present "The Voly-boom run" -----------NERFED------------ Step1: go to 31 Beta Leonis minoris -> seddon rech Step2: get a CHEAP ship , non large ship and equip it with DUMBFIRE missiles and a shield! Step3: move to Volynov colony station...
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