1. E

    Newcomer / Intro Iam backer but been out of the game for almost two years... (back because of the odyssey effect)

    Question: I dont remember if the engineer upgrade task on a FSD drive is addtive. If I first do the grade 1 and then I do a grade 2, is the changes from grade 2 added on grade 1 effects? Or is the grade 1 removed and grade 2 added to FSD clean slate? Tried to google it but cant find any...
  2. M

    Ships Cannot Buy Grade 2 'Burst Laser - Efficient' Despite Meeting Requirements

    Hi Guys, Been trying to get back into ED now my new Rift S allows me to get over to the desk without having to rerun sensors. Did some core mining and now looking at engineering. I had access to the Dweller already and last week applied 'BURST LASER - EFFICIENT (GRADE 1)' to my x4 large...
  3. E

    I am losing my mind read my text for info

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FD TEAM?? So listen now please. I have testet now long enough your new System with the High Grade Emission and i need to say did you think we havent anything else to do in our live??? I am sorry for this here but i need 3 Hours of searching to find 1 f. High...
  4. D

    High Grade USS nerf?

    I understand that in this patch an exploit was fixed where by players could log off and on and repeatedly respawn High Grades until it's instance closed... OK np However, after spending an entire morning to afternoon jumping from system to system, scanning Nav Beacons and finding hardly any...
  5. C

    Engineers 3.1 High grade emissions

    o7 all, is anyone having having trouble finding HGE's at all? Been whizzing around the sweet spot in a few systems for well over an hour and yet to find a single one :(
  6. n13L5

    has anyone tested in beta if an old G4 mod is convertible to a new G4 mod?

    We know G3 mods are NOT convertible as shown by beta players on YouTube. And we know converting G5 mods steal away one grade, dropping you to G4. I haven't seen anyone talk about G4 mods and what happens to them? After all, there are mods that top out at grade 4 - they simply don't have a...
  7. n13L5

    Why are we being robbed of grade 5 in the engineering conversion for no reason?

    I realize all 'legacy' grade 5 engineering mods are different. But its Frontier's responsibility to convert their customer's stuff without stealing the fruits of their annoyingly intractable and extremely time consuming grind. You shouldn't ever need 27 spreadsheets and 5 online tools to play...
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