1. amoebae

    Option to turn off the lens glare

    I've tried every graphics option but nothing I've found turns off the lens glare/flare when you look into the sun. It can look nice sometimes, but most of the time it's obnoxious. It also doesn't scale well with resolution, and loses its softness the higher you go, making HQ screenshots (I use...
  2. Old Duck

    This game is freaking amazing!

    On PC. Yesterday I took my SRV and drove around a simple planetary outpost. I turned off the HUD, used "cruise control" to set my speed to approximately 40 mph, and then I just calmly drove around using headlook to take in all the sights. The detail, the sense of scale, the hubbub of ships...
  3. Old Duck

    Graphics Nerf in Red Dead Redemption 2

    I just learned about the graphics nerf in RDR2 that was introduced in an early update. I bought the game on disc, and I thought I saw a drop in quality after the update, but I wasn't totally sure until someone validated this observation. I've also noticed other glitchy things since the update...
  4. Tazpoken

    Using ReShade 4 + qUINT Shaders

    I came to know ReShade and qUINT Shaders from CMDR Flyinspaghetti in another thread related to tweaking in-game graphics. I looked around and found no thread about qUINT shaders so I thought I'd open one. For those of you who do not know what ReShade is, here is an explanation taken from their...
  5. Old Duck

    Lagrange Clouds on PS4

    Have any of you been to a Lagrange cloud yet? I visited my first one over the weekend, which was by all indications undiscovered, and it was surprisingly "meh". No colors, no lightning, no boiling clouds, just a boring grey fog. The things inside it were cool, however. So I'm wondering if these...
  6. Kushiel's Dart

    VR - is there a difference?

    I'm wondering how much difference I'd notice by upgrading my gear. I'm using an i-7-7700 280Ghz with 4 cores, 16GB's of RAM and a 1050 (yes a 1050, not a 1050ti) graphics card. The game's installed on an SSD drive. I'm using a Windows Mixed Reality Headset (Dell). This on a laptop which will not...
  7. W

    Fixing rotation on VFX sprites to help VR immersion

    Any chance you could add orientating rotation to world space for your VFX sprites as well as aligning to the viewer? It’s a real immersion breaker in VR to have the fog outside rotate with your ship. Is it a massive FPS hit?
  8. B

    How well will this graphic card perform with the game?

    I've been thinking about getting a graphics card before I purchase the game, and was wondering if this was a good pick: Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 GAMING OC 4G REv2.0 (GV-RX560GAMING OC-4GD REV2.0) -or- Gigabyte GV-RX560OC-4GD REV2.0 Radeon RX 560 OC...
  9. F

    Best Graphics settings guide?

    Just curious... is there a really detailed guide out in the ether that goes through exactly what each graphics setting does, what performance impact it has, and specifically what spec will benefit that setting (ie it uses more VRAM, or gpu, or ram, or cpu). I’m specifically thinking for VR...
  10. C

    Newcomer / Intro Hi all, got graphics problems

    Hi all, A big hello from me and to all you commanders out there. Having just joined i hate myself for starting on a sour note, because ED is such a great game, so to the gripe ... anyone know how to fix the faces of the holo me and npc faces as they have all dark smudges on them. Tried re...
  11. Dr Raincloud

    System map/trade data sent to dedicated monitors

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered before. As a suggestion - would it be possible (in future) to send maps/trade data etc. to separate screens? As a user of Sonar DAW (for my musical efforts) I'm able to "undock" parts of the program and dedicate the information to separate screens. This...
  12. Jon93

    Galaxy Backdrop Visual Update

    I would like the galaxy backdrop to look more true to reality (in the sense of how our telescopes view them). The top image below was taken above the plane of the galaxy (with XML-tweaks to render more stars and nebulae—still fairly close to default settings). The below image is the same as the...
  13. GravitusMaximus

    New Hardware Build - VR Setting Recommendations Please

    First of all... Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all! The family CFO (read as: wife) approved and surprised me with a great upgrade from my old AMD FX8320 system. So here's what I have to work with under the hood right now: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Gigabyte AB350-Gaming-CF Motherboard 16GB...
  14. H

    Is this really what Sol is supposed to look like?

    I finally managed to get my Sol pass... and of course one of the first things I checked out was Earth. Well... at least I think it was Earth. The label said "Earth", but there's very little on the surface that I recognise. I managed to find Australia (in full sunlight, despite the fact that...
  15. J

    Worse graphics content - planets surfaces

    I would like to ask, why is the surface of planets worse then in 2016?! It looked amazing in 2016. In these days, every planet has almost same color, worse surface. Where is the reason to make visuals worse?! :(
  16. Arktac13

    Community Event / Creation 2D Galaxy Map (Version 1.6)

    Hello Commanders, have any of you wanted a faster and easier way to view the systems? With 2D Galaxy Map you no longer have to stop in place and find your location or route. Anyone can navigate the elite galaxy map through another screen or separate device such as a phone or tablet. I hope you...
  17. K

    Three things I miss from Beta 1

    Hi all, Beta 2 is unbelievably fun, there's no questioning that. However, there's three things I personally want back from the previous betas. All of them extremely petty, but they're things I's be sad to see go. 1: The zoom in upon first opening the galaxy map. I loved this, it was great for...
  18. Arktac13

    2D Galaxy Map (Latest Version)

    Hello Commanders, have any of you wanted a faster and easier way to view the systems? With 2D Galaxy Map you no longer have to stop in place and find your location or route. Anyone can navigate the elite galaxy map through another screen or separate device such as a phone or tablet. I hope you...
  19. T

    The system-map!

    Hello! Im completly new to this game wich i see have geat potential. Im also it seems a complete noob and/or idiot and a slow learner in this game, but thats oki. I have a question that i bet is awnsered somewhere but cant find it. Its about this system-map i have seen pictures from. Is it...
  20. kenwshmt

    Astronomy / Space A new approach to the system maps.

    'The Solar System Explorer game contains several mini-games. You can explore the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets by clicking on them. Then, for some of the objects with NASA missions, you can play a game.'
  21. Echo Seven

    Kickstarter - Physical rewards

    Physical Goods - Can I defer paying the extra $15 for now / Pay it later? Hi I am considering getting the kickstarter special. Physical goods are included, but there is no way I can justify spending another 15 - at least right now. Can I select "Do not ship physical goods" and then activate...
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