ground combat

  1. H

    I should be able to obliterate a settlement in my ship and I'm done playing this game until I can.

    Those little dudes running around, those little turrets and drones should be no match for a mass of armor and weapons, shouldn't be a match for a single s3 missile pod let alone a ship outfitted with -nothing- but dumbfire missiles. The only reason I bought Odyssey was to be a close air support...
  2. CC | Zefninja

    [INDEPENDENT] 1st Enclave Rangers now recruiting

    Type of Group : BGS & General Gameplay >>Discord Link<< With ED Odyssey's release, it has become clear of the importance of organized, focussed BGS ground forces to complement existing space forces. We offer the opportunity to existing BGS communities to make use of our community to further...
  3. Titler

    An NPC Bug Reveals Issues With Ground Combat

    So, thanks to a lovely bug today, where the AI spawned but were unable to move at all, I was able to work out some of the mechanics behind the ground Civil War / War combat zones; there's a number of very serious issues which will absolutely break PvP, and make it cheesable against the AI...
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