1. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay New Elite Dangerous Powerplay wiki

    A wiki is being built for Powerplay that endeavours to explain how this game mode of Elite Dangerous is played by the organised Powerplay Groups. It is primarily intended to be an information and lore source for what has been established and created since the feature was launched. You can visit...
  2. BryanChung

    Allow us to merge two (or more than two) groups into one group please!

    Allow us to merge two (or more than two) groups into one group please!
  3. B

    Is it just me, or does Group Mode not allow rotation of objects?

    Hey, As mentioned in the title - I was always a bit confused as to why I wouldn't be allowed to rotate objects once I assigned them to a certain group/grid. Is this intended to stop you from accidentally rotating your pieces? I find it's quite time-consuming to have to exit the group you're in...
  4. J

    English Telegram Group

    Hello. I created a Telegram group for chatting in English because there was no other. If you like to join please click the link:
  5. DappledShadow

    Introducing New Animals to Already Established Exhibits?

    As the title says, how will introducing a new animal to any already established exhibit work? What if I had wolf A, and then added wolf B into the exhibit? Wolf A realistically would fight wolf B because that is wolf A's territory. In zoo tycoon they would just get along fine. Watch any couple...
  6. Roope00

    More fire buttons

    I'm sure this has been brought up a LOT, and with good reason. It's been years since the game was released and we still only have two fire buttons. Let us have at least three fire buttons, FDev please. [cry] EDIT: What I personally had in mind with this feature was to be able to have an extra...
  7. D

    In what way is griefing a good thing to have in a game?

    It's something that has always perplexed me. I'm all for pvp with someone who's up for it but not ganking people who just want an open mmo experience without some idiot hell-bent on ruining the game for people. Ganking ruins ED in my opinion. You can't do CGs in open as you'll invariably qet...
  8. T

    New Group (almost)

    I set up a player group some time ago and we ran a minor faction (Democracy - Federation) but due to moving house and losing internet I had some time off. I returned recently to find that the people I used to fly with have all stopped playing since then so there is a PMF with no group. I have...
  9. EWanderer

    A few addition to private groups

    Just a few quick ideas to expand current Private groups. First off all the option to send a friend request to other group members in the submenue. Then give us the option to switch Auto-Join on and off the group leader. One of the PG Account I co-manage lost its tick and customer support wasn't...
  10. Syze00

    Can we please get a 3rd option in fire groups?

    My x52 HOTAS have more buttons than I know what to do with. I would love it if I could assign 3 different buttons/actions into one fire group instead of the two action cap. Lets say your mining; one fire group could hold the prospecting limpet, collector limpet, and the mining laser all in one...
  11. Sylveria

    Modes Mode Feature Exclusivity...AKA..."Render unto Caesar..."

    So..."Render unto Caesar..." Since Mode Feature Exclusivity is being justified by Sandro's statement of Player versus Player style in Open, the next best course of action would be then to remove all PvE activity from Open and make it available only to Private Groups and Solo as a result, as...
  12. [ERR]CrescentMage


    EXPOSE. RESIST. RISE. ERR is an anti-Aegis player faction, whose goal is to expose the corruption behind Aegis, and in the long term, dwindle their numbers, and possibly eradicate them as a whole. We intend to do this through relatively, and hopefully, peaceful means. But in the situation that...
  13. C

    Question about merging player minor factions

    My group would like to merge two player minor factions. There were two factions requested because of a miscommunication. Is it possible to have them merged?
  14. VoodooSonny

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
  15. C

    Player group decals

    Sooo... i've got involved with the player group called Wolves of Jonai (which is a very friendly and helpfull group) on yt? He xbox and i see almost everyone with their logo as a decal. They explained to me that it was an event reward, but it was long before i joined them. Cmdr Kosmos (one of...
  16. Cmdr Darla

    Seeking BGS oriented group with PP and casual time commitments

    I've been a player since the Standard Beta, have thousands of hours logged and two Elite ranks (though *not* Combat - I've mainly been an explorer). In spite of all this in-game time, I've never seriously engaged with the player base except in an incidental manner as I encounter people out in...
  17. Justinian Octavius

    BGS: Commanders should be able to found Minor Factions as a reward in game

    Commanders should be able to found their own Minor Faction in game imho. This could be either as a group via the forthcoming Squadron mechanics or individually as a reward for those with triple Elite or Double Elite with Admiral/King. Limiting each Squadron/Commander to one, making it an...
  18. D

    (XB1) Starting again and looking for mature, established player faction...

    I'll need to knock the rust off, I'm sure, but I played a while ago and just drifted away from it. Installing a 15G updates, and when that's done I'll be hopping back in. RP is ok, as long as it doesn't extend to voice chat. I'd love a serious, established community to invest in. Preferably...
  19. J

    BlackWater Empire Recruiting

    We are not elites or by any means the best, but we fight tooth and nail to get the job done. Combat, defense, escort or transport we do it all. You looking for a group of hardcore elites who fly by the book, well..... we ain't that, you looking for fun and adventure that's us. We wear shirts...
  20. S

    Elite / Frontier Missing persons ads

    Has anyone ever successfully answered a missing person bulletin board ad?
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