1. W


    Greetings! So since the devs have said that they won't do gradual growth due to to many animations having to be made. I was wondering that perhaps a compromise would tempt the devs a bit? So the idea is that instead of gradual growth they could introduce life-stages as following. Newborn, baby...
  2. GrimCamel

    Make juveniles grow realistically

    So Planet Zoo is all about education so I think its important to display animal growth in the juvenile stage in a more realistic way. Right now from all Ive seen your animal is non growing through its juvenile stage and it starts to visually grow once it reaches maturity. Thats right, a now born...
  3. Pixelated Sparkster

    Playing the main campaign mode in 2019.

    Hello Everyone! We just passed the first year anniversary of JWE, and with patch 1.8.3 out I went ahead and replayed the main campaign all over again since the game first came out. I will be writing down my experience here in the discussion so that the devs and community members could get an...
  4. Darius Ventarra

    BGS: System Growth & Development

    Hi all [smile] I'm new to the BGS & enjoying it, but I was curious about a couple of things. 1) Will my trading and presence w/in a system eventually help it grow? Ex: if I start working in a system of 1000 citizens, will it boom to 1200, up and up? 2) By contributing to a system that only...
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