1. F

    [PC] Spieler sucht Gilde/Clan

    Hallo Piloten, ich spiele Elite jetzt seit einer Woche und suche eine Gilde oder einen Clan. Wichtig wäre mir, dass sie/es aktive Spieler hat ( 5 oder mehr reicht schon ;). Außerdem sollte es einen TS3 Server oder eine andere kommunikationsmöglichkeiten geben. Nun zu mir : Ich fokusiere mich auf...
  2. gravityztr

    Record elite dangerous

    hi there, i've tried a few capture software now, but none were able to capture ED in fullscreen mode... which software are you using that works ? ^^ :)
  3. A

    Community Event / Creation [GER/DE] YouTube-Channel für Elite: Dangerous und andere Space-Games

    Schönen guten Tag! Für den deutschsprachigen Teil der Community betreibe ich auf YouTube unter "angryBOT" einen Channel, der sich hauptsächlich mit Space-Games befasst. Da Elite: Dangerous aktuell einer der wichtigsten Vertreter dieses Genres ist, habe ich vor ein paar Tagen auch das erste...
  4. Cmdr Fremen

    Pirates, unite! - Call to Arms

    Attention! For every pirate in the Elite: Dangerous Universe. We have decoded the following message. We are broadcasting it on every channel from now on. We have to stand for ourselves and take back what's ours! Pirates, unite! This is message is a response to...
  5. kenwshmt

    Astronomy / Space youtube to gif

    .moved .. as i dont see a 'delete' anywhere.
  6. Master Delgado

    Community Event / Creation "Elite: Not So Dangerous"

    A few days after buying the Beta, I've been flying around for a bit and made a short video to show you what a hot-shot pilot I am...
  7. K

    Community Event / Creation Elite Dangerous: This Space Beta

    Hey there! Here's my small contribution to the library of Elite fan creations. Now re-cut for clearer narration and further improved musical sync after some feedback. Elite Dangerous: This Space Beta Re-cut version, old URL removed. A somewhat...
  8. Kerrash

    Community Event / Creation Stellar Joy-riding

    I love using Flight Assist off in Super Cruise now... Just a quick little video of me power-sliding around a star, enjoy:
  9. O

    Alpha 4 features & things to see and do

    I've not really contributed to these forums (I really need to learn to forum), but I figured I should post my YouTube videos here, as I expect most people here are pumped for the game and enjoy watching gameplay as much as I do. I've got a few videos, but here are my recent ones: What's new in...
  10. Larash

    Relativistically Accurate Animation

    Watching the visual effects during frameshift, I startet thinking about how travelling at superluminous speeds would be. During my little reasearch I stumbled upon a video (link below), which I found pretty interesting. It's a NASA-made relativistically accurate animation of what travelling...
  11. Phaserlight

    Vendetta Online Newsletter

    Vendetta Online's most recent Newsletter has been delivered to an Inbox Near You. For those who have yet to check VO out, I highly recommend it. I've been a member of the community for nearly 11 years, and spent thousands of hours in the game. There is a New Player Guide on...
  12. yeehi

    Community Event / Creation Beautiful Video: Any Port in a Storm

    Neon Raven has uploaded a lovely video with music centred on a Coriolis Space Station. The timing and angles are most aesthetic.
  13. GMcA

    Community Event / Creation Silent Ramming

    When your pulse laser is rendered inoperable by enemy fire, you have no other choice than to use your ship as a weapon. Silent Ramming Thanks to Cmdr Avior, for a good fight. :) Cheers GMcA
  14. GMcA

    Community Event / Creation Streaming Alpha Gameplay

    On my Youtube channel: Stream Status: on! Please let me know if there are any issues!
  15. Maxim Jameson

    Retractable gear.. Landing on Asteroids with a surprise...

    You know there just had to be nice rock out there with a reasonably open spot for landing.. so lets go see how it's done.. voice of space traffic controller not included with game..
  16. S

    Elite / Frontier New EP: Frontier Fundamentals - Episode 6: Part 1 - Assassination Contracts

    New episode from JimPlaysGames:
  17. OneViGOR

    Community Event / Creation Speed Summary - Elite: Dangerous

    Some of you may already know I'm a YouTuber. If not, then have a quick look at my forum signature :p As (one of) the youngest forum members, it stands out to me that there is a serious lack of younger players, and this is something I set out to fix. I thought I could make a video to release to...
  18. R

    Alpha Release date speculation thread

    Do we have any idea yet when the private alpha test will commence (i.e. for those who pledged at a high enough level to take part?)
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