1. bluecrash

    Guardians Glossary, and Alien Invasion of Earth 1.a12 part ONE

    Click here, for official document location: Ancients Connection augmented Guardian Monolith Worker above :::GUARDIANS GLOSSARY, AND THEIR INVASION OF EARTH::: by Elder-Zero of OO12 READ FIRST If this joke makes no sense: Footloose is the favorite movie of the Singularity-Guardian...
  2. P


    I would like to make a suggestion, you could add even 1 earth-type planet with an oxygen / nitrogen atmosphere as a test, that when trying to enter, generates that fire effect, that difficulty to access, that has a blue sky, water, rain with wind strong, clouds, details, aside from that, hosting...
  3. denispage


    Nice job from Novelist Drew Wagar. Thanks. Source: My God... This game has so much potential. Wake up Frontier. Wake up...
  4. 4

    new ship

    a little bird told me that a new medium sized ship based on guardian tech and capable of lunching a fighter will be coming out around the same time odessey drops for consoles. major speculation about it over on steam... apparently remlok industries will be doing ships.
  5. G

    Thargoid Evidence In the Delphi System

    I was exploring around and came upon a distress signal which turned out to be a Farragut Battlegroup that has been decimated by Thargoids. They had that green stuff all over them. Thought I'd post this and let others know.
  6. S

    Do Plasmas Work on Guardian Pylons?

    Im thinking of taking a fighter with me to the guardian sites, I do not need to be told if this is good or bad, i would like to know if plasma cannons will work to overload the pylons.
  7. marx

    List of known Guardian / brain tree areas

    I made this for elsewhere, but since the question often comes up, here's a list of the Guardian / brain tree areas. If you find any, you can check if your system is a part of these: if not, then congratulations, you found a new one! So: Main Guardian area: 750 ly around Gamma Velorum - this is...
  8. Baklavah

    Should Guardian Modules be able to be engineered?

    I would say yes and no. After much discussion with a few of my dedicated friends, we figured that there should be an "alien tech engineer" who can modify Guardian tech gear/weapons. However, we also believe that there should be a limit. They should only be capable of being engineered to G3...
  9. A

    Destructable Panels at Guardian Sites

    I don't know if I'm missing something obvious, but I'm trying to gather resources at a Guardian site. I have done the blueprint fragment process, and now I'm trying to get additional materials from behind destructible panels... except I can't target them at all, it seems. I have approached every...
  10. The Broken Limpet

    TBLI Guardian runs!

    TBLI Guardian Tech Run; When – 23/07/2020 (This Thursday) 18:00 Game Time Estimated duration – 4h plus travel time Start/End point - Eta Apodis Goal of this expedition is to familiarise players with selected Guardian Sites and the process of unlocking an Ancient Relic. Plan is to hit at...
  11. S

    Newcomer / Intro Help me p[lay without "cheating"

    So I play ED a fair amount, and I'm trying to do so without "cheating" (e.g. without resorting to the various online utilities) I'm currently exploring Guardian sites - which I can do via the Galaxy Map filtering for Guardian locations. But I confess I had to google what I was supposed to do...
  12. Einar Donarsson

    Did anyone notice the little "movies" on the Guardian Beacons?

    Yet again i went out to my favourite, no longer existant (😭) race of people (or rather their ruins and beacons) and noticed something. On the Beacons you find some kind of Pictures running in an endless cycle. They change when you activate the Beacon. Knowing the Devs, they usually dont put...
  13. D

    My personal problems with Elite Dangerous

    I played “Elite” for over 600 hours and I recognized some small "problems" or not completely covered things. They are small but still annoying. That is why I did make a list of these things. Together with some CMDRs: (I don’t hate the game or Frontier , I really like the game, but I just wanted...
  14. D

    My personal problems with Elite Dangerous

    I played “Elite” for over 600 hours and I recognized some small "problems" or not completely covered things. They are small but still annoying. That is why I did make a list of these things. Together with some CMDRs: (I don’t hate the game or Frontier , I really like the game, but I just wanted...
  15. rekurzion

    Guardian Shield Reinforcements - Power Priority

    Has something changed recently with this and the Guardian Module Reinforcement where you can no longer change their power priority? I know I'm a little late to party on all of the guardian modules but is there a reason why the FSD Booster can be powered on/off and have a priority set but the...
  16. M

    AX and Guardian Weapon Changes. Gauss is popular mainly because it's all that works.

    Apologies, this might be a long one. Adv. Multicannons After a fight in an AX conflict zone to test out four of the new multicannons (2x overcharged, 2x sturdy mount - great against scouts, barely registered against an interceptor), and taking a caustic missile in the process, I did what any...
  17. Daniel Klimchuk

    Engineering or Guardian Technology?

    Greetings Commanders! I just fully A-rated my Conda and, as the title suggests, I am wondering what I should go into first - engineering or Guardian technology? I don't mind some grinding. Which should I do first? Which requires more time? Which is most effective? Sorry if this was posted...
  18. C

    Thargoid Cyclops solo in 4:34 min

    So I finally decided to try my hand at Thargoid combat. I've built the biggest tank I could, watched every tutorial video and went for it. After a while I realized I was killing Cyclops quickier than most videos. I was pretty proud of myself, so I tried to find which is the speedrun record for...
  19. Werewolf13

    Those GUYS HAD to be Geniuses...

    ... to be able to figure this kind'a stuff out. Now, I've been aware of Technology Brokers since the day of their creation when they all magically appeared (can you say witchspace and parallel universe in one breath). I even visited one on day 1 of their creation; a human tech one. After...
  20. P

    Just unlocked guardian fsd booster

    Just boarded my ship from synuefe NL-N C23-4 B 3 and I have everything I need for a guardian fsd booster. It was great. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the sentinenels weren’t that challenging. This was probably the second or third time I’ve ever driven an srv, the only time I’ve...
  21. P

    Guardian fsd booster

    Just got back from gnosis and upgraded from a DBX to an AspX and started engineering my fsd. I want to go get a guardian fsd booster but when it comes to all that stuff I’m lost. I have the wikia app for elite dangerous but that doesn’t tell me what materials I need or how to get them. So what...
  22. Yamiks

    [Video] Guardian ship launched fighter review

    Ship "review" HERE! So what do you guys think of these things?
  23. N

    Guardian data broker..

    Please, please, please....??? With a cherry on top! I've currently got about 150 "Alpha" data obolisk thingies, and 12 Epsilon. But I need what 26 * 3 for all the guardian fighter IIRC. It's taking ages to collect, so a guardian data broker would be lovely Cheers, NSR2
  24. Rick Bravo

    What is the REAL reason for Permit Lock Regions?

    We are told by Fdev, that these areas are reserved for future content, however in the history of the game, I am unaware of a single permit locked region becoming unlocked for any reason. Fdev delivered the all the Guardian and Thargoid content we have seen thus far into regions that were not...
  25. L

    SRV Updates and Guardian Tech

    Something I have enjoyed since I first picked up the game about a year ago, is driving around in the SRV. Just navigating the surface of a planet-or I'm the process of looking for something specific. Personally, I would like to see some customization to the SRV, these being small upgrades...
  26. T

    AX mega ships

    I'm sleep deprived and at work, so feel free to take what I say and change it. But, we all know the thargoids are moving into human territory pretty fast. They are less than 100 light years from sol. And unless the federal capital ships undergo a MAJOR refit, theres not much the federal navy is...
  27. P

    XG Project

    Idk about y’all, but I smell guardian hybrid ships. Don’t know the link to the galnet news website but I just read it in the galnet.
  28. TheOriginalB

    Walkthrough: Guardian Vessel Blueprints

    Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Module Blueprints here; Guardian Weapon blueprints here. Greetings, Commander! Let's talk about the Guardian Vessel Blueprints (now called Guardian Vessel Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the XG7 Trident, with its plasma repeaters, or...
  29. TheOriginalB

    Walkthrough: Guardian Weapon Blueprints

    Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Vessel (Fighter) Blueprints here; Guardian Module blueprints here. Greetings, Commander! Let's talk about the Guardian Weapon Blueprints (now called Guardian Weapon Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the guardian Gauss Cannon (small or...
  30. C

    Make AX Weapons Great Again (4 Quick and Easy Changes)

    One issue that has come up with the advent of Guardian weapons is that they easily outclass all human AX weapons, making these quite redundant. With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following 4 easy changes to make human AX weapons more viable as an alternative to Guardian weapons:-...
  31. shrav

    QoL for system status and mysterious things

    Just a small thing that could help explorers as well as make the Galaxy feel more alive to everyone. As you enter a human inhabited system COVAS will tell you what state the system is in (eg. Economic boom detected, civil war in progress). For mysterious things like thargoid sites, guardian...
  32. G

    So, Frontier, are you going to keep up with the alien/human equipment separation?

    I'm asking this because guardian tech is damn interesting and looks really fancy, but totally fails in any way against human ships. Let's take the gauss cannon for example: Judging by the lore about thargoid hull and how meta-alloys work, it's supposed to deal therman damage to it, because...
  33. F

    Quick-Guide to Guardian Fighters

    Here is my quick all in one Guide to Guardian-Fighters: Step 1: Take an Exploration Ship, put a Beam-Weapon on it. (Other Weapons might also work, personally I used my Ship-Launched-Fighter to charge) - I recommend you also put as many Point-Defense-Turrets on it as you can fit. Step 2: Fly to...
  34. Y

    Ruins puzzle not resetting

    So even with leaving, changing groups, etc, the pillars that you need to shoot no longer pop up. I was only able to "solve" it 4 times. Is this normal? Because the thought of going to a different site for 4 goes is....scary. On a side note, does each scan give a random blueprint?
  35. imaner76


    GUARDIAN SENTINEL WRECKAGE COMPONENTS They simply do not drop. It's a G1 material. [where is it] I'm wondering why this has not been amended. It's ruining the experience of trying to experiment with Guardian technology and move my game play toward the Thargoid story line. Surely this could get...
  36. Taluss

    Guardian Orbs. Do they Exist anymore?

    I thay done multiple thousand light year trips across multiple new sites. I have spent hours driving around and hours flying around (yes you can detect the guardian items flying low and slow in a fighter) and found any number of caskets, urns and relics but no orbs. I read in these forums that...
  37. Zoran Voloshin

    Thargoid and Guardian gamplay Short video highlighting my experience during Thargoid and Guardian gameplay.
  38. Yamiks

    [video] 2000 hours of Elite Dangerous Do feel free to share your experiences in your 2000, 1000, 500 or maybe even first 100h!
  39. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Super Corvette?

    I was trying some build with Guardian FSD Booster on Coriolis and realized that it makes a heavy combat Corvette with 26.21 LY jump range and 105.19 LY total range. Is it really possible? I mean, is it possible to remove vette's only drawback and make a dream ship with only one module? :O Build...
  40. stardestroyer

    Suggestion accepted for a build

    Here's a Guardian fitted Krait Mk. II. Thinking to hunt some bugs. No problem so far with scouts. Plasma are large but Coriolis still don't heve them in the list. Also power distributor is the hightest guardian one but do not save it.. Any suggestion or constructive criticism is welcome...
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