1. X8785

    This thread is for those with an exceptional view of Elite! Share something weird! Conjecture that breaks from the norm is encouraged!

    HI Cmdrs, This thread is for those who want to discuss the strange and wacky oddities of Elite! Please refrain from negative posting as we know conjecture is best! If you want to disprove or argue what's being said in here I just ask you to please consider the title of the post. Below are some...
  2. Fosdyke

    Saada's legacy a short story- The silent stones - Act I

    Time to embark ! And reach for the stars! Touching down! Starting to explore! Let's find something! Something detected? Oh boy!! Eileen's escape! All hell breaks loose! A worried father!
  3. Fosdyke

    Saada's legacy a short story in the Elite Dangerous Universe

    Hiya Commanders, let me introduce some materials about a short story coming in the Elite Dangerous Universe really soon. The story is based on fictional characters and in game ones. Hope you will enjoy that little teaser :) o7 Take care. Promotional poster Artworks Eileen Saada -...
  4. Wes_7569

    Guardian upgrades and ship

    enough of their technology is left behind, studied and adapted for humans to outfit it onto their ships and make attack fighters. I think more than enough time has passed for their technology to have engineers able to upgrade them and to make Guardian ships. At least medium siz
  5. deathmagnet

    Comet, Thargoid, Guardian or something else entirely? What did I witness?

    So. I was out doing Ram Tah missions and I thought I saw something. Played back what the sensors recorded and it definitely caught something. Not on radar but visually, something was there. Source:
  6. Daniel Klimchuk

    If Guardians were alive, would they be for or against humans?

    Greetings Commanders! ;) After going to one of the Guardian Structures for blueprints, a thought came into my mind: If Guardians were alive, would they be hostile towards us like Thargoids, or could we possibly become allies and fight the Thargoids together? What do you think?

    The Guardians Are Dumb And Probably Weren't Very Attractive

    What do we know about the Guardians? We know they built dumb structures covered in triangles. Who else does that? That's right - people who build playing card houses out of cards that have been cut in half. And that's stupid and crazy. There's more. Guardians are so dumb they picked a fight with...
  8. Daniel Klimchuk

    Engineering or Guardian Technology?

    Greetings Commanders! I just fully A-rated my Conda and, as the title suggests, I am wondering what I should go into first - engineering or Guardian technology? I don't mind some grinding. Which should I do first? Which requires more time? Which is most effective? Sorry if this was posted...
  9. Retropolitan

    Well, I'm pretty sure this one's new. Right?

    I haven't found any reference to a Guardian Structure in the many, many Wregoes. It's foggy. And spooky. Tell me it's mine.
  10. A

    Request for Thargoid/Guardian materials to be tradable at material traders.

    Since there’s currently very little use for these materials beyond unlocking tech broker modules and restocking specialty weapons, I think it would be very good to be able to exchange them for more useful materials. If possible (within the game’s programming, I mean), you could make exchanges...
  11. Yamiks

    [Video] 5 Guardian places to visit
  12. Roen Soul

    Request for Ram Tah to Visit Professor Palin

    Request To Professor Palin, Ram Tah, Liz Ryder Historical research of Thargoids and Guardians is pointing out the fact that there is plausible hybrid technology used in previous wars against alien species. The Black OP's and INRA were testing these hybrid systems in the Rift as a fact just to...
  13. J

    Quick question

    Hi folks Heading back to the bubble after a few months out and I have a question New Guardian structures for the ship blueprints. Is it possible to land a conda at them or should i hit the bubble and get my AspX before heading to them? I do know about the beacons and have a couple of...
  14. MasterHastur

    Anti-Xeno Technology

    Speaking on behalf of the Xeno Hunting community.... "Intial testing of the AX Weaponry yielded varied results against the Thargoids. Though successful, preliminary tests show that as they observed our combat eventually they would overcome the weapons. Further development is necessary for the...
  15. S

    Increase Range of Ancient Relic Receptacle

    PLEASE increase the acceptance range of the Ancient Relic receptacle. I don't fin it the least bit enjoyable to try and blindly bulls-eye the AR receptacle backwards at the guardian sites. I'm trying at one of the new guardian sites from a guardian pylon, and gave up after 30 minutes of trying...
  16. CMDRGURU951

    I found 12 Structures and 3 Beacons in 6 days and I want you to know how I did it. o7

    Good Luck Out There CMDR's. Safe Travels, Dangerous Roads.
  17. Yamiks

    [video] How to unlock Guardian SLFs, Weapons & Modules

  18. G

    Yet another Guardian Beacon

    Found it [money] IC 2391 sector MX-T b3-6
  19. Crimshadow

    Another Guardian Beacon

    Located at Synuefe QA-E B45-4 planet 3 Points to the Structure at Synuefe PF-E b45-5 B 2, Long: 3.35, Lat: 9.58 sorry for image size
  20. E

    [B]Nobody asked for it but we keep getting it.[/B]

    why is it that we keep getting more guardian/thargoids that nobody for the exception of a select few actually like; the whole personal narrative that they keep saying is just a pretty word for GRIND. i think that frontier made a poll asking the players what they would like to see in the...
  21. M

    Guardian Beacon Hunt

    Hi y'all. The EDA Kunti League, an Australian/ New Zealand based faction has organized a fleet to go looking for the new Beacons being added. We're starting Wed evening, Sydney time. If anyone else is out there, we'd like to coordinate. If you're interested in coming along, we have a Discord.
  22. U


    The Rangers The Rangers If you are looking for a player group to help or support we are an active group that joined ELITE DANGEROUS before the game was launched. The main voice server is...
  23. Zoran Voloshin

    Thargoid and Guardian gamplay Short video highlighting my experience during Thargoid and Guardian gameplay.
  24. Yamiks

    [video] Guardian VS Meta-alloy VS normal & engineered MODULES
  25. Babaa Yaga

    Do All Guardian Site Have Sentinels?

    I just finished my first visit to a Guardian site to farm materials for the FSD booster. My question is this, do all of the Guardian sites have sentinels or just a select few? Thanks for the assist commanders ...o7!!
  26. TheOriginalB

    Walkthrough: Guardian Module Blueprints

    Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Vessel (Fighter) Blueprints here; Guardian Weapon blueprints here. Greetings, Commander! Let's talk about the Guardian Module Blueprints (now called Guardian Module Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the Guardian FSD booster for...
  27. Crimson Echo

    A Beacon in the Night: Trying to send an SOS to the Guardian Exiles / Constructs

    We know Thargoid items can have a cause interference with station operations, and possibly drawing the attention of the Thargoids. Has anyone mass delivered Guardian items to a station? There is a station out in the Pencil Nebula, "New Growth" that is only a few jumps from guardian ruin /...
  28. Meneer_vandaal

    Landing beacons. Detail maps.

    Started the guardians debacle. I found some things missing. A. I suggest a rename for the species : "the towers of Hanoi people". B. The planets are too dark to see details and alas the IR/LightAmp functionality on my HUD has been out of fashion since 2143. C. Maybe guardians love driving around...
  29. griffrawk

    Help wanted for a fresh-off-the-farm Alt re. Guardians

    Here's an interesting dilemma. I have this, er, Alt.. right.., and he's fresh from shooting womp-rats on the farm. On his travels he comes across a 'Guardian Tech Broker' for the first time. He likes tech, what's not to like?, so he looks into it further. Hmmm what's a Guardian? What are all...
  30. Camisade

    Silly GalNet Article "Aegis Responds to Concern over Thargoid Incursions"

    So the GalNet Article today seemed to be yet another attempt to "further" the sadly underbaked Thargoid-invasion bolt-on narrative. If somehow you missed it, you can read it here. In the article, one anxious Councillor, Rasmus Tseng, does some dramatic hand wringing, finishing his quote with...
  31. C

    Nothing special found in the galactic core.

    As the title says it, but to be specific, it was told that the chances are high we could find a thargoid base, artifacts or anything related to the Thargoids if we explore the galactic core, since their homeworld is in the opposite area of the galaxy but closer to the core than we are. I've...
  32. G

    Engineers My concerns on splitting Human/Thargoid combat

    ... or why I think that we need engineerable and gimballed guardian weapons. As most people probably know thargoids are mostly immune to human non-AX weaponry, as in zero (or at least by far not enough) damage is caused to hull and thargoid hearts. The guardian weaponry however, the shard...
  33. Yamiks

    [video] Horizons "review"
  34. G

    My feedback on the guardian structures: the good, the bad and the insane

    So, after having done the guardian structures over and over, I think it's time for some feedback. Firstly: I think there's two layouts as of now, one for module BPs and one for weapon BPs, at least that's all the ones I came over. They were wonderfully intriguing to explore, the sound design...
  35. E

    Regor Sector Systems ... Guardian Related?

    I was randomly doing some research on the Unknown Permit locked systems, and read that every Regor Sector system is locked behind said permit... And that they were just a bit over 1000 Ly from the core worlds. This got me interested, so I pulled them up on the GalMap. And I realized that these...
  36. CMDRGURU951

    Community Event / Creation UNOFFICIAL EVENT- March 18th 3304- The Day Of The Guardian Bomb

    Where will you on that fateful day? Intel has shown that the Thargoids and their human allies have learned of this operation and are expected to do their best at stopping us. Security Forces to secure the perimeter are in high demand. Guardian Weapons and Large Ships with capable CMDR's are...
  37. H

    The Guardians Codex

    This was some interesting information about the guardians of things that happen in the past and their fate thanks to all those commanders who found the info and the Canonn research group. By the way *spoilers*
  38. G-Dubya

    Pictographic image of Thargoid found at Guardian Site ?

    Commanders. Further analyst of the data gathered at Guardian bunker site together with data gathered about Thargoid physical appearance seem to confirm that the pictogram shares a number of similarities with the descriptions of the Thargoids that are available from...
  39. G-Dubya

    Discovery at Guardian Site SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-10 A3 update

    Transmission Begins. It is important to recharge your batteries so you can tackle the problem from a different angle. After several days rest and contemplation about the problem that lied in front of me; being to get good data on the pictograms that are carved into the back wall of the bunker...
  40. G-Dubya


    Dear Fellow Explorers, I write to you in the comfort of my spacecraft that humbly sits at Guardian Site SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-10 A3. After many hours of going back and forth, covering a couple thousand light years trying ideas and so forth the answer was sitting right in front of me the whole time...
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