1. marx

    Marx's guides, research, data, and various other stuff

    I wanted to make a collection of the various threads I've made over time, with the guides, research, data, and so on, but it wouldn't fit in my forum signature, so I decided I'd make a thread summing them up instead. Here they are: Guides: Marx's guide to finding Earth-like worlds Marx's...
  2. F

    Guided tours for your friends

    I just had the most amazing idea that I would love to see in the game. For this to even be possible - first off, we need some guides in the game. Another employee you have in your zoo who takes guests for tours through the zoo and talks about the animals in the habitats. Now, if we could...
  3. SamBePunkt

    Zoo guides and/or commentated feedings

    Still wishing for commentated feedings or zoo guides like in my post here or in Mjmannella's post here. Bit sad that this feature which can be seen in the announcment trailer was not added into the game. This would be a more personal way to educated the zoo guests instead of just with...
  4. Mister Toad

    Challenge mode "how to" (jurassic difficulty) - Mr. Toad's Way

    Hi! So I find, that a lot of people on forums and FB still have problems with J. difficulty. To be honest, I have no idea why, I have beaten it three times already without a problem and I am up to next ones as fast as I find some more hours during my average day ;) If there is something like it...
  5. D

    Removed Content

    Removed Content
  6. D

    Removed Content

    Removed Content
  7. Choopsha

    Guide / Tutorial The Cmdrs Guide to the Galaxy

    « DON’T PANIC » The Cmdrs Guide to the Galaxy ⇧ CLICK HERE ⇧ « A New CMDRS Guide » Please Note these are the Basics and will be updated with current content and material as it is released and or submitted. A Cmdrs Guide; This guide is a basic resource to help ease the search for information...
  8. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Guide / Tutorial Danger Zone Reference Library

    The Danger Zone Galactic Archive Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous. For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there, and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder. The Archive consists of an A - Z library of...
  9. Kelanen Alcatraz

    Distant Worlds II - The Outfitting Guide

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Please contact Qohen Leth if you intend to use the DW2 logo for merchandising items; he will do his best to help you with the technical requirements. The DW2 logo...
  10. zombieapocalypse

    Newcomer / Intro Elite: Dangerous – a comprehensive beginner’s guide

    EDITED 1 June 2019 It has taken me a little while — with real life and all that shizzle getting in the way (plus a holiday in Sciliy) — but I’ve now finished updating my Elite: Dangerous — A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to incorporate the changes from the April 2019 game update. Behind the...
  11. IPFreely

    Newcomer / Intro Items to help Plebs

    :D These links may help new players in the quest of enjoying the game more. 1. - a listing of all things Elite and where to find them. 2. 3. 4. change your...
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