1. td3000

    Walk in Habitats - Closing / Opening

    It’s be nice if we could have an open/closed option for walk in habitats. It’d be nice to give the animals a break sometimes - particularly the shy ones. But also if I wanna change the layout of the paths within the habitat, there’s no realistic way in which we can clear the existing paths by...
  2. Kitherit

    Add Alert for Empty Habitat/Exhibit

    So as my zoo is growing, I've found myself wishing that I could get a notification if a habitat or exhibit becomes empty after the death of an animal. I tend to be very active about staying on top of population control when it comes to baby animals becoming adults, and moving them around as...
  3. MermaidKris

    Suggestions after 100 hours

    So I gave the game some time and there are a few suggestions I have. Disclaimer!! If there is something I am complaining about and you know how to do it, solve it or I am just clueless it is doable, let me know, please. UPDATED Animal list back to point zero - In market or zoo animals overview...
  4. A

    Problem with Zookeeper

    Hey guys, i have built my new peacock habitat. assigned three keepers in a work area and for some reasons one or two are not going into the peacocks. they're only going up and down at the path in front of the dor to the peacocks. Hope u have an idea for me ^~^
  5. C

    Stairs pain

    Dear Developers, please change stairs system, please make it NOT possible to stop on the stairs and look at the animals. It's really killing the whole mode.. You trying to make it nice and comfortable for them... but they doing stupid things like that =| I don't feel like putting walls and...
  6. S

    red panda habitat

  7. Shyrahja

    Better way to tell the game where your habitat starts and stops (dangerous animal escaped issue)

    Heya! I recently tried to make a habitat for my hyenas which includes a large underground den. My habitat ontop is closed off, no way of escaping, however my den underground exceeds these habitat barriers ontop and the game as well as the animals think, there is an area to escape. I closed the...
  8. KITTracer

    Bengal Tiger's Modern House

    Hayo dear community!! Today I've finished my first 4k Planet Zoo blueprint! Hope you enjoy it! This is Bengal Tiger's Modern House: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1911114279 🐯 Have fun!
  9. B

    Habitat climbing space bug

    Hiya, Today I was super excited to start creating my orangutan habitat. The idea was a lot of climbing space and an extra ledge where they could hang out. Once it was finished, I moved them in - but the habitat has issues with reading the surfaces properly; one Orangutan's profile shows the...
  10. N

    Please add a 'Dummy Animal' for habitat building

    Hello - A) having a great time. B) i could be missing a easier way to do this... Biggest challenge/drag i'm running into is building these great habitats that look smooth and traverse-able - only to find my intended animal cant reach anywhere once it gets in. Also trying to dial in the...
  11. Woody2107

    Habitat blueprints

    Heyo, just wanted to say I have a lot of fun playing the game. But, I stumbled on a problem, I wanted to make a blueprint for a habitat. This worked fantastic and the terrain too! Great job on making that work. So I saved my habitat. Then I placed it down, but I noticed it was missing some...
  12. R

    Dino habitat(s) and size

    I really love the JP franchise starting with the books and I do work with parks and nature conservation and loved the design-ideas of the JPW park, as it constantly reminds me of the real thing. You did a great job on that. The movies are much to clean.^^ The only thing, what really bugs me is...
  13. D

    This post will SAVE JWE and INSTANTLY satisfy player needs!

    Forget the Aquatic and Aviary DLC ideas and all the things we know Frontier can't easily implement. Some of the ideas I have been saying since last year are now so close that Frontier only needs to implement them. Everyone wants customization, right? We know the summer DLC is going to provide...
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