1. T

    General Thoughts on SL craft and Multi-crew possibilities.

    I was talking with some friends, and we all had an agreement that multi-crew is basically not worth it which seems to be the consensus in the community. I had a long think, and while I am not super new, I am also not totally unversed in how Elite works so I had some thoughts that I would like...
  2. John Guevara

    more lower floors in stations

    if i click to Outfitting, my Ship goes down to lower floor, but why the station has only one lower floor, why not many? I want to see other ships downstairs as my ship is transferred to my hanger. there could be a mechanic, so that ships upside down are automatically transferred to the lower...
  3. Justinian Octavius

    Beyond Payable DLC suggestions

    Just some crazy, and perhaps not so crazy, ideas for what I would pay for in regard to the Beyond payable DLC. Handcrafted Story arcs Using the follow on mission system blaze your own trail in the Empire/Federation navy or as an independent Explorer (Q4?)/Pirate/Trader by completing a series of...
  4. T

    Adding depth through personalized "home/hangers"

    I do not think I have adequately captured my idea in the title so hopefully my fellow cmdrs will still read! So after playing the game now for about 7 months I really love it.. but as many of you know the game can sometimes feel like a mile wide and only an inch deep. I would like to...
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