1. SovereignWinter

    Hauler to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took a Hauler to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Haulers. Ship Type: Zorgon Peterson Hauler ID: DSV-66 Name: Pisces Build: https://s.orbis.zone/4trp From 2019.09.24 to 2019.10.19 I took a Hauler on a journey to...
  2. Yamiks

    [Video] Hauler "best build"

    (edit: nope - profanity)
  3. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  4. Serenity03

    Ships Ding! 100 Ships Built! Check Them out!

    I completed the build on my 100th and 101st ships yesterday. It wont be my last. Further expansion of my fleet is eminent! "Resistance is futile!" "It's getting a little crowded in my space". Sorry I like movies with ships in them. Check out my fleet! Let me know what you think...
  5. M

    Adder or Hauler for exploration, and your rec loadout?

    Hi Cmdrs! I've just upgraded and downgraded and regraded across a selection of ships while trying to find the right one for me. I'm stuck between the Hauler and the Adder now. I want a ship capable of exploration, while having a small amount of versatility to throw a bit of cargo on-board to...
  6. B

    Exerpt From an Interview with Zorgon Peterson [Comedy]

    ((This is intended for comedic value, not any serious attempt at lore. In... case that isn't obvious. XD )) Excerpt from an interview with Zorgon Peterson: GalNet: “So… You make three ship lines, is that right?” Zorgon Peterson Representative: *ahem* “Ah, yes, that’s right.” GalNet: “So why...
  7. Nagual

    Dev tracker.

    Hey everyone, Couldn't see this listed anywhere else and thought it could be useful to folks. A list of Frontier Devs (who have forums accounts) their listed positions and a link to search all their posts. It doesn't do anything you couldn't do yourself via the members list, but thought it may...
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