1. peterhudson

    QOL Suggestions for materials collection / grinding

    First off... credit to FDev for the change in the materials & data storage system in 3.0, having per-item storage caps and the ability to add materials to an ignore list are great features. However, I have a few suggestions on how this system could be made even better for the serious materials...
  2. O

    Ships My Corvette PVE build

    Picked up a Corvette last week and finally have it in the groove. 2 x Huge Overcharged Multicannons. One corrosive 1 x Large Beam- efficient level 5 2 x Medium beams- efficient level 5 2x Small Railguns- long range plasma slugs w/ 4KM range SLF bay with dual fighters (dangerous-deadly NPC crew)...
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