1. Old Duck

    Engineers Healing Lasers

    How do these work? Is the healing potential tied to the damage potential, or is it an entirely separate variable? Does it suffer "undamage" drop-off like DPS does? Does it stack with multiple lasers like DPS? Does size of the laser matter? Does fixed lasers heal more than turreted lasers? Tell me!
  2. Swizzy o7o7

    Quadruple Healing Beam Rate!

    Right now, healing beams are under-powered. We can see this, because even with a fully A-rated, engineered Cutter, you can still lose shield generation percentage, EVEN WHEN BEING HEALED. How absurd is that? I should be able to farm engineering materials, merits, credits, SLF pilot rank...
  3. Swizzy o7o7

    Engineers Important: Healing Beams Patch Upcoming Update?

    Just checking in with you, Sandro. I'm verifying the fact that FDEV are currently working on a solution for this blatant balance and mechanic exploit. You mentioned your team had plans to apply a fix to healing beams; (regeneration sequence, and concordant sequence), in order to balance it for...
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