1. C

    Game won't load from Oculus Home?

    Anyone else having problems with an Oculus Home installation since the 3.3.01 update today? OH autoupdated the version and since that the game won't at all. If I hit play in OH the game starts to load I get a non-Horizon's version of the launcher (even though I have Horizons) and a second...
  2. P

    Best home system

    I’ve heard of LHS 20 and diaguandri as being good home systems. What makes these good home systems and what other systems are good home systems?
  3. T

    Megaship or smaller that players can have.

    I think it would be awesome if players could attain a type of Megaship that a player could upgrade and add modules to which they could call a home base. Players could store their ships/cargo and modules and with the ability of long distance hyper jumps I think would be a killer feature to the...
  4. S

    Oculus Rift Users request

    Oculus is having a new home environment https://www.oculus.com/blog/welcome-home-introducing-new-features-coming-to-the-oculus-platform-on-rift/ And are inviting software developers to create some special environments for it. You do, have a good rift base. (This game is largely why I bought...
  5. dreampage

    My Proposal For a Base Building Gameplay Mechanic

    For a long time now I have been thinking about a base building mechanic to be implemented into Elite Dangerous. I think it would be an awesome end-game content for the game which would require a lot of time, effort and investment from players who are sometimes bored of what the game currently...
  6. vantablack

    Home system

    Just wondering what the current thinking is for the best place to be based in or around the bubble. I’ve been based so far in Ray Gateway, Diaguandri - mainly because of outfitting my various ships cheaper etc... with the advent of 3.0 I’m trying to work out the most logical place to be based...
  7. ebbrell

    when squadrons appear will be on the run from thargoids

    I've been thinking, if thargoids continue into bubble and start destroying stations all over the place. We may have to go on the run will the new squadron ships mean we have a mobile home. battlestar galactica style, we continue to run away from them while we seek a new home what do you...
  8. O

    Newcomer / Intro Home System - All You Wanted To Know or Say About Them

    Being new to the game I am still confused by the concept of a Home System. If everyone could write anything they can about home systems to help me understand this concept I would appreciate it. For example.. I flew all the way out to the latest CG to help deliver booze to the Dionysus...
  9. Greno Zee

    Retreating Home Faction.

    Hi all, the question is simple: is it possible to retreat a faction from their home system - assuming it is present in at least one other system. thanks in advance!
  10. danskmacabre

    The multi monitor thread... coz wider is better!

    ED Multi monitor support? Some games support multi monitors. For example having the main game screen on one monitor and say trade stuff, information and so on on another screen. Will Ed support this type of configuration?
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