1. Kaltern

    Can we have a poll on having to scan at all?

    As polls seems to be so successful, I'd like to see one on the need to scan at all. I propose we fly into a system, but during the witchspace jump, our scanner module is already scanning the system we're jumping to. When we enter the system, we'll see a popup showing all ELW's, and using...
  2. Frillop Freyraum

    ADS: New Idea for the Honk Sound and a Challenge for our amazing Sound Crew

    Imagine the giant Honk sound wouldn't be static anymore, but a composition synthesized by all objects of the current system! What does that mean? Mass e.g. could translate to frequency (higher mass -> deeper sound), density would be represented by various overtone spectra, numbers of objects by...
  3. W

    Two questions about exploring (new to exploring)

    My first question relates to this chart: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=117129&d=1490523708 In the chart above, what is the difference between "honk (red)" and "ads (yellow)". I thought honking was using the advanced discovery scanner than jumping away, what's the...
  4. ErikNM

    Your reasons for supporting your faction of choice

    I think it'd be interesting to hear about your reasons for supporting your faction of choice (or for going independent). I'm particularly interested in reasons based on faction ideology, politics, and history, as I'm still relatively new to the Elite setting and enjoy learning about the factions...
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