1. B

    ED Horizons - different bindings ?

    Hi all, Question? I have ED and am happy with my current bindings However when I launch ED Horizons - it has different bindings ? ? ? how can I make them both the same without remapping.
  2. C

    hosas adapter

    thinking of switching to hosas. Would like to use twist axis on L stick as throttle and saw in a thread somewhere an adapter to angle the stick over at about a 45deg angle so that the twist is nearer to a motorcycle throttle than straight vertical. Can't find it anywhere now that I'm looking...
  3. Valcain

    Logitech x52 Software Profile (disables clutch function to use pinky trigger and 'i' button)

    So, I figured this might be helpful for others when they get a new x52 HOTAS. Profile Here There's instructions there on how to download and use them in the software. Haven't tested with old software, just the new driver software that Logitech is hosting. The instructions are just how I get it...
  4. lemny

    PLEASE FD - give us the missing "toggel/hold" or distinct binding options

    I searched and found suggestions are around for five years. Elite is a game many of us playing with more or less complex HOTAS setups. Why there are still so many important bindings with toggle only? It's so sad we can't use reliable mappings on our HOTAS setups without hassle with voice attack...
  5. A

    Custom control panel - binding led switches

    Hi, I use x52 pro hotas, and wanted to get away from using my keyboard. After a bit of googling I found out about joystick encoders sold on ebay. Spent 20 quid on an encoder, some buttons and switches, and a sheet of carbon fibre printed vinyl. Used some scraps of plastic sheeting I had to...
  6. S

    HOTAS trouble

    Hi Folks! First-time player, long-time idiot, here! I played the game on my PS4 and loved it! I even managed a decent little courier business for myself. Then I decided it was time to go all out (and I mean ALL OUT). I have bought all I need to make a computer desk in the form of a fighter...
  7. P

    Audible Center Detent for Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS...

    Hello, I hope this is as helpful for someone else as it has been for me. I am a very new Elite Dangerous player, and like many, I grabbed myself a Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS set, and went about configuring it. I had done my research, so I knew that it lacked a throttle axis center detent, but...
  8. SpaceGoblin

    New Joystick Orange Dot Blues...(RESOLVED)

    Hello one and all, lookin' for a little ED (PC) tech support... Been playing on and off these past 5 years, and earlier today I replaced my trusty but well worn TM T-Flight Hotas X with a shiney new TM T16000 and TWCS throttle. Spent the afternoon and evening getting set up, re-binding all the...
  9. AdmiralXanos

    Elite vs Mechwarrior 5 - Controls

    Last night I bought MechWarrior 5, I was excited since the last good mech game I played was MW4 Mercenaries in the mid 2000's. Anyway so I startup the game and begin setting up my hotas. It sees my joystick and throttle but not my rudder pedals, ok. It tells me I can directly write to the config...
  10. G

    No context menu when using T-FLIGHT X, results in keybind conflicts

    Playing on PC I recently borrowed an xbox version t-flight x to test whether it would be worth buying one, I decided it was and purchased a Playstation version from ebay. I should clarify first that the xbox version worked perfectly, didn't even need to set it up. However with this new one the...
  11. Sysmon

    Lagrange Cloud in Perseus Arm (VR) - oddities

    Here is a video of some oddities encountered in a Lagrange Cloud NSP, some technical, some possibly bugs? Or maybe they are real features? In the process of wandering around semi-aimlessly in search of life, the Betsy has finally arrived at the Codex entry for Lagrange Clouds in the Perseus Arm...
  12. K

    T16000M HOTAS hoja de cálculo

    !Saludos! Soy nuevo en ED (primer juego en el que llevo 60 hrs., y me sigo sintiendo nuevo). Hice esta hoja de cálculo para el T16000M HOTAS. Lo que les puede ser útil no son tanto los atajos de teclado, sino la hoja de cálculo en sí, para que anoten los suyos. Si no pueden crear una copia...
  13. Ianus

    Returning Vet. Left in 2016 and need squad and hardware advice.

    So I need a squad for general faffery. I don't do pvp much and just want a community to get back into the game. Also, I need hardware advice. Should I get an x52 HOTAS or x56 for $30 more? I do VR and need something better than KB/M.
  14. Q

    Discussion Reference card wanted for Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS

    EDRefcard doesn't support this but I like the idea, so does anyone have a fillable reference card or even a largish-size drawing of the Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS that I can manually complete?
  15. Eus Tach

    [Controls][HOTAS] Double-function buttons

    Hello FDevs, A simple idea that would significantly increase number of functions that player can assign to his/her HOTAS setup (we never have enough buttons for our needs): make every button double-function: short click will work as it works now long click (holding button for 1s or something...
  16. Cetheus

    No Deadzone between forward and backward flight

    Hey @all, I have a question about my HOTAS setup. I reconfigured my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog to control ED without the TARGET software. But now I have no dead zone between my forward movement and the backwards movement on my throttle axis. So it is very hard to full stop the ship for the...
  17. Q

    Newcomer / Intro Cougar HOTAS setup suggestions, please

    I let ED sit on my PC far too long so I decided to finally fire it up and I'm doing the training missions. Now, I have a Cougar HOTAS (NOT the MFD - yes, I have done a search and found that out) and rudders and would appreciate suggestions for the setup which do not involve Foxy. Just plain...
  18. Scarlet Viper

    Various flight sim equipment for sale!

    I hope it's ok to post a message about my clearout sale here.. I don't have enough time any more for flight simming, so I am selling my complete setup. I live in the UK and all of this equipment will go live on ebay on Sunday around 8-9pm via this LINK. Acer XB270HU 144hz GSync monitor...
  19. S

    Release Voice attack can not enter search field in galaxy map (HOTAS)

    I'm trying to build a script that reads a text file and line by line to automatically feed waypoints, for example to plan a neutron highway route. Now the scripting is not a problem (I use Python to copy the text and delete the line). However, pasting the text in the search box in the galaxy map...
  20. G

    Programmable indicator lights on ship consoles

    I have a T16000m FCS & make use of the I/O layers for my control scheme. The problem I have is that there's no way to know what the state of the I/O layer is. I have the CapsLock key bound to the button that toggles the I/O layer state, but that's by no means a bullet-proof solution. I've...
  21. L

    Newcomer / Intro Mode switch on Saitek X-56

    Please can anyone explain the What the Mode switch does and the how, why, what for of said switch? How does it work, what other parts of the flight system does it effect, etc? Thank You for any help.
  22. Uncoupledlight9

    Xbox One controller

    I recently purchased a Razer Wolverine Ultimate control pad with the belief that the additional buttons and triggers would be beneficial for Elite. Stupidly it was a bit of an impulse purchase and now that I have read a number of reviews I realise that the additional buttons can only be...
  23. D

    General / Off-Topic Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One Flight Stick for Xbox One and Windows review

    The Good: Solid build for the price, transforms game play. The Bad: No custom driver for Xbox and support a bit iffy in Elite The Ugly: Jitter and lack of throttle friction adjust Why review it now? When I bought mine I couldn’t find much about the T.Flight posted by long term users of Elite...
  24. Syze00

    Allow all buttons/knobs to be usable on the x56 HOTAS

    With the introduction to the FSS system, I find it odd that you are only able to use two of the for potentiometers and other buttons in ED. Specifically, the RT3, RT4 knobs are useless, and the SLD (slider) is also useless. Why can't we use these to fine tune radio frequencies? How about...
  25. W

    Newcomer / Intro Hotas mapping question

    I have a quick question, I took a year break so I don't remember the answer. I have the Thrust master t1600m throttle and stick. One of the reasons I stopped playing is Elite decided to remap all of my controls, I know I should have had a back up saved but I didn't, I was ganked and went to...
  26. encrypted

    T. Flight Hotas 4 help

    This is my second Hotas, and unfortunately, I need an advice over it, since nowhere else to ask. First Hotas I've had was Hotas X from same company, now I have Hotas 4. Few weeks back I've unassembled the handle and greased it - read somewhere that if you feel the handle 'squeeks' and moves...
  27. jinx_nk

    Hardware & Technical Button extension for HOTAS

    Hi guys, b-explorer is finally available to pre-order! There is two options, one for throttles and joysticks, and other for desk mounts (Monstertech and Virpil). Regards, Jinx.
  28. D

    Hardware & Technical CH Pro throttle Questions

    Looking for some help. Does anybody have a layout for the CH pro throttle that they could share as a starting point? Am particularly interested in how the mode switching has been used (and how that's done). If combined with a CH 'stick, are you using pedals for yaw or mapping to one of the...
  29. L

    Hardware & Technical X52 bands

    I went to the X and Y axis and chose Bands. Then I set W, A, S, &; D. I left the bands at the default positions and had tested it, the letters show up about half an inch away from the center.of the flight stick I don't know how to configure this better. I also need help setting the mouse...
  30. Ortem Ed Der

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog ¿Excesivo para Elite Dangerous?

    Probé el X55, se cortaron los cables, lo arreglé de forma externa y le tengo en el pueblo, con la garantía me llegó el X56 gratis, desde el primer día fallaba no ajustaba la palanca al cero, le quité el freno para que no cortara los cables, le corté un plástico interno, pero daba botones falsos...
  31. A

    Throttle and joystick not working but buttons are T.flight xbox one

    Throttle and joystick not working but buttons are any body had similar troubles
  32. B

    Help with thrust/throttle with Hotas on PS4

    Im using the Hotas 4 on my PS4 and so far I'm loving the difference. I am having a problem fine tuning one thing though. I'm working on my piloting skills and playing with using my thrusters, so I decided I wanted to set the throttle stick to thrust so I can control my movements better with FA...
  33. Syze00

    Can we please get a 3rd option in fire groups?

    My x52 HOTAS have more buttons than I know what to do with. I would love it if I could assign 3 different buttons/actions into one fire group instead of the two action cap. Lets say your mining; one fire group could hold the prospecting limpet, collector limpet, and the mining laser all in one...
  34. RNGesus Prime

    T-Flight Hotas & rudders not fully working

    I decided to step up my game and picked up the Xbox one hotas and pedals which finally arrived yesterday. There are a few things that I can't get to work correctly though. The rudder seems permanently linked to the stick twist and and toe brakes are simply ignored in the ED bindings. This...
  35. M

    Immersive Comms (Flight Assist Off)

    u/an_angry_gippo (on reddit) posted a great concept of radio chatter in a conflict zone that really adds to the sense of immersion. This inspired me to share an inside look into the highly professional comms chatter between members of the Screaming Eagles during a recent wing fight... Link to...
  36. Archvillain

    Community Event / Creation Custom Warthog HOTAS face-plate panels; laser-cut label your own controls

    If you're interested in a customized panel / face-plate for the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Throttle, labelled with your own controls and using the Warthog back-lighting (as seen below) then keep reading; I stopped procrastinating about requests to make my Warthog laser-cutting/etching template...
  37. keelerad

    Recent destinations in the std Nav Panel

    The TomTom satnav in my car can display recent destinations and I use that feature quite a lot How about a tab in the nav panel that shows in reverse chron order the last 20 say systems you have jumped to Would save having to go to the galaxy map to plot a route to a destination you visit a...
  38. B

    Strange Issue just started - Trouble finding posts similar

    Hey everyone! Love this game (thanks FDev!) and have been having a ton of fun in VR. I got an Oculus Rift with a GTX 1060 6gb, i7, 16g of ram. Everything runs well enough. I'm using a X52 pro HOTAS. Typically I have no issues outside of typical driver issues with nvidia and/or Oculus. The...
  39. Meneer_vandaal

    Settings stored externally

    Hi. I'm flying on a PS4 using a hotas ( thrustmaster ). This works comparatively well. There are however some things that could improve the experience. 1) I'd like to be able to save the settings file externally. There seem to be periodical problems with reading the settings file saved on my...
  40. C

    PS4 other joystick support needed please

    Would very much appreciate if support could be added to PS4 for joysticks other than this junk thrustmaster. I’m on my second one now for not even 6 weeks after 3 months of back and forth with TM to get the first one replaced, and this one is already starting to have the same problems as the...
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