1. Pixelated Sparkster

    General Gameplay Could we get a tooltip of guest overpopulation for hotels?

    The tooltips introduced in the game makes managing the parks a lot easier for the hammond lab, fossil center, and research lab. I would love it if we could get a tooltip to see the overpopulation percentage of guests when we hover over hotels instead of selecting and deselecting hotels.
  2. PaulsLeyGaming

    Travelodge & Dune Delights Restaurant!

    I love the newest brands added into the game so thought I would add one into my new hotel :) Travel Lodge with a Dune Delights Restaurant :)
  3. Fuaranna

    The Leaky Cauldron

    Hi all!! I was at the meet up at Efteling last saturday and noticed that I should maybe have been active on the forums here since I started playing. So I would really like to introduce myself by sharing one of my most recent builds with you! (also to try out this forum thing) " Welcome to...
  4. D

    Modes Idea for game mode resources being non transferable

    The idea is: what happens in a mode stays in a mode. Wanna play single player fine. Wanna play open fine. Wanna play both , fine. But your stuff in one does not exist in the other. This means pvpers can't hide in solo when in their taxi ship to CG, and then switch to open when they feel safe in...
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