1. Baklavah

    Next generation of ships

    I know we're pretty much at the "end of the list", minus a couple of ships that never made it into ED, but I had a few ideas come to mind and I'm wondering if anyone else would care to see some neat things like these come into existence. Specifically for this thread, Player Owned "Cruisers"...
  2. GN_Abbude

    could give us a Multicannon AX size 4 for use on our larger ships.

    lately I've been trying to get a lot closer to Anti-thargoid activities, i killed my first thargoid interceptor this year, and I really enjoyed using the multicannons. What I find strange and even ugly sometimes is the fact that a lot of the ships I would like to use in this activity have much...
  3. D

    Huge class ships

    Like the panther clipper in fe2 these hulks should have compulsory crew with chatter galore. These ships would have firepower comparable to a Farragut battle cruiser. As such the player is notified when purchasing one of these ships that you need a crew which will automatically begin boarding...
  4. R

    HUGE Class Ships

    How about this: we get Huge Class ships. What are they? Basically larger than large class but still significantly smaller than capital ships. If the Cutter for example is 200m long, huge can maybe be 300-350m long. Of course, this will make them too big for mail slots and landing pads. Maybe...
  5. S


    Generic greeting! We, „The Art of Warfare“, are currently looking for new members to help us form our brand new Elite Dangerous Division! if you are looking for a structured and fun community you have come to the right place. Who are we?: TAW is a large established community of 2000+ people...
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