1. C

    Make AX Weapons Great Again (4 Quick and Easy Changes)

    One issue that has come up with the advent of Guardian weapons is that they easily outclass all human AX weapons, making these quite redundant. With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following 4 easy changes to make human AX weapons more viable as an alternative to Guardian weapons:-...
  2. Uncoupledlight9

    Technology broker

    I would like to see the option to make part payment to a chosen technology broker to unlock modules rather than having to wait until all materials are gathered. The system used to unlock engineers would be ideal. The only issue I would see would be having to record the data for one particular...
  3. anikaiful

    Thargoids vs Humans

    Thargoids! They's mah bestest friends! (edit: figuring stuff out...) (edit-2: how the hoot you make a poll?)
  4. General Zach

    Project Obsidian alpha

    N/A Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread. Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void...
  5. bbwonder

    Launch Party ticket lottery! - my +1

    WINNER: CHRISTOPHER FORRESTER a.k.a. Cmdr Fozza Ok peoples, just a quick post as I'm just about to go out (I'll put more details later) I have decided to make my Launch Party +1 ticket a raffle for any backer that emails me at this address: My wife hates computer...
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