1. Daniel Klimchuk

    If Guardians were alive, would they be for or against humans?

    Greetings Commanders! ;) After going to one of the Guardian Structures for blueprints, a thought came into my mind: If Guardians were alive, would they be hostile towards us like Thargoids, or could we possibly become allies and fight the Thargoids together? What do you think?
  2. G

    So, Frontier, are you going to keep up with the alien/human equipment separation?

    I'm asking this because guardian tech is damn interesting and looks really fancy, but totally fails in any way against human ships. Let's take the gauss cannon for example: Judging by the lore about thargoid hull and how meta-alloys work, it's supposed to deal therman damage to it, because...
  3. S

    Conspiracy Theories

    So we have this nice little rainbow color human occupied bubble and to my knowledge most things outside of it is unexplored. This makes me think that there could be other things beside thargoids out there like the Raxxla myth and maybe other things not like other aliens, planets with life on...
  4. Marcusfalden


    Good Morning/Evening Frontier Development. I am again making the case for adding fully animated ground crews that receive ships at both starporsts and the outpost both in ground bases and in space. I am also asking for animated NPC crew members to all our ships from the 2 seaters to the large...
  5. stephen_usher

    Fumigating the wasp's nests: The human threat.

    It was only time before the Thargoids retaliated for all the hurt those humans who initiated first contact using their weapons have caused. How would you feel if every time one of your friends investigated an insect they got attacked by a swarm, killed and had their heart stolen, taken back to...
  6. Marcusfalden


    Please add animated ground crews that can be seen moving around in both the stations and on planetary bases. Elite Dangerous feels like a sterile galaxy. Where are all the humans? On that note please please let us have full NPC crews for all ship types. for 2 seat ships have the job called a...
  7. Googol

    Performance and system hardware specification - spreadsheet

    Someone, I don't know who but they should claim a well-deserved credit here, set up an open-access spreadsheet listing Alpha players' system specifications and the frames per second they were achieving. I found this very useful last year when deciding on a spec for a new machine to play Premium...
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