1. A

    Hyperspace visual tweak suggestion for more immersion

    Love the new DLC and graphics! Congrats to the team! I would have just a small suggestion to the hyperspace jump visual. In the old hyperspace everything was a little darker... more "dangerous" like you could barely see the star that you were jumping to, it felt a little scary, unknown and...
  2. Cosmo

    Why does Hyperspace only take 10 seconds regardless of Distance?

    Whether it's 7 light years or 200 ly the time in hyperspace is the same. Does it make sense or is this for gameplay reasons.
  3. Old Duck

    A New Type Of FSD

    Hey Frontier, here's something to chew on for New Era. How about a new type of FSD (perhaps a Guardian FSD if you must) that allows players to give up supercruise for the ability to jump to specific planets and points-of-interest. This would be completely optional, so not to take away everyone...
  4. Unknown Zombie

    Countdown for Supercruise → Hyperspace should be the same as Normal Space → Supercruise

    The countdown for making a hyperspace jump while you are already in supercruise should go as quickly as the countdown from normal space to supercruise. The countdown for going from normal space to hyperspace should stay as it is so that player interactions after an interdiction are not...

    Make Hyperspace Dethrottle not require a module

    I really like all the quality of life changes this update, but one thing i am upset over is that the Hyperspace Dethrottle, the only thing i am interested in, requires you to install the entire module. All this setting does, is press exactly one key for you when you jump. That's it. Its...
  6. VR CMDR Novindus

    Space Travel: Collaborative Review

    [TL;DR] A proposed community collaboration to review space travel in Elite: Dangerous, and to make reasonably workable suggestions for improving and expanding on the current mechanics. (If you want to comment without reading everything, please at least read the first paragraph under...
  7. CMDR Ewa


    Hi people I want an HYPERCRUISE, please.... When we travel across the galaxy reaching far destinations, we have to jump, and jump and jump and rejump to stars again and again an then again [zZzZz] . I really love to explore the galaxy and i love to apprehend its vertiginous vastness before...
  8. W

    NPC Superpower: Teleportation!

    I was fighting an NPC Anaconda that was sent after me. I got his hull down to 41% but was unfortunately forced to run away into supercruise because my canopy got breached. As soon as I exited supercruise, the SAME NPC, in the SAME SHIP, with his hull AT 41% made the usual threatening speech in...
  9. R

    Hyperspace and fuel scooping

    Would it be possible to set the FSD to exit out of hyper space a different distances from the main star? For instance if your in a medium ship jumping 40ly. You wont need to fuel scoop so if you could set the FSD to exit further away from the main star as to line up with the next system and...
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