1. G

    My Experimental Dinosaur Enclosure Tests

    This is my experimental enclosure on Isla Nublar, a map I've had for way over a year and a half on my main saved game on the main Jurassic World Evolution campaign. This is where I do all of my "experiments" with dinosaur enclosure stuff, and is my hub of my main save, the game where I plan to...
  2. G

    Jurassic World Evolution Suggestions

    Very good game suggestions and ideas -Option to be a visitor (first person way to enjoy the park) -Addition of aquatic animals or only the mosasaur -The same free dinosaur mode in jurassic park operation genesis
  3. L

    A few ideas for FC and space legs dlc

    Fellow commanders, Probably I don't have the same amount of played hours of ED as most of you have just because I feel the game just as a single player game with a bunch of multiplayer features and thats why I decided to bring you guys my ideas: Fleet Carriers - give it to a sub squadron. A...
  4. F

    My thoughts on what could be added to make a Realistic Zoo

    I admit I haven't been to many Zoos outside of my own country, which is Sweden, so I don't know much about how they look. But I have been in every big Animal park there is in Sweden and is also hoping to work at one of them in the future. One of these places is like my main inspiration whenever...
  5. ЯedTurian

    Make the fleet carrier great ! - Suggestions

    Hello, fellow commanders, and hopefully, Frontier developers, even though I don't rely much on this last part. So, since this is actually my first forum post, I figure I could very shortly introduce myself first : I'm a casual Elite player who have been playing the game pretty much since it...
  6. Old Duck

    A couple of suggestions from the Duck

    * Allow the fence to clean goods for a fee. There are other games that do this (ESO perhaps?), and it would greatly improve piracy as valid gameplay and make fleet carriers worth something, be it to own or just visit. This could be done two ways (I recommend supporting both). One way is to offer...
  7. B

    Some suggestions + dlc ideas

    hey guys ill just start by saying im dyslexic so my spelling might be a bit off here and there, ill try my best to keep it all readable :) love the game was addicted to the original zoo tycoons and this is just amazing but few lil things ive found might be helpful for players ill try and make a...
  8. K

    Please read! Big fan but I need a few upgrades/changes

    I will say that I am extremely excited about this game and I have spent quite a bit playing it and look forward to future updates, changes and additions. Thank you so much for reading my suggestions. Thank you so much for this wonderful game! We need a first person mode to experience the zoo...
  9. DeviljWheat

    General Gameplay An Escape Plan. (Concept).

    This looks familiar, doesn't it? We already know what's going to happen. The Struthiomimus is about to get eaten and the Tyrannosaurus gets a meal. Nothing new, unless... it fails the hunt. Request: I have a proposition for dinosaurs without combat capabilities. This applies to Ornithomimids...
  10. X

    New Coaster Type Ideas

    You can Include this it the next pack or whenever, But I do have other Coaster types in mind that could be used: New generation Intamin Blitz New Vekoma MK1101 Train RMC Raptor Premiere Rides Launch Coaster (similar to Joker's Jinx) Would appreciate the consideration!
  11. Alexander Cluckers

    Squadron activities Ideas? Help

    Greet CMDRs o7, Looking for some fun ideas for events to organize for the squadron, looking for small scale events to large scale events. All ideas are welcomed! Have a great one, Alexander Cluckers o7
  12. CorvenDallas

    Death penalty thoughts

    I was wondering that, giving that money is not a problem past some point of playing, the fact of dying having enough money for rebuy makes the game less changelling, and in case of the "bad guys" not suffering a noticeable penalty for his/her evil deeds, also in name of common sense I want you...
  13. Zaxoosh

    No0b Experiences [New Idea]]

    I have a new idea💡!. This involves the ED community to send in your stupidest, most dumbest moments in Elite, for example - CMDR Name: Max Luna (Or Anonymous if you wish) Ship You where in: Sidewinder (May have to be a Sidewinder for cost reasons) What you did: I attempted to speed dock a...
  14. zackplanetcoaster

    Coney Island's Steeplechase Coaster in Future Planet Coaster DLCs and Updates?

    Did you want to wish that Steeplechase at Coney Island's Steeplechase Park in Future Planet Coaster DLCs or Updates? Here's a images: Here's a screenshots of POV Shot of Steeplechase at Pirates World from the movie: Santa & the Ice Cream Bunny (1972) Here's a...
  15. S

    building ideas

    I know a lot of this will be repeats but I figured I'd add to them and my take on how I would like to see them work. Or really, how I'd like to see them in game. Kinda hoping that one more thread/post will tip the scales and the devs will want to add them into the game somehow, sooner than...
  16. J

    Ideas for more mascots:

    I think it would be cool if we could get some more mascots like: Specific Ideas: Hotdog Squad Pizza Pen Missy Good Professor Wurst Burrito Bonanza Vintage King Coaster Generic Ideas: A king A clown Superheros more mascots to the themes from the base game
  17. N

    A list of issues & suggestions from over 100 hours of gameplay (various categories).

    Hello, I have played over 116 hours of JW:E and have accrued a number of ideas. Some are improvements that may already be underway as part of the natural course of tweaking new features until they are in an ideal state, whilst others are whole new features. I shall phrase them such that an issue...
  18. D

    Ideas/Wish List

    Planet Coaster Ideas I’m new on here so I realize some of these ideas may have already been submitted in the past by others. Thank you. RMC with launch: As seen on lightning rod B&M hyper V seats: as seen on Diamondback at Kings Island Hybrid woodie steel supports: RMC’s Goliath...
  19. zackplanetcoaster

    Did you wish devs will put Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop in Next Planet Coaster DLC or Update?

    Okay guys, did you really wish Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop will come to PlanCo? Yes? or No? Images of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop: Videos of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop:
  20. D

    I would like to see different fantasy theme styles like this as the next expansion

  21. W

    A couple of ideas for future updates

    Hey Fdev and community, I was thinking about what the near future will bring for Elite and noticed that there were very little details about what to come. I have thought of a couple of things, either new or improvements that perhaps might make the game feel even more alive than it already is...
  22. E

    My personal Future Ideas for Elite Dangerous

    Greetings to all of you commanders and developers This text was originally written in GERMAN and translated into English with the help of Google Translate. Do not transfer it to me if there are some logic errors or spelling mistakes when translating. I have thought a lot about the game and...
  23. C

    Thoughts on adding Commodity vendors traveling the void.

    An idea that would make the galaxy feel more alive. Have vendors pop up in the void with engineered body guards. Who ask if you want any of their cargo for a slightly inflated cost. *Be it raw/data or manufactured materials. *commodities of varying types. *Or Sellable data for either the...
  24. M

    Planet Coaster ideas

    Hello... I would like to see two abilities added in the game. 1. At night it would be nice if we could turn off the moon so we could work in complete darkness. 2. In the Go-Carts ride it would be helpful to be able to turn off the victory lap. If you make a very long go cart track and at the...

    Ship kits are OK, but need purpose and character!

    Ship kits are really cool, and it's great that they are a thing in the game. However, the vast majority of the parts are focused on just adding pieces to the hull, like extra wings or aerodynamic parts. This means that while they look COOL, almost none of them add any /character/ to the...
  26. cdjets10

    New Coaster Ideas

    I have made a list of new coaster types for Planet Coaster. There are a lot so I do not expect them all to come out but if they do, it'll take a few years. I just wanted to make my point clear that I wanted these types of coasters. Link...
  27. C

    Ideas to bolster Comunity Goals

    So I have several ideas to add some flavor into the current Community Goal events (or CG events) using some in game features already in the game but with a slightly different organization of layout first let me layout the overview of stuff we got and stuff I would love to see. 1...
  28. C

    Transfer-Track Mine Train Coaster Like Expedition Everest or Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

    Hello, I have a request for a new coaster type. I think it is cool that we have the Mine Train Coaster in Planet Coaster, but I think it would also be cool to have one like Expedition Everest where it can go backwards and go to a different track section, also it would be nice to add a Linear...
  29. spoonetti

    My ideas for PlanCo - Part I : Management

    Hi there, after a long time, I'd like to post some ideas and suggestions again for one of the best games I have installed on my PC (ok, there're just two games: PlanCo and RCT3 ;) ). I'm really surprised that Frontier will finally give us the opportunity to import own created CSOs into the...
  30. M


    The Steeplechase ride would be a cool roller coaster-type ride to add. They could have the old classic one from Coney Island's hey-day in the early 1900's (really a one-way downhill trip): or have a modern one...
  31. E

    Some Ideas for Elite Dangerous

    Tutorials Hello FD Team and hello Community i am now playing this Game for a long Time and i need to say its a good Game with some weak points i ll tell now. One thing i need to say first my english is not the best cause i come from germany so dont look to directly thx. One of the problems are...
  32. D

    Discord rich presence

    I've been thinking about discord's rich presence, then realized elite doesn't have integration with that. This is a missed opportunity since there are many large thriving elite discord servers and the potential usefulness of rich presence would be awesome. Think about it, being able to see if...
  33. IPFreely


    This will probably go no farther than the computer trashcan, but I'll post anyway. :cool: FDev is missing a LOT of profitability and the players would gain a good deal of great gameplay IMMERrrrrrrSION, by allowing buildings on the available planets and moons, - Im not asking for Atmospheric...
  34. Kleckerklotz

    Some thoughts about immersion + ideas

    First of all, I have to say: I love Elite Dangerous. Sound design is AAA (++), game depth is AAA, graphics are AAA, effects are AAA. Nothing to mention here. Therefore every following comment is meant to be constructive criticism. And you might guess where it's going. I'm going to talk about...
  35. A

    Jurassic Safari, 1993 JP theme, missing JP: OG features and some QOL changes.

    I really love JW:E and I can see it was made with a lot of passion and love for the JP franchise, and it's amazing what Frontier did in such short time. During my playthrough however, I found a few things that could be improved/changed, keeping in mind what is actually doable and what could be...
  36. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  37. S

    Space Bars and Space Legs

    I want Space bar/cantina button available as an option in the Starport Services menu. Through this my holo-me character could be teleported direct to the space bar within the starport to conduct a variety of activities and make the whole experience more immersive and interesting. This could...
  38. D

    We need Music in space

    It would be cool if there were different radio stations offering everything from reggae to heavy metal or something like an "MP3 player" where you can upload your own music. And it would also be cool if there were really big ships where 10 people could work on it.
  39. zackplanetcoaster

    Ben Schiff's Wild Mouse on Planet Coaster?

    I wish this game have B.A Schiff's Wild Mouse coaster. Pictures: Frontier, please make that!
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