1. IcemanAJL

    Black Market and Legal Goods

    Currently when you have anonymous protocols you cannot access the commodities market. That’s fine and fair, but it’s really weird that the Black Market won’t let you sell your legal cargo to them. While a legitimate buisness caring about the legality of cargo makes sense, it’s absolutely...
  2. C

    Making Illegal Activities more Fun and Viable

    The biggest impediment to illegal activites are:- 1. Low payouts that are not at all commensurate to the risks taken 2. Overzealous, overcomplicated and oversensitive Crime and Punishment system that actively discourages any sort of infraction whether major or minor (and therefore makes illegal...
  3. N

    Using Naval ships to perform illegal acts: appropriate Naval sanctions?

    OK, maybe the Federal Navy might overlook an incident of smuggling using a Navy ship, or even piracy if nobody actually gets killed. But if a griefer goes on a killing spree in a Federal Corvette, aren't they likely to have a problem with that? With rank comes some responsibility, surely...
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