1. Old Duck

    Refueling Fleet Carriers

    I hope that refueling fleet carriers uses actual fuel, albeit a LOT of fuel. Think of it - we could become 'oil tankers' in Elite! I can picture my Type-7 (love that ship) loaded with extra fuel tanks and a huge scoop, loading up on fuel at the local star, ferrying it to the fleet carrier, rinse...
  2. M

    Space horn needs to be added!!!!!!

    Come on man. Really! We have head lights. Why don't we have a horn! How else am I supposed to get the attention of Thargoids and/or let people know I am pulling into/out of the port. If I'm stuck in a que for deportation how else am I to release my space rage. I mean airplanes have a horn(alarm)...
  3. kingbankai

    AI Wing and Crew for crying out loud.

    I just think it's about time. For balancing the Wing pilots or Second fighter slot can be saved for Solo. Or as a rule in Private modes. Wing pilots can easily dock or idle when you dock. Launch when you launch and use the same AI package to follow you as they do other NPC's. Own an extra ship...
  4. Xera_Perri

    Gameplay & Immersion: Changes / Improvements

    (Over the course of my playing, i’ve documented areas in which the game could be greatly improved upon without needing massive or game changing overhauls to existing systems in place. These are 13 different changes or implementations that could be made to drastically set Elite: Dangerous apart...
  5. rootsrat

    Galnet vs Game improvement! WELL DONE FDEV!

    So I recently decided to visit Archambault Terminal in Chun Tstar system, following the Galnet article from 25th March about the station being held hostage by Children of Tothos terrorist group. And to my utter delight lo and behold - the station was in lockdown and it was listed as being...
  6. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  7. Old Duck

    Attack Of The Clones (the lack of AI diversity)

    Some people complain the NPCs are too easy, others complain they are too hard, my complaint is they are all too "samey". Lately I feel like every NPC pilot I encounter is the same pilot. I'm not just talking in combat. In fact, it's somewhat disconcerting to see passenger ships boosting out of...
  8. Wargrum

    [FSS] Please make the FSS screen a cockpit hud panel

    Firstly let me say I like most of the functionality of the FSS scanner. My only real problem with it is that it takes me from a vibrant, immersive 3d environment and drops me into an isolated, flat, artificial feeling, 2d environment. Its a complete departure from how the rest of the game is...
  9. bluecrash

    SIMVIBE from needs your data to add to their presets

    please release the motion or telemetry API for SIMVIBE - so those of us with transducers can properly feel our ships and adjust all the engine and vibration feelings in our cockpits. they said its a file you should have "motion or telemetry API" please!
  10. Be4st

    Landing Camera UI

    Quite simple really, when you deploy landing gear, a UI interface for camera views around your ship appears. This allows you to land with precision, navigate rough terrain a little better and also allows you to see all hazards around your ship that may hinder your landing/takeoff. I know ships...
  11. R

    SUPERCRUISE BETWEEN SYSTEMS Mechanics and Implementation

    OK, most people know you can't really supercruise between systems. Sure, you can cruise the distance, but you're not really "there". The frameshift jump animation masks loading the local system information and skybox. Sure, not many people even try. But here's a mechanic that I believe would...
  12. Swizzy o7o7

    Infinite Probes?

    Infinite probes is just...wrong. It completely shatters my immersion. If I have to synthesise ammo, limpets, and other things, then why not these probes, too? This needs to be nerfed. Please, Fdev. Have a heart, do the right thing. Otherwise this game is no longer a pure simulator, with its...
  13. R

    Discovery scanner changes

    I worry the new Discovery methods will be immersion breaking. If I'm going to a system, "honk," then I'm in a new screen, I'll feel very disoriented. As it is, I turn off orbit lines because I don't want to look at them. I want to look at space. I want to look at planets and stars and etc. I...
  14. Deelkar

    Suggestions for how to increase player global story exposure

    What the game needs is more exposition of the story in the entire galaxy. Have the Wedding barges refer to the royal wedding, let the bounty hunters chat about thargoids, have some person there at the Commodity Market/Contacts/Station Services chat to you about the latest story elements...
  15. T

    Gratitude from NPCs

    Last Thursday night a wing-mate rescued me after I clumsily ran out of fuel on the way to the Pleiades. When I thanked him he said "That's the first time I've been thanked for fuel limpets, NPCs always just jump away." Later the same evening I dropped into a threat 4 non-human USS in my...
  16. ElvisDumbledore

    [Feature Request] Full 360 panoramic view for flying. No Ship only UI.

    This is somethin that has seemed really obvious to me since the invention of VR. Why not completely remove all obstructions from the field of view? It is entirely practical and is done everyday by google maps cars. I'd love the feeling of flying with a completely unobstructed view.
  17. B

    Audio from player voices in multi crew immersion

    For multi crew immersion, the audio from other players should sound like its coming from within the ship (like echos and sound bouncing off materials in the ships cockpit), and only over a microphone when the canopy breaks.
  18. G

    Request for FDev or Knowledgeable clarification Re. Galnet Articles

    Is it actually possible to interact with the events in the galnet articles? I went following up on the "clue" in the burglary story, and went to the station with the start of that book tour, and I can't see anything which makes me think anything is happening, much less that I can interact with...
  19. Obsessite

    Looking to add something to my ED on PC : EDTracker or Oculus Rift?

    Good afternoon commanders, I've been playing ED for quite some time, both on PC and on the Xbox One. As my PC commander is somewhat lagging behind, I'm looking to add some spice to my PC gaming, to coax me to spend more on the PC version in the evenings. For a while I have been considering...
  20. D

    Plotting shortcuts and simple immersion idea.

    Hello FDevs! I wanted to make plotting suggestions regarding certain missions and emergency response RNG tool. As an FYI I currently play this game on PS4. Currently once we accept a mission there is a convenient button in the Transaction Tab in the mission description that takes us to the...
  21. AGR-13

    Correct wrong hand animations

    Dear Frontier I noticed a right hand animation for "yaw". The joystick animation for the right hand shows a right / left move during yaw. the problem is: I use VR and a pedal to yaw and my hand is not moving like this. This animation is very annoying and kills immersion for pedal owners...
  22. V

    Thoughts on incorporating player based business’ in the game? Ie: space fedex

    So, I had an idea that I think would be awesome addition to the game as well as increase the immersion too. How would you feel about allowing players to have their own business in the game like space fedex. The concept would allow a player the option to either use in game service to transfer...
  23. Dahill

    A simple thing...

    Can we please have navigation and strobing position lightsl? A very simple addition to add to the immersion and express the true volume of traffic when you drop into an instance.
  24. Daish

    QOL improving planet landings and SRVs

    A, Ships still land too far away when recalled B, Ships cant land even in flat spots (improvement needed to compensate) C, SRVs in both high G worlds and non High G worlds drive far to skittishly almost impossible to drive at speeds. D, Not enough cargo on the ground (as well as space pre...
  25. o-YOUNG-DAVE-o

    CONCERN: Fearless goats/herbivores.

    I've noticed with the goats/herbivores that although they do run away when close to a carnivore (sometimes) as soon as the carnivore catches up, both species suddenly stop in their tracks and go through a killing/eating animation. Now this is okay but I have NEVER seen prey running from a...
  26. B

    What if CQC was incorporated into the main game instead of being a sideshow-mini game?

    Picture "Galactic Gladiator Tournaments" that were hosted by different systems across the galaxy where the fiercest combat pilots engage in battle, and any other commander could view the battles from the side lines. The battles would be in actual arenas at actual locations within the main game...
  27. FurryFailure

    Warzone / Lockdown Checkpoint Requirements - Give them a purpose?

    So I was responding to a post in regards to Federal Navy Ships interdicting players in Conflict areas and It went on a tangent about checkpoints, and I noticed a few neat ideas and came up with my own that I think would give elite more flavour or dynamic, so my idea is this: You enter a Warzone...
  28. S

    Feature Suggestion: Player Generated Content

    This is a long one so bear with me... One of he things that Elite lacks is a sense of player agency. There is simply not much we can do to affect in the universe we are a part of. I will propose multiple ways to change this in, what I think (as someone who does NOT have any experience with game...
  29. CoilWinder

    Enhanced VR immersion: Use HMD motion to move pilot's upper body and head

    I think it would be a nice touch and also really increase the immersion if the in-game pilot's upper body followed the HMD position while seated. Including the head (with HMD rotation). Makes it possible to see "your own" shadow in some instances for example, and also ofc that the upper body...
  30. CMDR Vic

    CQC - Immersion/Overhaul?

    I've once posted this as a reply to a different post, but thought I'd add it here officially. I haven't gotten to play it much because of how sparsely populated the lobbies are, but I'm a big fan of CQC and believe it's got a lot more potential than people give it credit for. Without going...
  31. bigmatt

    VR panels (galaxy & system map, outfitting etc) QoL pass

    I know that VR player base may be limited but for me this is a number one issue that actually stops me from playing ED on a regular basis. After experiencing VR I can't force myself go back to playing on flat screen. But in VR this issue is making me quit after a short while. For me it's nausea...
  32. M

    Just Lean Back and Take in the View

    I'll start by saying that this game is simply beautiful in VR. So much so that when I'm in a ship with a large open cockpit, I sometimes want to lean back in my chair and take in the view. I want to stare in awe the beauty of the galaxy that surrounds me, but what do I see? The inside of my...
  33. B

    Immersion and Why Elite FEELS so...Gamey

    Let me preface this by saying (for the haters) that I keep coming here because I LOVE Elite's core game play. Flying the ships. Combat. Buzzing bad guys in asteroid fields and rings. Its visceral and real and heady, and I cannot get enough of small ship combat in tight quarters, with obstacles...
  34. B

    A Case for Docking Computers

    So this is a case for changing the fundamental ethos of the automated docking system. As it stands now, the Automated Docking Computer makes no sense and is immersion breaking, specifically since Horizons. Here's why: My ship's computer has an advanced computer system already integrated. It is...
  35. D

    Community made text quest?

    I understand that FD are full of work with developing of the game, and making onetime quests is a bit pointless for them. And i get a pretty good idea when i was on the break from elite and playing space rangers 2. There was some pretty nice text quests which really felt immersive for the game...
  36. Cmdrcraft

    Ships Ship interiors

    Hello cmdrs o7, First of all I'd like to say what an awesome game E.D. is, I'm very new to the forums in fact this is the first thread I've ever taken part in 😂 I have a question, does anybody know if the ships in E.D. have been designed with full on interior layouts in mind? If so is there any...
  37. S

    More capital ship movement, interactions with the game.

    1. Just like in the video I have linked below, the capital ship can request assistance to help fight the opposing force and you can either accept or decline the distress call. Like the galnet that reads news and updates to you in your ship that they plan on releasing in the beyond update. This...
  38. factor0f9

    Fighter pilots gotta have someone they love, right?

    Hey all, just popped into the intro forum and am currently attempting to prove I am a real person. Speaking of real people, as a pilot IRL I like to post pictures all over my cockpit of family, friends, loved ones, pets, and things to that nature (trust me, a big role of scotch tape is always in...
  39. Phantom Orion

    New VR Helmet, Idea in the works

    Delete, thoughts in progress. I saw comments, felt this would occur. I am currently working on such solutions and suggestions
  40. Yamiks

    [Video] Outfitting "immersion"
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